Saturday May 26, 2018
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Black Lives Matter, Climate Change and your cash spunked - I am livid

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- Tom Winnifrith

I have noted before how ludicrous the demonstrations of BlackLivesMatter in the UK are given the incidence of Police on Black crimes. They are almost non existent. So to broaden its appeal BLM is now protesting against climate change which, apparently, is racist. Natch. But it gets worse and this is where your blood will start to boil.

One of the leaders of BLM in the UK is Natalie Jeffers who is the sole employee and shareholder of MattersoftheEarth Ltd a company set up in 2012 which neglected to file accounts for two years and was almost struck off but which now makes a tiny profit and has net cash...thanks to you the grateful taxpayer. You see the Department for International Development gave Miss Jeffers' company £50,000 in 2015 to run a programme tackling issues of "gender-sensitive governance" in Nigeria. By October 31 2015 just £9,534 was left on the balance sheet so where did the other £40,466 (plus £5,109 left over from 2015) so call it £45,575 go?  Has anyone asked for an audit of where it went and if not why not?

MattersoftheEarth says that it tries to bridge 'the gap between the academic and creative worlds." FFS.

You really could not make thiis rubbish up. But it gets better. Miss Jeffers missed last week's BLM protest at London City airport where all the protesters were in fact white folks, angry guilty millenial liberals who are affluent enough not to have to do a proper job. Ms Jeffers was elsewhere at a feminist conference at the luxury Costa do Sauipe resort in Brazil.

Her trip will have caused over 3 tonnes of carbon to be consumed but since man made global warming is a myth I don't really care about that although one might note the startling hypocrsiy of Jeffers.

What I note is that a cash strapped Government running a vast deficit is spening taxpayers cash on such obvious crap. Ms Jeffers will no doubt say that Priti Patel is racist when she scraps this funding but my challenge to Priti is to ask what other daft programmes is her department funding? I note that one official in that department described this programme as "small scale".

Fifty grand may be small scale to him but to many of us it seems quite a lot to be wasted in such an obvious way. Ms Patel should start her work by sacking this employee who regards spending £50,000 of other people's money as small beer. Anyone with such a casual disgregard for the wasting of cash, which you and I have had extracted from wages we have laboured hard to generate, is not fit for purpose. Then Perhaps Miss Patel might proactively took at which other daft companies and fake Charities her department is supporting.

It is incidents like this that make one despair of a decadent West with its bloated Governments, sucking the private sector dry to fund such pointless activity. This will not be a one off, far from it. As you wake up to go to work tomorrow think what good works your taxes fund. Think of Miss Jeffers at her conference at a luxury beach resort in Brazil. Think of some civil servant in Priti Patel's department who thinks fifty grand is small beer and who actually thought that this was money well spent who will not be fired but will get a flat rate inflation beating pay rise this year and every year as he works towards a gilt edged pension.  

And the establishment wonders why so many of us are so angry? 


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