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2878 days ago

Proof that Pinsent Masons Partner Russell Booker urged Sefton Resources to make fraudulent BB smear postings - leaked email emerges

City law firm Pinsent Masons acted for Sefton Resources (SER) as it attempted to gag myself and Brokerman Dan (Levi) from exposing the fraud at the heart of that company under Jim Ellerton. We stood up to Pinsent Masons bullying and won that libel case. Sefton caved, Ellerton was fired and we had our costs and damages paid by Sefton. Now I have obtained a leaked email which shows how Pinsent Masons partner Russell Booker urged Sefton to make fraudulent internet postings to discredit myself and Dan. Pinsent Masons claims to be an ethical firm. How can it be ethical if it does not fire Booker at once?


3173 days ago

Exclusive: The Jim Ellerton Court case vs Sefton - the court filing they don't want you to see

Another day and another exclusive. Today we bring you the court filing made by disgraced Jimmyliar Ellerton as he tries to screw not $250,000 but $400,000 from the company. It will not make pleasant reading for Sefton (SER) shareholders but I am happy to appear as an expert witness for the company as the claims he makes are - as you would expect - packed full of lies.

The worrying point for Sefton is that the claims are being brought not only by Jimmyliar himself (for loans not repaid and expenses not paid - does that include the underpants?) but also by C&J Resources the company owned by his ex Mrs, the foxy Carol. C&J probably stands a better chance than the disgraced Jimmyliar.


3180 days ago

Sefton Resources - Jim Ellerton wants $250,000: source & about that failed placing

The greed of disgraced ex Sefton boss Jimmyliar Ellerton is now revealed in full. Sefton Resources (SER) has fessed up that Jimmlyliar has filed a claim what it has not admitted is the quantum sought. Always keen to help, let me fill in the dots...


3229 days ago

The Truth behind the Sefton case & its dirty tricks - Tom Winnifrith video from UK Investor 2015

Brace yourself Pinsent Masons, Jim Ellerton and others as your dirty tricks and scumbag activities are revealed in full. I explain how I got onto Sefton, who were the good guys and who were the bad guys and how I nailed the latter in the end. Some folks have serious questions to answer. This video is of a session from UK Investor 2015.


3243 days ago

Exclusive: Jim Ellerton hoisted by his own petard – now has no claims against Sefton

Jimmyliar Ellerton, the disgraced former boss of Sefton Resources has been hoisted by his own petard and has now been told why he has no claims against Sefton Resources –it all goes back to the Gary Dillabaugh case and to some more recent issues with his – pro tem - trouble and strife, the foxy Carol.

You will remember that following a court case in Denver some years ago Jimmyliar was ordered to pay a seven figure sum back to retired Dentist Gary Dillabaugh. It was this case that brought Jimmyliar down since he had sworn under oath that Sefton was liable for his personal debts. He was either a perjurer or an embezzler and so was forced to quit in disgrace and shortly afterward the Sefton libel case against me collapsed.

However going back to the court case in 2008/9 Jimmyliar 


3319 days ago

Naibu, China Chaintek, Camkids, Pinsent Masons and Crowe Clark Whitehill & an open letter to Ray Zimmerman of ZAI

Shares in the fraud Naibu (NBU) were finally suspended on the AIM casino on 9 January 2015 after the NEDS woke up and requested clarification of the financial position of a company claiming to be cash generative and drowning in cash. How long does it take to check this out? What next?

Having shown conclusively that Naibu CEO Houyan Lin had form as a felon HERE I am in little doubt as to the outcome. But what is taking Naibu so long? A letter to its Nomad, big Ray Zimmerman of ZAI Corporate Finance, follows. When Naibu ‘fesses up the questions start for Camkids (CAMK) and China Chaintek (CTEK).


3368 days ago

Sefton Resources – Jim Ellerton’s best pal to get the assets? Or Jimmyliar himself? Shareholders screwed

The latest word from Sefton Resources (SER) is not good and must give rise to fears that Jimmyliar Ellerton is going to steal its last not totally worthless asset.

Pro tem the board has decided not to put the company into administration as a new offer is on the table from a consortium in which Mr Karl Arleth is intimately involved. Our sources reveal that the offer would see Sefton lose all its Tapia assets in return for the bidder taking on its bank debt.

That would leave Sefton with liabilities


3430 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: The Comeback Kid of the Decade – liar and crook Jim Ellerton to be the next Chairman of Sefton Resources?

You could not make this up. Disgraced liar and crook Jim Ellerton may well be reinstated as the next Chairman of Sefton Resources (SER) in January. This take from the AIM Cesspit gets worse and worse.


3519 days ago

Ex Sefton boss Jim Ellerton is a liar and conman without shame – he should be in prison, instead he is trying to screw Sefton again

Results yesterday from Sefton Resources (SER) were predictably dreadful. The silver lining shareholders had hoped for was that after December 31st 2013 ex-boss Jim Ellerton would no longer be a drain on this AIM Cesspit posterboy. However, it seems not. Jim is still trying to relieve Sefton of any cash it might have. The man has no shame. I call on the current board to take steps towards trying to ensure that Ellerton goes to prison where he belongs.

As a reminder: Ellerton was forced to leave the Sefton board by the toothless AIM Regulation team which deemed him not to be a fit and proper person to sit on an AIM board and boy there is a low threshold there.

That came after I revealed that Ellerton was either a perjurer or had been using company funds for his own purposes or both – see HERE.

The AIM team should have booted him out well before for lying about output numbers and many other matters over many years and then raising money on the back of those lies. Ellerton was a conman and a liar and should have gone to prison.

Of course Ellerton compounded his woes by using vast amounts of shareholders cash to sue me and Brokerman Dan for libel last year for calling him a liar and a conman. And we all know how that turned out don’t we. Smiley face. Smiley face. Smiley face.

And so as at December 31st the grossly overpaid old liar left Sefton under an agreed compromise settlement agreement.  But it appears that the old rogue has not gone back to his luxury Hawaii mansion to spend more time with his foxy wife Carol. Sefton is essentially bust but Ellerton wants more 


3748 days ago

Two Aim Cesspit chairman scalped in 3 months – who shall I go for next?

My mantelpiece is starting to fill up with trophies from the AIM Cesspit posterboy shoot. First came the head of Jim Ellerton of some tiny oil company whose name escapes me.  AIM regulation did not care about his lies or using the company as a personal ATM for years. But I did and forced his resignation. And yesterday a new head went up on the mantelpiece – that of Terry “Junk” Bond of Vialogy (VIY) who joins Jim in unexpected retirement after a year long campaign from me. So who is next for the treatment?


3800 days ago

An email just received - can it really be from Jim Ellerton?

This email arrived this afternoon. Can it really be from disgraced ex Sefton boss, the liar and crook JOim Ellerton? The way Sefton emails appear everywhere you just don't know.

From: [email protected]

Date: 28 September 2013 09:47:57 BST
To: [email protected]
Subject: Email from website
Reply-To: [email protected]

Form details below.

Name: Jim Ellerton
Number of people: four directors
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Can we have your old chip fat/oil to mix in with our Tapia oil?



Heck, I am always keen to help Sefton boost its production numbers but we don't serve chips at Clerkenwell's finest quirkiest Celtic Italian restaurant, The Real Man Pizza Company


3801 days ago

Sefton Interims – Look at the Cash! It’s not there!

Sefton Resources (SER) shares have been unsuspended as it has published its half calendar year results which are signed off by competent person Jim Ellerton. Shit, he may have been sacked in disgrace for being a liar and a crook but he is still competent in la la Sefton land. The issue behind the bluster is cash. Or lack of it.


3820 days ago

An Acid Trip with Pinsent Masons Part 2

Suddenly I was back in my Clerkenwell Rabbit hole sitting with the dormouse sipping what looked like a cup of herbal tea. “Is the acid trip over?” I asked my new friend. “Surely with Sefton’s only witness exposed as a liar and a crook, with Pinsents in breach of the SRA rule-book if it continues to act for Sefton given that Russell Booker is now my star witness and given that the case was bollocks in the first place it is all over?” The dormouse leaned forward.

But at that point there was a loud knock on the door and a man dressed in a red military uniform with round gold rimmed glasses appeared. Bloody hell. It was John Lennon from the Sergeant Pepper album. “Are you sure that was tea?” I asked the dormouse. He smiled. Shrooooooooooom.

Rather thankful that it was not colourful James out on a bender with not Johnny Depp I opened the door. “John – where are Ringo, Paul and George? “ I asked contemplating how Real Man was attracting all the stars these days.

“Do not be so daft. John Lennon was shot dead thirty years ago by Mark Chapman, surely you know that I am Chris Mullen the senior partner at Sergeant Pinsents legal tarts club band?  Here. Have some candy from my five million pound Notting Hill townhouse paid for in part by Sefton’s shareholders.”


3823 days ago

Sefton – The Ceasefire is Off: Sniper back at Work

The only witness Sefton Resources (SER) stated to the Court that it would call in its libel case was Jim Ellerton who is now exposed as a liar and a crook and who was forced to leave the Sefton board in disgrace on the advice of Nomad Allenby and Company lawyer Pinsent Masons.

That same firm of lawyers has today written to me declining my offer to settle (with it paying my costs and damages in shares) but saying it would talk to me if I agreed not to write about it for 30 days. It insists that it is quite prepared to plough on with what anyone with half a brain cell can see is an unwinnable case given the Ellerton issue and the fact that everything I have written about Sefton is verifiably true.

I have no intention of being gagged for 30 days. So I have told Pinsents to fuck off. The sniper is back on duty. Pursuing this unwinnable case will bankrupt Sefton. Shareholders need to be very much aware of that but frankly that is not my concern.

I guess we now must start looking at the Non-Executive Directors in detail as well as again ploughing through the old annual reports. Comrade Levi is – I gather minded – to take a similar approach.


3824 days ago

Sefton’s Jim Ellerton is in London – shadow director?

I wished to speak to Dr Michael Green, Sefton’s IR manager and Company Secretary this morning. And so I called the number on today’s release. A young lady answered the phone & I did not quite catch where she said she worked but I was put through. A voice answered and said that Green was out until after lunch. I asked where I was calling?  The American accent replied: “Dr Michael Green’s London office.”


3824 days ago

Sefton Suspended

Shares in Sefton (SER) have been suspended today. The reason is that an internet site has published what purport to be internal emails and the interims and has thus created a disorderly market. The site has also strayed into making suggestions about the private life of a Sefton employee (not Ellerton) which is quite simply 100% unacceptable.  As such I shall not give it the oxygen of publicity and my thoughts go out to that employee today. I wish him all the best, would happily buy him a drink and a pizza and he has my complete understanding and unquestioning support at a personal, if not a professional, level.


3825 days ago

On an acid trip with Pinsent Masons

I have not actually taken any LSD or even  a magic mushroom for years but as I contemplate the insane world of Pinsent Masons and the Sefton libel case I feel like I am on the most amazing trip. For Pinsents yesterday stated that it is ploughing ahead with the libel case. I happen to know that this is bollocks – the remaining Sefton directors met Pinsents and other advisors last Friday and are trying to find a way out. Oh yes, I have my sources Pinsents, try not to get too paranoid.  But anyhow let’s go on a magical mystery tour with the bully boy lawyers…

Suddenly a giant caterpillar appeared and beckoned me from my Clerkenwell rabbit hole towards the High Court. I called as a witness of fact Mr Russell Booker, a partner at Pinsent Masons, and asked him to read out his memo to the Sefton board in which he said that Jim Ellerton (Sefton’s only witness) was “discredited as a witness” and thus the case was unwinnable. “Thank you Mr Booker” said the white hare “would the plaintiff like to cross examine?”

The Barrister for Sefton consulted his team of lawyers from Pinsent Masons about how they would cross examine a partner from Pinsent Masons who was appearing as a witness of fact for the defence. Shroooooooooooooooooooooooooom.  No conflicts of interest here said the Pinsents team as they smoked a large hookah offered to them by Dr Ali in lieu of his final draft preliminary final report on steamflooding.

The Judge offered everyone more tea and a piece of cake


3825 days ago

Pinsent Masons is bringing Sefton to its knees – this is disgraceful greed

Let me be clear I have offered to allow Sefton pay a modest sum, in shares, covering my costs and the damages it owes me for its libellous RNS of 24 February. The company could have been off the hook by now wasting no more of its limited cash on settling this legal battle which it has lost. That would clearly be in the interests of shareholders who have suffered enough already. What or who is stopping this? Bully boy lawyers Pinsent Masons.

Round at Pinsents Associate Helen Skinner (£500 an hour) has been removed from leading the case and replaced by a partner on £750 an hour ( a Mr. Twemey). And what did they spend the weekend doing? Sending letters to Dan Levi (at £750) an hour demanding that he allow an extension to the disclosure process which Pinsent Masons has already agreed with the Court weeks ago.

It is not as if Dan wants many more documents than the ones he wanted on July 27 when Pinsents agreed to the original timetable. Just one: The opinion of Russell Booker (Pinsents partner) presented to the Sefton board stating that Sefton’s sole witness (Jimmyliar Ellerton) was not credible and that the case would be lost and should be dropped. I am sure Pinsents can find that memo without too much trouble.

I feel sorry for Sefton shareholders and so have offered the company a way out that eases its very tight cash position. Shareholders should be begging their board to accept my offer and tell Pinsents to fuck off and stop billing for what little cash is left in the depleted corporate coffers. I should warn Sefton shareholders


3827 days ago

Exclusive shocker - Sefton, the Dillabaugh transcript arrives

Jim Ellerton was toast the moment his sworn under oath deposition from Dillabaugh vs Ellerton fell into my paws. Late last night the 200 page transcript of that case arrived with myself and Dan Levi. We are still analysing it in full so won’t publish it yet but if Jimmyliar thinks it will could have saved him he is wrong.

As ever you really have to ask why Dan and I get documents that the AIM Team,  and the fuckwits at Pinsent Masons do not have. Both have asked us to hand them over but how about for once the scumbags do the job they are grotesquely over-paid to do themselves rather than scrounging off poor journalists in such an unseemly fashion.

In court, as under deposition, Ellerton claims that he does need to repay monies he borrowed from Dillabaugh (and Dillabaugh’s young daughter Lisa) because of the offsets – benefits Gary received because Jim got him a job at Sefton.


3828 days ago

Sefton's Jim Ellerton - still lying

Disgraced Sefton (SER) ex-boss Jim Ellerton is still lying. Even though for him the game is up. It gets to the stage where if Jim said that 2 + 2 = 4 or that the Pope is a Catholic I would assume that somehow 2+2 was 5 or 3 or any number other than 4 and that his holiness was now a nice Jewish boy. Jim: what are you on? Acid?


3829 days ago

A joint statement from Dan Levi & Tom Winnifrith: Sefton: We are Vindicated - Jim Ellerton Fired in Disgrace

Sefton Resources (SER) has this morning fired its chairman Jim Ellerton from the board. He has been shown to be a liar, a criminal, a man not fit to run a PLC and there will be worse to come for him as the Serious Fraud Office, the US Internal Revenue Service and the Colorado Department of Justice Enquiries get underway. All three have been or will be provided with full dossiers. Ellerton will try to grub whatever cash he can from Sefton but he is toast. Toxic toast.

Sefton sued Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan) and Tom Winnifrith for libel and also reported them to the FSA for market abuse and then accused them of market abuse and libel via an RNS. Sefton also briefed The Daily Telegraph that we were shorting the company for a monetary gain. All was part of their malicious Black propaganda campaign. Sefton is today negotiating with Dan and Tom.

It will be paying their costs in defending this case but also damages for defaming them. The only issue is how much will it be paying.

Those Bulletin Board Morons


3829 days ago

A day when friends popped in again and again and again

Perhaps they were all psychic and sensed pending news but Clerkenwell's finest celtic Italian restaurant Real Man Pizza was a buzz all day yesterday. First up was blog reader Gareth to whom I promised a Piss off Argentina T-shirt in a caption contest a while ago. We will not go into details as to how much of a while. Gareth was in town, popped in for lunch and was – as you can see – presented with his shirt by myself (wearing my Sod off Spain T-shirt which is getting stacks of positive comments). You can buy both shirts only HERE


3830 days ago

Sefton – where’s the update: just get on with it and sack liar and criminal Ellerton & another lie exposed

At 7 AM a week ago liar and crook Jim Ellerton stepped down from the board of Sefton following the publication by me of documents showing that he was a liar and criminal. This was meant to be temporary pending a full investigation which we were told would mean that we would get an update “within one week”.Well guess frigging what?


3833 days ago

Sefton Resources 2005 Annual Report Note 8

The more you dig the more you find with Sefton (SER). As such here are a couple of other items for Pinsents, Dr Ali, the NEDs and the Spiders from Mars to add to the internal investigation into liar and crook Jim Ellerton. And for the IRS to look into.  I take you back to the 2005 Annual Report.


3833 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Monday - Sefton's Ellerton going to prison issue

Apologies for the delay. Well there is a lot happening right now. Following the highly successful interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya it seems as if we are about to intervene in Syria as well. Will we ever learn?  Away from the folly of our leaders my mind this week centred on victory in my battle with AIM POS Sefton Resources and its liar and crook chairman Jim Ellerton. Bully boy lawyers Pinsent Masons has yet to throw in the towel officially (heck why not rack up some more fees while you can?) but it is only a matter of time.

If you missed the victory at Pinsents Video please watch and pass the link onto everyone you know. I gather the bully boys are hating all this bad PR. Given its role in the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against me Pinsents deserves all the shit it gets. So please watch the video and pass on the link to EVERYONE YOU KNOW - it is  HERE
This week’s picture  is below. Please post your captions in the comments box below.


For what it is worth my entry is


3834 days ago

Sefton – Dan Levi’s smoking bazooka – Sefton says added to the enquiry – where will Ellerton serve time?

The Pinsents Masons enquiry into Jim Ellerton just got a bit longer thanks to Dan Levi’s smoking bazooka revelation of yesterday which means that without ambiguity one can say that Jim Ellerton is a liar and a criminal. The only question is what sort of criminal? I discuss below where Jim will be prosecuted and for what and what this means for Sefton and me.


3835 days ago

Jimmy Jimmy - the 2013 Version of the Undertones Classic (Sefton version)

In light of the dynamite revelations from Dan Levi this afteroon HERE I have made a few adjustments to the Undertones classic Jimmy Jimmy and republish below

If you need a reminder of the classic original which has to be part of my all-time 200 the video is below:

With apologies to the Undertones:

Little Sefton boy
He was very very old
It took thirteen long years
To find what he had stole

Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy - Oooh
Jimmy Jimmy
Poor little Jimmy wouldn't let go

He'd stay awake at night
Lying in his bed
No one ever listened
To a single word he said

Jimmy Jimmy ...

Silly boy
Silly boy
Silly boy
Such a silly boy

Jimmy Jimmy ...

Now little Jimmy's gone
He disappeared one day
But no one saw the prison van
That took little Jim away

Jimmy Jimmy


3835 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

City law firm Pinsent Masons played its part in the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against Dan Levi and me with its infamous letter to the FSA trying to stop me writing about shares. To protect its bent client it tried (and failed) to deprive me of a living. And it then (at great expense to Sefton shareholders) tried to bully me in the libel courts. As such you might understand why I am not its greatest fan.

Pinsents tried to destroy me on its chosen playing field (the law). It failed. Now the rematch is set to take place on my chosen playing field – the internet and new media.

Pinsents disgraceful behaviour is now all over the internet. Those responsible for its new media promotion cannot be enjoying what they read. Its role in the Sefton scandal is now laid bare and my triumphant visit to its luxurious office with a glass of champagne is now a well watched video. The Times newspaper mentioned it in full and Pinsents must be squirming.

In case you missed it or ( better still) wish to pass on the link to everyone you know it is here

But still the fuckers will not withdraw their law suit (which they admit is in tatters). Still there is no apology. I am not asking senior partner Chris Mullen (hey Chris you now feature in google searches alongside a pic of a scantily clad Cheryl Cole which is not pornography and the word fraudster thanks to liar and fraudster Jim Ellerton) to come and grovel personally. But Chris, you could send along a few of the other partners to buy me a slap up dinner at RMPC or just write a public letter of apology.

Oh shite, Chris now appears on google searches next to the word pornography. Welcome Pinsent Masons to my chosen battleground of new media.

Meanwhile I know Pinsent Masons has spent a great deal of effort building up its twitter presence so if you are bored just head off to @pinsentmasons find any one of its worthy tweets and draft a suitable reply.  As an example earlier today I found a tweet from PM

Financial firms to set targets for female board members - Linda Jones of @PinsentMasons talks to @BBCNews http://bbc.in/13cGpRN  #ukemplaw

So naturally I replied (including both @pinsentmasons and @bbcnews)

@PinsentMasons @BBCNews how about as a priority ensuring boards do not have contain crooks like Pinsents star client Sefton @TomWinnifrith

If you having nothing else better to do this weekend, feel free to go and tweet a reply to one of the numerous dreary tweets sent out by Pinsents and bring some life to its twitter feed. I am sure that they will appreciate the gesture.


3835 days ago

Brokerman Dan Meeting lawyers Tuesday - will the counterclaims bankrupt Sefton

With its own lawyer, Russell Booker of Pinsent Masons, admitting that the Sefton libel case against myself and Dan Levi is in tatters with its sole witness ( liar and crook) Jim Ellerton having been booted off the board in disgrace and now ( in Booker’s words) “discredited,” the way is open for Dan Levi and myself to launch claims against Sefton. Will this sink the ship?

You will remember that Sefton issued an RNS on 24th February accusing us of libel AND market abuse. Via Company Secretary and IR genius Michael Green it also briefed Harriet Denys of the Telegraph (via two phone calls that Harriet has full notes of) that Dan was short of Sefton. Other folks are now coming forward revealing the full extent of the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against myself and Daniel.

As such Both Daniel and I have discussed with our (different) legal advisors not only the matter of recovering costs from Sefton but also now the matter of damages


3836 days ago

Sefton Resources misleads investors again, announced pathetic fund raise & is told libel case is in tatters by its own lawyers

Another day and another RNS from Sefton Resources (SER) but with two names missing. The liar and crook Ellerton is off the board temporarily until he is fired permanently next week while PR guru Alex Walters of Cadogan has also been hung out to dry. As to the content it is pitiful and misleading. The fingerprints of IR buffoon Doc Green are all over this.

First up the company has raised cash via its death spiral but only £70,500 at 0.441p. That is dire. Last time the death spiral kicked in almost £700,000 was raised ( at 1.1p). Until Jimmy Liar is booted firmly into the long Hawaiian grass (or even better into a cell in the Denver Penitentiary) that will not change


3837 days ago

Jim Ellerton liar and crook forced off Sefton board – company WAS bust on July 31st

The 666 shirt of investigative financial journalism is out of retirement for a few more days as liar and crook Jim Ellerton clings on to his corporate career for a bit longer. This morning he has stepped down from the board of Sefton (but will carry on as a consultant on full pay) because of “allegations made in two Internet publications against Jim Ellerton, the Company's Executive Chairman, and certain documentation received

Sefton says that the NEDS will “In conjunction with the Company's lawyers and Nominated Adviser, conduct a full and thorough investigation into the alleged matters (the "Investigation"). Both Mr Ellerton and the Non Executives believes this will be in the best interests of the Company. The Company anticipates that it will be able to provide a further update to the market within one week as to the progress of the Investigation”

Heck, why not get Dr Ali to do the report to ensure really speedy delivery?


3839 days ago

Sefton Victory celebrations underway & the 666 shirt goes on sabattical

You should always end on a high. And I am on a high right now. Last night I exposed Jim Ellerton for the fraud and liar he is. The Nomad to Sefton (Allenby) has told me by email that if my initial allegations re the Dillabaugh case were proven either Allenby or Ellerton had to go. If it is the former the shares are suspended and won’t come back. If it is the latter the sole witness for Sefton in its libel trial against me will have resigned in disgrace. So I have won. I gather that the Sefton board is meeting this afternoon so, one way or another, the AIM career of Hawaii Jim is almost over.

I have already popped over to the offices of uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons , champagne in hand, to record two short videos and when they go live that will be it from me.

Publicly I have put a brave face on this battle and on the Sefton dirty tracks campaign. But it has been a strain.  I fear that there is not a cat in hell’s chance of me getting my costs back. Would I want to do this again or would I rather spend time with the bird, take up fishing again or do a bit of what I really want to do (goat farming)?

My priorities going forward are the restaurant, the UKInvestor Show, my partner (the deluded lefty) and my family, notably my step mother and ageing father - not necessarily in that order. As such the 666 shirt of investigative financial journalism united is (temporarily) retired. After today I shall confine my public comments on shares to my premium Nifty Fifty website. If you want to know my thoughts on shares pop along to Real Man Pizza and buy me a salad or subscribe to the Nifty Fifty

Shareprophets has 20 writers including younger investigative stars such as John Crawford and Ben Turney who I shall advise, if asked, but for now that is it from me on shares. The younger guys will take the battle against the AIM bad guys forward.  I have a book to write (on Sefton), articles to write for this website on West Ham, Greece and other really important matters and a life to lead.

Thanks for your support since this battle commenced. My 36 hour drinkathon now continues and anyone who fancies coming along to Real Man tonight after 6 is more than welcome.


3840 days ago

Sefton The Smoking Gun has arrived - Jim Ellerton is toast

Jim Ellerton told his Nomad and his fellow directors that he had not under oath stated that Sefton had paid benefits to dentist Gary Dillabaugh to offset personal loans made by Gary to Jim.  Jim Ellerton lied.

Under Oath in 2009 he claimed exactly that in Court. He also claimed that he lobbied Sefton Directors to give Gary the job with Sefton to compensate him for the loans.

Jim Ellerton will have to resign first thing tomorrow.

Jim Ellerton was to have been Sefton’s sole witness in the case of Sefton vs. Winnifrith and Sefton vs. Levi. I think you can safely say that Jim is toast, that libel case is in tatters and Sefton is almost certainly finished.

There will be 50% , off Champagne at Real Man Pizza Company in Clerkenwell


3840 days ago

Sefton – The Empire Can’t Strike Back

It is a fight to the death and it was hand to hand stuff on the front line today. For the Evil Empire Emperor Ellerton moved off the beaches of Hawaii and flew (at Sefton shareholder expense) to California. That left newly appointed company Secretary and IR genius Doc Gopher Green to lead the counter attack from his personal Shareprice death star.

Some of the Imperial strormtroopers in the BB Moron brigade of the Sefton army were hoping for a statement refuting weekend allegations, broadcast across the Galaxy by the rebel alliance. But that was not possible as the company is not in a position to refute anything. So instead Doc Gopher briefed a number of BB loons with the line: “all Sefton directors have been fully vetted by different nomads and nothing was found awry.”

That, of course, is NOT the same as a denial. Doc Gopher is not THAT stupid. And it is also meaningless as one of the Nomads immediately came forward and revealed to the intelligence officer of the Rebel Alliance that it had indeed commissioned independent due diligence on the Sefton board but that it was told that Ellerton/Dillabaugh was a personal matter and that Sefton did not disclose the Court case to it at all. Thus this did not feature in the due diligence.

Han Solo (played by Daniel Levi) then revealed that the non-execs on the Imperial board had now commissioned an independent enquiry into the activities of Darth Ellerton relating to the Ellerton case. And


3841 days ago

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Sefton version

Apropos of nothing, I thought it time for a new version of an old classic

Picture yourself in a float on a river
With tapia trees and kan-as-as skies
Your broker calls you, you answer quite slowly
As Sefton’s share price slowly dies

Bogus production from Doctor Green
Cash all heading to Jim
Look for money shareholders have given
And its gone

Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Follow the shares down to ever new lows
Where Jim spouts more and more lies
Everyone smiles as you slip past the strippers
That spout nothing at all

Pinsent Masons appears on the shore
Waiting to take you away
Climb in the back as it counts Sefton’s cash
And its gone

Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Picture yourself with the shares now at zero
With Ellerton retired on the beach
Suddenly someone is there sat beside him
As Sefton’s share price quickly dies

Lucy in the sky with diamonds
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Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Lucy in the sky with diamonds


3841 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Turning £95,000 into £26.67 edition

Anyone who invested £95,000 in Sefton Resources (SER) when it listed on AIM more than a decade ago would, if they tried to sell their shares tomorrow net £26.67 (before dealing costs). Meanwhile executive chairman Jim Ellerton lives in a multimillion dollar beachfront mansion in Hawaii. Thanks to fees, salary, “director cash advances” and share trades (not to mention loans from Gary Dillabaugh that he has not repaid) Jimmy has made around $7 million from Sefton since its IPO.

Chuck in NI payments, first class air fares to and from Hawaii for 13 years, 5 star hotel accommodation around the world at Sefton’s expense, the company car in Hawaii and the rest and Jim Ellerton has cost Sefton c$10 million. In light of this I offer you this picture and invite you to post suitable captions in the comments section below by 9 AM Friday or by when Sefton’s shares are suspended – whichever is sooner.

For what it is worth my entry is: “As he gazes from his bedroom window Jim Ellerton reminds himself that whatever his critics may say not all shareholders have lost everything.”

And remember that there is still time to win a Justice for the Sefton 2 T-shirt in the ShareProphets Jim Ellerton Gary Dillabaugh caption contest which you can find here.


3843 days ago

Comtek, Jim Ellerton and Sefton – a source comes forward

A source has today come forward shining light on the dismal failure that was Comtek Resources – Jim Ellerton’s first London listed company. In the exceedingly unlikely eventuality that Sefton (SER) and I meet in court in the great libel trial this source has agreed to come forward as yet another witness. His testimony is critical to those who think that Sefton has any balance sheet backing.


3843 days ago

Pinsent Masons Quitting as Sefton Company Secretary – Vindicated on Conflict of Interest

When did uber expensive Bully Boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons quit as Company Secretary to POS AIM listed company Sefton (SER)?  We do not know. The Sefton website still showed the bully boys as Company Secretary earlier this week. But it has now stepped down (Nomad Allenby has confirmed this) to be replaced by IR genius Dr Michael Green.

The last man to be Co Sec and IR officer at Sefton at the same time was, of course, Colorado dentist Gary Dillabaugh. I have always wondered what sort of Doctor Michael Green was. Is he a dentist as well?  Do you need a medical qualification to be the IR manager/Company Sec at Sefton? Questions, questions.

I wonder does Jim Ellerton also owe Doc Green hundreds of thousands of dollars? I suspect not but you never know in the crazy world of Sefton.


3845 days ago

The regulators will have to get involved in Sefton vs Winnifrith & Levi – BRING IT ON!

I read some BB poster ( not a loon) saying that the regulators now have to get involved in the battle between myself & Dan Levi and AIM Cesspit posterboy Sefton Resources (SER). Well fear not Mr Poster – they already are involved. And it is not Dan or myself that are in the firing line.

I initiated the call today to the AIM regulation team. It is not the first time I have spoken to the Sefton case officer. Geddit- case officer. Sefton is under investigation.

Sefton has been in AIM’s spotlight since the AIM team were informed by Fox Davies that it wanted to quit as Nomad and why it wanted to quit as Nomad. As such the AIM team knows full well that I shall win my libel case. But the game has moved on. The focus is now on what Jim Ellerton told a Colorado Court in April 2009 under oath and why that means that he is not a fit and proper person to be director of an AIM listed company. Emails and phone calls between Denver and London are flying thick and fast today (or they will when Denver wakes up shortly).

Jim Ellerton is right now in Hawaii slumbering next to the foxy Carol. He will not wake up for a good few hours. Things is now moving fast and he will awake to a firestorm.

I am appalled that AIM Regulation has not acted more decisively and publicly against Sefton. That, I sense, could be about to change as the City establishment swings firmly and openly behind myself and Dan as as new facts emerge. A greater involvement by AIM Regulation…bring it on.


3846 days ago

Sefton, Jim Ellerton, Pinsent Masons and the Serious Fraud Office

I yesterday contacted the Serious Fraud Office and handed over documentary and other matters relating to Sefton Resources and Jim Ellerton. I have formally requested that the SFO launch an investigation into the activities of Mr Ellerton and Sefton in relation to Gary Dillabaugh and other matters in order to confirm that everything is above board. The SFO is now looking into what was sent.

Noting the board decisions made by Sefton in 2009 in relation to Ellerton and other matters I have also asked the SFO to investigate the actions of Sefton’s other directors and officers (including company secretary Pinsent Masons) in order to confirm that all of their activities are also above board.

Naturally one wishes to believe the best in all men & women and so I am sure that the SFO will find nothing other than a well run company governed in the best interests of its shareholders.

I shall keep you posted.


3847 days ago

An Open Video Letter to Nick Harriss of Allenby Capital re Jim Ellerton's claim to have used Sefton cash to clear personal debts

I have this morning sent a letter to Nick Harriss, a good man, who is in charge of the Sefton account at its Nomad Allenby. I have sent him a copy of the Dillabaugh vs. Ellerton 2009 judgement. I urge him in friendship to consider whether Allenby can remain as Nomad to Sefton in light of what has emerged today - see my earlier piece here.

My letter went by email but it is an open letter so I have recorded what was written on video for you all to watch as the AIM Cesspit plumbs new depths.


3847 days ago

Exclusive expose: Jim Ellerton swore on oath in Court that he had used Sefton cash to clear personal debts

So far I have been nice to AIM Cesspit posterboy Sefton (SER) but now it is gloves off time as I reveal how Sefton boss Jim Ellerton swore on oath in Court in 2009 that he had cleared personal debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars using Sefton cash. And I have obtained and attach the document that verifies this shock revelation.

Jim could not even get that right. The Court rejected his evidence with the judge noting “defendant Ellerton’s testimony was not believable” and that “defendant Ellerton is not credible in regard to his testimony” but none the less the fact is that Jim Ellerton did not admit to using Sefton cash for personal matters, but swore on oath that he had done so.

The case is Ellerton vs. Dillabaugh, a Colorado dentist who loaned Ellerton over a period of years c$400,000 and was then made Sefton company secretary and IR manager.


3855 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Middle Aged model edition

I reprint the pghoto below not out of vanity but in response to a request from a reader. It is of me posiing in our new must wear T-shirt, the Gary Dillabaugh special. You can of course buy your own Gary Dillabaugh T-short HERE
In answer to the reader's direct question: Yes we did clean the table after I stood on it.  So post your captions in the comments section below. The deadline for entries is - as usual - 9 AM on Friday.

For what it is worth my entry is:

"With his drawings from Sefton last year Jim Ellerton could buy almost 17,000 of these T-shirts and have them shipped first class to Hawaii"


3860 days ago

In the High Court at 2.30: Buy your Gary Dillabaugh T-shirt now!

Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources still owes former Sefton Company Secretary Gary Dillabaugh $600,000 from a court case more than two years ago. It is Jim's defence in that case that will, IMHO, sink him but this is a story that is only just getting going. 

The powder keg is under Sefton it is just a matter of when I choose to light the fuse. Hmmm I guess I shall let folks sweat a bit more and Sefton piss more cash away on its uber expensive City lawyers Pinsent Masons. After all my daughter Olivia's mother is a partner at PM and so naturally I want her firm to rake in as much as possible.
But as I prepare to go to Court today  I have designed a breand new T-shirt for the occassion to remind the Sefton team of that powder keg.


3869 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday (thanks to Jim Ellerton)

To be honest I am a bit starved of ideas and the bird wants to head off for a romantic meal so the best that I can do on the caption front is to offer up a picture from earlier. Please post your wittiest captions in the comments section below.

For what it is worth my entry is:


3871 days ago

Ellerton vs Dillabaugh – a generous offer for Sefton’s Jim

Ellerton vs Dillabaugh is a fascinating case. Jim Ellerton borrowed $400,000 from Gary Dillabaugh, a Colorado dentist who also seems to have been Company Secretary for Sefton Resources (SER). Ellerton refused to repay the loan. I described the other day how this went to Court and what the state of play is today.

But I now make a generous offer to Jim Ellerton.


3872 days ago

Shock exclusive: Sefton's Ellerton exposed as a rogue - I speak to Gary Dillabaugh

This came out yesterday but this story is, as they say, developing. There is more to follow. I shall be online solidaly within a day or so. Internet connection here is dire. But there is more to come...

I am staying in a Greek village where tomorrow I learn how to milk goats. There is no internet. But I have a phone and today I received a call from Gary Dillabaugh, the former company secretary of AIM Cesspit listed Sefton Resources (SER) which exposes Sefton boss Jim Ellerton as a chancer and a rogue.

I have been tracking down Dillabaugh for weeks and so getting that call is a moment I have looked forward to for some time. Hence, I have made my way to the seaside, borrowed a laptop and now reveal all. Just because I am on holiday the AIM bad guys should not sleep soundly.

What follows should be enough to question whether Ellerton is fit to run a public company.


3886 days ago

I Ride Valiantly to the defence of Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources

Do not all say it at once but I really am a very nice guy.  Jim’s company may be suing me for libel but how he pisses away shareholders cash on a case he cannot win is his problem. I write today in defence of Jim Bob. I am truly such a genuinely nice guy it amazes even me sometimes.


3893 days ago

In defence of Sefton Resources

The wine flowed freely at the AIM Cesspit 2013 awards dinner. My hangover was reported in the Daily Telegraph by some dim bird who could not spell Knievil (as in Evil) correctly and who appears to manage about two factual errors a paragraph. But she was right about the hangover.

The next morning I felt rather sorry for myself as I struggled to work. I also felt rather sorry for Sefton Resources (SER) as it picked up three of the five awards. Since the shortlists were decided by the votes of hundreds of private investors as were the actual awards I suppose one cannot argue with Sefton picking up trophies for: AIM Cesspit Entrepreneur of the Year (value destroyer) – Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources and AIM Cesspit CEO Pig of the year (pay out of line with performance) – Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources.


3916 days ago

Sefton Resources "creating value - the killer facts

Jim Ellerton, the chairman of AIM Cesspit listed Sefton Resources (SER) blathers on about creating shareholder value. Well here are two killer statistics for you. But first a quote from Sefton chairman Jim Ellerton from 25th February 2013:

Sefton is accelerating the development of its oil and gas operations both in California and Kansas to create shareholder value.”

And so here are the stats.



3918 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Back to Sleaze Edition

You kind of thought that cash for questions was just a bit nineteen nineties. that after the expenses scandal the Westminster stable had been cleansed. Wrong! Those greedy mothers in parliament, not content with gunning for inflation busting pay rises are at it again, taking bribes for asking questions. Panorama has exposed not only Patrick Mercer MP but also three Lords for taking cash for asking questions about Fiji on behalf of a bogus lobbying company.

Other MPs lined up to join Mercer's all party Fiji Group, one asking if he could take his wife on the first "fact-finding mission." Mercer described most of the recruits as freeloaders. I'd describe the entitre political class as freeloaders.

Right now the political class is taking yet another well earned holiday. But the MPs and Lords will be back soon. And in that vein I ask for captions to the picture below. Post your captions in the comments section below.

For what it is worth my entry is "At the annual AIM awards dinner the Jim Ellerton and the directors of Motive TV and Verdes Management tuck into the main course and discuss how important it is to remunerate senior staff appropriately in order to attract the right talent

Post away....



3939 days ago

Another letter to Sefton boss Jim Ellerton with 5 more questions

On Thursday I sent a letter by email to Sefton Resources (SER) boss Jim Ellerton asking him to apologise to me for his company's smear campaign against me and to make a small personal donation to the excellent Woodlarks Charity. I have yet to gain a reply or even an acknowledgement. As such I have sent a second letter and at the same time ask a couple more questions which either Sefton has neglected to answer or I have neglected to ask.

This letter is sent via Sefton’s lawyers at Pinsent Masons since I do not know whether Jim is currently in residence at his multi-million dollar Hawaii mansion or is in London, maximising shareholder value.



3942 days ago

Two Letters to Sefton Boss Jim Ellerton re his company’s disgraceful Smear Campaign

I revealed some weeks ago how AIM Cesspit listed oil company Sefton Resources (SER) had instigated a smear campaign against its two principal critics, myself and Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan). It is suing us for libel but has also engaged in underhand smear tactics. This has backfired as the Daily Telegraph has now confirmed to my comrade Mr Levi who, how and when Sefton played this sordid game.

As such I can reveal that Dan Levi will be filing a Solicitors letter with Sefton within days seeking a public retraction and potentially leading to a claim for vast damages for defamation. He has already agreed with Sefton’s uber-expensive City lawyer Pinsent Masons how this will be served.

Ooooh that Dan plays hardball. He is such a gritty Northern hard man.

I am, of course, a really nice guy and like to handle things on an amicable basis.

And as such I have simply dropped Sefton boss Jim Ellerton a friendly note



3994 days ago

Brand new video - Sefton Downfall The Sequel

Hell, I am bored and so I have created a follow up video to Sefton, The Downfall. It is Sefton, The Downfall the Sequel. I somehow doubt that there will be a need for a third video. Enjoy....



If you enjoyed this offering show your support by buying a Justice 4 the Sefton 2 T-shirt or mug HERE


3996 days ago

Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources – the world of Leavenworth (less) county

As you are aware AIM listed joke oil company Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is suing myself and my pal Dan Levi (Brokerman Dan) for libel. We cannot wait for our days in court as this is getting more amusing by the day.

A day or so I asked Sefton the simple question – how many flights to and from Hawaii (where Jim Ellerton lives in a luxury mansion) have been paid for by Sefton? The answer could be nil and if so I would have hoped for a speedy reply. I have had no such reply. Perhaps shareholders might have more luck putting that question to the company directly- I suggest calling its PR man Alex Walters on his mobile 07771 713608 - good luck.

But I now have a few more questions and this time I move from Hawaii where Jim spends his millions to Kansas and Leavenworth County where in 2009/10 Sefton ponied up a total of $215,000 to buy some gas pipelines.


3998 days ago

Hawaii 5-0: Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources

As you may remember Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is suing myself and Brokerman Daniel for libel. I have already responded to its writ and lodged my papers in the High Court last week. Dan tells me that he will be lodging within 24 hours. Both of us await this matter with mounting excitement as the more this goes on the more folks come to us with interesting snippets.

Today a former investor in Powerhouse Resources (go check it out) pointed me to Hawaii. For it appears that it is in this luxury pacific paradise that Sefton chairman Jim Ellerton and his delightful wife Carol make their home - it is not a modest pad. Public records show that it was bought for $710,000 in 2004. Why drag poor Carol into it?


4006 days ago

Sefton shareholders – diluted again: Three questions

Each time the amount gets smaller and each time less is raised. Less than three months since its last fund raise AIM listed Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is passing the hat around yet again. This time it has raised £650,000 gross ( call it £620,000 net) with clients of Dowgate Stockbrokers. Lucky them. The amount raised will cover about three months cashburn. Put another way it is about 18 months total remuneration (including bonuses, pension contributions, etc) for chairman Jim Ellerton, a man who runs a company that has destroyed around 99.7% of the value of an investment made in Sefton at the time of its IPO 12 years ago.


4014 days ago

What has Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources got in common with Nick Clegg?

One runs a tinpot organisation and issues a press release saying that measures taken by his organisation “continue to deliver production growth” at a time when production had fallen sharply for the prior two months and one runs a tinpot organisation and says that he had not heard of allegations that his party CEO was a serial sex pest until last week. Oh dear. Breaking News: It seems that one of his own former MPs (Sandra Gidley) has now gone on the record saying she told Clegg all back in 2007.

In for a penny in for a pound. Ellerton (or rather his grateful shareholders) is suing me for libel for calling his statement about production growing (when it was in fact falling) “deliberately misleading.” I really am not quaking in my boots about defending that one and cannot wait to get JimBob to explain himself on the witness stand.

Now that I am getting the hang of being sued for libel for pointing out the bleeding obvious, here we go again: Clegg, I think your statements about your knowledge of sexpest-gate are deliberately misleading too.

What’s the difference between Jim Ellerton and Nick Clegg? Unlike Clegg, Jim Ellerton has at least some chance of being leader of the Lib Dems after the next election.


4079 days ago

Christmas carols for Sefton Resources, the EU, Vialogy and the Modern World

Some young chap from UKIP was running a “Christmas carols opening two lines for the modern world “ chat on twitter tonight. His first entry was:

“Once in royal David’s city, Stood a lowly cattle shed, But when the Palestinians Bombed it, We build 200 new settlements instead”

To which I countered:

“Arrest you merry gentlemen from the BBC
You’re all screaming perverts it is now plain to see”

Naturally this got me started. And so ( in either English or German) I offer you the Evil Empire’s Silent Night


4085 days ago

Sefton – October Official California output numbers revision ( down natch) & Zak Mir comment

PrintAt last the DOGGR website from the State of California has published the official October output numbers from AIM listed penny dreadful oil producer Sefton Resources (LSE:SER). And guess what? The number is lower that the company itself was saying in an RNS issued 12 days ago. Hey ho. Happy Christmas chairman Jim Bob Ellerton when are you going to issue a profits (or lack of them) warning?


4095 days ago

Sefton – Chairman Buying shares but is this real cash? Company will not say.

The deluded fools still aboard the good ship Sefton (LSE:SER) were thrown a bone today with news that the pension plan of chairman Jim Ellerton has ponied up £76,145 in a placing at a share price of 1.1044p – this they argue is a huge vote of confidence in the AIM listed oil stock. Er…perhaps not. Is this real cash? The company will not say.


4097 days ago

Sefton November Output – The Usual Spin: Company still heading for the rocks

AIM listed penny dreadful oil producer Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) has released November output numbers which it seems to think are good but as ever the reality is rather different. The bottom line is that this company should be issuing a profits (or lack of them) warning. And of course that it will be out of cash ( and with debt still to clear) by very early next year. My target price for the shares remains 0.01p – the stock closed at a share price of 1.18p today.

The company states that output (before adjustments) was 119 bopd in November. At one level I have to commend Sefton for increased disclosure. Yes I am being complimentary.


4102 days ago

Liar, liar pants on fire – it is another press release from Sefton Resources

Aim listed penny dreadful oil producer Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) is at it again with another RNS press release which contains a lie. This is such a blatant lie I wonder how anyone can now believe a word that chairman Jim Ellerton or his IR gopher sidekick Doctor Green now says. It is sheer comedy. Of course there is a serious issue in that Sefton desperately needs to issue equity soon. It will – as things stand – be out of cash (but not debt) within two months. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. That is why the stock remains a sell at a share price of 1.18p with a target price of 0.01p


4117 days ago

Sefton Misleads Us All Again – Kansas Oil News Deconstructed

Sometimes reality becomes a parody of humour. In my recent spoof downfall video of AIM listed penny dreadful oil producer Sefton Resources I ended with Chairman Jim Ellerton suggesting that he had a cunning plan: buy a worthless Kansas oilfield for peanuts, spend millions on it and claim that suddenly he had an asset of value in order to get away another fundraising. Knock me down with a feather, Sefton has today announced details of just such a plan. And its statement is, as ever, grossly misleading. This company is running out of cash fast and my target price remains 0.01p ( at best). The shares today are off again at 1.225p valuing the company at £4.87 million. Now to today’s news and why the statement is so misleading.


4123 days ago

Sefton Resources October Data – Jim Ellerton over-eggs again – Cash now critical

AIM listed penny share dreadful oil producer Sefton Resources has today announced its output data from its Californian oilfields for October – 115 bopd. We shall await confirmation from DOGGR ( the state monitoring board) before inking that in as in the past Sefton’s numbers have been shown to be a tad optimistic. The statement from Chairman Jim Ellerton that accompanies it is worth a booker prize. The shares,1.4p today continue to be worth less than a Booker Prize – 0.01p if you are luck. The issue remains cash. Or lack of it.


4130 days ago

Sefton Resources Does a Tony Blair as it pumps stock ahead of Death Spiral share issue

War criminal, intern exploiter and former Prime Minister Tony Blair used to take great delight in announcing the same event a number of times in order to “work the spin cycle.” AIM listed penny share dreadful oil explorer Sefton Resources (LSE: SER) is playing the same game with an RNS today designed to show momentum but which shows nothing of the sort. This stock is still virtually worthless – my target price is 0.01p – but let me explain what is going on here.


4153 days ago

Sefton Resources IR Shindig – Jim Ellerton skewered, buggered and humiliated

Give him his dues, Jim Ellerton, chairman of AIM listed oil penny share dreadful Sefton Resources (LSE:SER) took his public skewering, buggering and abject humiliation with some grace. But, make no mistake, his IR Shindig at London’s Armourer’s Hall last night was utterly disastrous. He might find a few more suckers to buy his stock – some folks are so stupid that they deserve to lose money. But the admissions extracted, the accusations he could not answer and a presentation that is now, I gather on Sefton’s website, and which basically shows why this company is such a worthless POS left objective and experienced observers in no doubt as to where this is heading. Down. I summarise below the main skewerings of an event which has been captured on video which I may release in part shortly. For the avoidance of doubt my target price is 0.1p.