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Bruce Springsteen supports Hillary Clinton, terms Trump a moron and the Guardian thinks this is news.

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 24 September 2016

Surely after Brexit, when almost every celebrity in Britain told the great unwashed to vote to stay, a call that was completely ignored, even the Guardian realises that celeb endorsements count for nothing. Keira Knightley can lecture me from her multi million pound mansion about why I really want to pay more taxes, have more EU diktat's ruining my life and why I should wet my pants over global warming but I just don't care. I have bills to pay and rather resent someone with no such concerns telling me how to live my life.

But the Guardian has not twigged that. After all its senior staffers in the media elite go to the same parties as Alan Bennett and the same charity bashes as Becks, Keira and Gary Lineker so they think the views of the celebs actually matter. The Guardian backed laws to stop the press exposing the hypocrisy of such celebs by exposing double standards in their private lives. It is part of an utterly out of touch liberal establishment

And thus the Guardian splashes with the news that the singer Bruce Springsteen is backing Hillary Clinton and thinks that Donald Trump is a "moron". Well there is a shock. Bruce backs the Dems every single time. Back in the days when I actually attended a couple of his shows on the Born in the USA Tour he was tearing into old Ronnie Reagan. Bruce told Americans to back Walter Mondale in the 1984 contest. You will remember that Mondale lost every state bar his home state of Minnesota and even there he won by the tiniest of margins. In terms of electoral college votes Bruce's man managed the worst showing in history. But Bruce did not mind that the rest of America was backing Reagan, at the height of his own popularity he insisted that folks should vote Dem and lambasted Reagan's America. And everyone ignored him.

So draft dodging Bruce, a lifelong liberal is voting Democrat. Knock me down with a feather. And for the next shock Guardian headline "Bill Clinton is voting for Hillary Clinton." That is after he's finished knocking off his latest bimbo who's on the Clinton Foundation payroll.

As for the moron comment, by implication the multi millionaire Springsteen is questioning the intelligence of those who might vote for a moron. Just like folks like Keira reckon we are thick for voting for Brexit....

PS. The song below by Bruce still makes it into my top 50 all time play list. I don't agree with Bruce's solutions to the problems of de-industrialisation and the impoverishment of the rust belt working classes it describes. My solution is capitalism and Trump. His solution, a bigger State, is no solution. I love the music of Bruce but that is not going to make me follow him in backing yet another Dem loser for President.


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