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20 days ago

FCA Investigation: Operation Newhaven – Globo plc: Crime appears to pay! Another epic FCA Fail!

You remember Globo (GBO). I was a bear and pointed out numerous red flags even doorstepping it in Athens. Roger Lawson of ShareSoc said I was wrong and did not understand tech stocks like he did, Globo had £40 million of cash and was profitable. Then Gabriel Grego compiled a bombshell dossier. Snot gobbler Dan McCrum at the FT did not have the balls to publish it but alerted the CEO who sold millions of pounds worth of shares over the four days until I obtained and published the dossier, the shares were then suspended, there was no cash, no profits it was a fraud, a slam dunk fraud. But it seems that crime does pay.


365 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: Nigel Farage, Coutts, Alison Rose, Diversity and the villains at The BBC, The FT and the Guardian

Whatever you think of Nigel Farage he is the hero of today’s epiosde where the liberal GroupThink in the business and media world are the villains. If you care a jot about liberty and freedom, on this day you stand with Farage. Because next time it could be you!


387 days ago

Sex Pest top fund manager Crispin Odey – damning FT article, surely he is toast now

It is not often that I praise journalists at the FT, home to snot gobbler Dan McCrum. But the Financial Times has today served up a quite brilliant expose of top fund manager Crispin Odey and I very much doubt whether he can survive this scandal. Indeed, he must now fear for his future liberty. This is a #MeToo scandal. The testimony from his victims is chilling.


406 days ago

The real sex scandal in British Media is not Phil Schofield but Nick Cohen with the FT, The Guardian and Private Eye among the “guilty men”

Yes, Schofield and the cover up at ITV is a real scandal and there is a double standard there in that had Schofield been shagging a 17 year old junior female employee he’d have been out three years ago. As he today takes to the airwaves to accuse his critics of being motivated by homophobia there is a humungous double standard. This is the Kevin Spacey defence “Look I am gay so ignore the huge power disparity between me and that teenage boy I shagged but if a male executive shags a female intern he is exploiting a power gap and must be crucified. I so support #Metoo.” I discussed the ITV cover-up of Phil and how everyone knew HERE. However…


570 days ago

Does anyone read the FT any more? Not even its own staff?

The article below is hilarious and merits a wider audience.  It implies that even staffers at the god awful FT aren’t reading its dreary, woke, PR puff filled pages anymore and who can blame them? Enjoy.


702 days ago

Christopher Booker will spin in his grave as the Daily Telegraph hits new depths of global warming fake news

Though on the payroll of the Sunday Telegraph, Chris actually cancelled his Daily Torygraph two years before he died as he found it just too ghastly: woke, metropolitan and innacurate. For a man of the countryside, of his beloved Somerset, the Torygraph had become a beast from another planet. And that brings me to the photo and article below frm last week.


827 days ago

The chart that shows why Chris Whitty, Jon Van Tam, Boris Johnson, the Vicar of Shipston et al should be in prison

In any study, you need a control group. When it came to train-wrecking your economy, driving folks to suicide and causing untold misery through mask-wearing, social-distancing, and staying away from dying relatives, the European control group was Sweden. The MSM did the bidding of the experts and a united political class, warning that Sweden would see mass deaths and that the streets of Malmo and Stockholm would be piled high with bodies. Well, not quite, but the language was apocalyptic. Ultimately, we dissenters were wrong, and citizens should only ever “follow the science”. Or else, it would end badly for us all back in Airstrip One.


834 days ago

A major article for the Transparency Task Force Woodford session to discuss today – its from the FT!

As you know I got disinvited from speaking at the TTF symposium taking place today which aims to discover what went wrong with Neil Woodford and how to stop it happening again. As the one journalist who did expose Woodford from 2015 onwards, one point I wanted to make was that the corruption of the deadwood press as an enabler of fraud was an issue but that was going to make the chap from the FT a bit cross.  So here below, is an article from the FT in December 2017 for the establishment arse lickers at the TTF to consider. You will see it is branded as among “FT’s personal finance highlights of 2017.”


836 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Warned that I must not talk about sucking PR cock even with reference to the FT which does!

Apparently, the chap from the FT may object to me reminding those at the April 5 Woodford event that his paper, like the wretched Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, Sunday Times et al DID suck Woodford’s PR cock.  Elsewhere, I discuss Red Rock Resources (RRR); Skibiotherapeutics (SBTX); Amigo (AMGO); Avacta (AVCT); Inspirit (INSP); and Mirriad Advertising (MIRI).


893 days ago

A resting banker explains why Cineworld is a zero

Lucian Miers and myself have repeatedly called out Cineworld (CINE) as a compelling short and those who have followed our calls have prospered. But the FT, the home of almost every wrong call in history from backing the UK joining the Euro to selling its gold in 1997, runs a story “Cineworld debt pile set to save cinema operator from bankruptcy.” You might think this is a reason to buy. Au contaire. A resting banksta writes to me to explain.


920 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, the FT an apologist for crime and the lessons learned

This bonus bearcast covers Ms Holmes, one or two other criminals including another blonde American female, those who are apologists for crime so part of the problem not the solution, the woke echo chamber and the lessons we might all learn. 


927 days ago

Austria v Sweden in pictures - the GroupThink covid doom-mongers were just plain wrong, give them more knighthoods

The FT, the BBC and the rest of the political and media class warned explicitly that Sweden was heading for disaster with its relatively relaxed approach to Covid. The bodies would pile up inMalmo and Stockholm. Instead those in the GroupThink bubble lavished praise on Austria whose draconian lockdown, suppression of dissidents and crushing of civil liberties and its economy, would have made its most famous son proud. Austria was the posterboy for lockdown. So if the GroupThink crowd were right and folks like me were wrong, Sweden would have suffered far more covid deaths than Austria: right?


928 days ago

The Swedish excess death data that shows why Chris Whitty et al should not be knighted but should be on trial for murder

As we enter 2022, here in Airstrip One, The Ministry of Truth and its big corporate media allies such as LinkedIn will not, as I discovered to my cost the other day, allow anyone to challenge the GroupThink narrative on the scamdemic. And thus we must all don our face masks and bang our pans to celebrate the Knighthoods for Chris Whitty, Jonathan Van Tam, Jenny Harries et al.  Do not, whatever you do, mention the S word: Sweden.


1300 days ago

Reflections on the Brexit Trade deal – this is at the core of my DNA: another bonfire planned at the Welsh Hovel

I have not read the full 1500 pages of the Trade treaty between the UK and the Evil Empire. I am sure that buried in the detail are a few dastardly measures from inserted by stormtroopers from the Death Star. I don’t need to fall asleep reading it; I just look at the reactions of those who have.


1330 days ago

Carole Cadwalladr, Arron Banks, The Orwell Foundation & fraud

Last night the Guardian star journalist Carole Cadwalladr admitted to the High Court that she had no evidence at all that Russian money was channelled via Arron Banks to fund the Brexit campaign. She will be paying my pal Bankski £62,000 of costs today but that number will rise. Carole was awarded the Orwell prize by the Foundation of that name in 2018 for her Brexit work. Massive questions must now be asked. But this is 1984, I mean 2020, so will they be asked?


1578 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Easyjet has to be nationalised with shareholders losing everything

I have discussed coronavirus itself putting to you a question no-one dares ask over on my own website HERE. Then I discuss Peter Brailey’s most excellent work on the oil price today and what it means for London’s listed oil stocks if Peter is even half correct, which I think he may be. Finally to the airlines and why shareholders in EasyJet (EZJ) must now lose everything in a nationalisation not just be modestly diluted as the FT argues is being discussed. 


1732 days ago

Will Panorama credit the folk who exposed Neil Woodford on Monday: here are our top 50 exposes since 2015

I see that Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is today praising the FT’s coverage of Neil Woodford. How sad and predictable that the establishment engages in mutual masturbation rathing than seeking the truth. The FT is the paper that publisshed a blow job interview with Woodford as recently as April 2019. Of course Roger is not mentioning our work in his little read blog posts or praising the folks who called this one out with more than 1000 articles and podcasts since 2015. But I hope that the BBC does recognise who was Woodford’s nemesis on Monday. In case it has forgotten here are our 50 most read articles on the ex fund manager


1832 days ago

#BoycottWetherspoon not working, heroic Tim Martin weighs in on Brexit again

The silly campaign by whining remoaners to boycott JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is not working. Ha! For the 10 weeks to 7 July 2019 like-for-like sales increased by 6.9% and total sales increased by 6.6%. Year-to-date like-for-like sales have increased by 6.7% and total sales increased by 7.4%.. In bringing us this good news, chairman Tim Martin is again our hero of the day for some sane words on Brexit Tired of Project Fear from the BBC, the Quislings at the CBI, The Guardian, the pink EU propaganda sheet that is the FT and our own Malcolm Stacey?  Over to Tim who writes:


2080 days ago

Hero of the day, JD Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin, busts numerous Brexit myths, lambasts the FT, Oxbridge tossers et al

In delivering a slightly disappointing trading statement for JD Wetherspoon (JDW) which just cannot buck massive macro headwinds, its chairman Tim Martin writes from a hospital bed a few words on Brexit. If only wretched Theresa May would listen to the great man who lashes tossers like the staff of the Financial Times, the Oxbridge 1%-ers with their elitist group-think and the CBI and who opines:


2316 days ago

Hero Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon slams the CBI, The Guardian, FT and others for more Brexit lying on trade & food prices

Once again Tim Martin, the boss of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is my hero of the day using the occasion of half year results to lay into big business and the lying liberal deadwood press for misleading us all about Brexit. The great man opines:


3186 days ago

FRAUD Globo: Costis Reported to Rozzers in Greece, Cyprus and UK and FCA on the case (at last)

Thanks entirely to the courageous investigative journalism of the snot gobbler Dan “microscopic cojones” McCrum at the FT, ex Globo (GBO) boss Costis Papadimitrakopoulos is now formally in the soup – the company has reported him for fraud to “the appropriate law enforcement agencies in the UK, Greece and Cyprus.”

Meanwhile, after the event the chocolate teapots at the FCA have said that they are investigating Globo. Hmmm, fear not my fraudulent Greek friends, being investigated by the FCA is like being 


3187 days ago

Dan “microscopic cojones” McCrum of the FT – That Globo fraud timeline in full…NOT

Dan McCrum is a journalist on a very important paper, the FT. And so naturally he of the microscopic cojones is the heroic scribe who brought down the fraud Globo (GBO) all by himself. In between picking his nose and slapping himself on the pack micro cojones yesterday explained how the downfall was 100% down to him.  Welcome to the Dan McCrum Globo timeline. His comments are in ordinary font, my own are in bold.


3305 days ago

Is Alex Tsipras of Greece the Ephialtes of 2015 - at the last gasp a traitor who caves?

Stocks are soaring across Europe on reports that Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has blinked, has caved and surrendered to the banksters. Is his name indeed set to join those on Traitors Wall that starts with Ephialtes and includes most thieves, sorry Greek politicians, of the past forty years? The FT reports this morning that Tsipras has written to the banksters agreeing, essentially, to all their demands in return for more money which can then be used to repay existing debts as they fall due. This, if true, is madness and treachery.


3482 days ago

Quindell – why did Phil Hodgkinson depart on New Year’s Eve?

Who is Phil? He is a big cheese at Quindell Legal Services. So why did he leave the Quenron (QPP) sinking ship so suddenly on New Year’s Eve – filings at company’s house show that his directorship was terminated on that date.

To show how important Phil was I quote from a recent FT article: 


3636 days ago

Quindell – The Great Unravel begins: RAC deal hits the buffers: FT – Questions of (lack of) cash

The Financial Times today reports that the much heralded Quindell (QPP) deal with the RAC has stalled big time. This is the start of the great unravel for at the bottom of it all is cash. Or lack of it. The FT states:

Quindell, the UK IT outsourcing services provider, has run into trouble over one of its biggest contracts, a joint venture with the RAC to put tracking devices in cars which was aimed at revolutionising the insurance industry.


3729 days ago

Quindell – More Questions Prompted by the Most Dismal of flim flam Statements on Friday

I had rather assumed that Quindell (QPP) would unravel slowly. I am starting to think that the big collapseroonie in the share price might happen rather sooner than expected and Friday’s utterly dismal statement only strengthens that view. But let’s start with Gotham City. 

Quindell has stated that it will be taking legal action against Gotham for its 74 page dossier. I have now been in touch with Gotham and it seems 100% clear that its attitude might be summarised as “see you in court, bitchez!” It is not backing down and indeed seems to be spoiling for a fight.  If Quindell does not go ahead and sue Gotham for libel then its credibility will collapse. If it does, I suggest that this will be a dirty, distracting and costly fight where Gotham will throw mud and some, at least, will stick. 

We already have the FT reporting that Quindell has removed from its website an address for its New York Office which Gotham appeared to show did not actually exist. It strikes me that this is not exactly the sort of antics you expect from a pukka blue-chip company.

And then there is the matter of the rebuttal