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593 days ago

More Taxpayer cash needed for strippers of colour & transgender strippers – a tale of our times

The handouts are happening in the woke US state of Oregon.  More than 75 strippers will be each given grants of $2,250 for assistance with rent, utilities and internet.  It is all so 2020.


729 days ago

Highland Gold Mining – “Update on COVID-19 Response”, continuing as planned...

Highland Gold Mining (HGM) has updated on its COVID-19 response, with its programme of measures enabling its mining, processing, sales, supply chain and capital construction projects to ‘continue as planned’..


777 days ago

Priti Patel tells a desperate lie, a sign of a Government in crisis over Covid-19

I have always been a big fan of Priti Patel largely because she has an unrivalled ability to infuriate the liberal metropolitan chattering classes. The Mrs says that if we had another child she wants it to have an Indian name. I have hitherto said a daughter should be called Priti in honour of the true heir to Thatcher. The Mrs was opposed to that and I have now changed my mind after the tweet below from the Home Secretary. It is a brazen lie but it is symptomatic of a Govenment whose Covid policy is now all about coverng up its own blunders rather than doing the right thing. And, as such, we are now being fed lie after lie which the MSMhaving bought into the mad GroupThink without question, is only starting to dare to call out.


780 days ago

Reach4Entertainment – “COVID-19 Update”, still a risk/reward buy...

Entertainment marketing company Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated on its response to the COVID-19 outbreak…


782 days ago

ONS Covid data on deaths by occupation: Boris is “literally” sending folks to their deaths claim

After this is all over there should be a national enquiry into why our entire political and media class is swamped by liberal arts graduates with no concept of how to analyse data and the collective intelligence of a bumble bee. It should be let by my cats who have greater predictive skills than Professor Neil Pantsdown, our, until recently, expert in chief whose always wrong computer models drove the groupthink of our leaders. Let me be clear I have no time for Boris et al on this matter as I noted earlier today HERE. However…


783 days ago

Funeral Provider Dignity offers the Covid-19 quote of the day but shows why Boris, all MPs & a complicit media have screwed up so badly

Britain’s largest funeral services provider Dignity (DTY) has served up a trading statement on Covid-19 which contains both the quote of the day but also the stats which show just how disastrously Boris, but also everyone else in the political and media GroupThink bubble, have created this crisis.


791 days ago

The most lamentable lame-arse corporate virtue signalling anywhere - UK Oil & Gas fights Covid -19. LMFAO

The company’s oily chairman Lyin’ Steve Sanderson has dissembled about how paltry is the cut he has temporarily taken in his £700,000 annual pay package. Shareholders have lost 97% of their cash in less than 3 years and have just been diluted again with a bailout placing this week so what does AIM dog UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) do? Its latest tweet is just hilarious. Firstly what is the last thing the world needs now?


796 days ago

The chart that demonstrates why the Coronavirus lockdown is such a cataclysmic GroupThink policy blunder

I explained some time ago how the political and media classes have been captured by the biggest case of GroupThink in history. There was a better way as I showed HERE. And now I bring you one chart which should cause even the most zealous advocate of lockdown to change his or her mind. Remember that the effect of the lockdown policy has been to cause the biggest economic slowdown since 1665 which will, in itself, cause untold misery and deaths.


797 days ago

Dangerous Rishi Sunak shows why shorting is so risky right now

Apparently, last night the BBC aired a celeb packed fund raiser, its Big Night In. It was another occasion when multimillionaires urged we poor plebs to hand over our hard earned cash to a “good cause”. This time it is Coronavirus or rather the fight against it. My own views on Covid 19 are clear, I regard it as the biggest policy blunder in British History driven by utterly crazy GroupThink. But I digress slightly.


806 days ago

Hammerson a hero or a zero?

Covid-19 has changed the world. Well perhaps not the virus itself but the governmental response, which I continue to see as the biggest exercise in GroupThink madness the world has seen. But the change has come and a clear victim is Hammerson (HMSO), a heavily indebted owner of retail properties. Its last stated NAV was 601p, the shares trade at 84p. Either this is the cheapest stock going or something is so wrong that it could be horribly expensive.