4 days ago

EXPLOSIVE: Technology Minerals an academic writes…

I have warned repeatedly that the stench of career fraudster Chris Cleverly of Tingo (US:TIO) and African Potash (AFPO) infamy, rendered Technology Minerals (TM1) utterly uninvestable. I have now received a letter from an academic which I republish and will be forwarding to the FCA. Anyone reading the letter and still holding the shares is truly certifiable.


5 days ago

Technology Minerals the shareholders are getting restless as more red flags emerge, RNS needed, CEO must "be resigned"

Any shareholder in a company linked to career fraudster Chris Cleverly of Tingo (US:TIO) infamy, aka the first cousin of our esteemed Home Secretary, is bonkers. And thus I have repeatedly warned folks about Technology Minerals (TM1). It now seems that some of the cultists, who gather on a closed Telegram group to discuss what a complete bastard and ignoramus I am, how Chris Cleverly’s farts smell of roses and and how they will all get rich, seem to be getting restless. One has written to chairman Martin Brundle making rather damaging allegations. Thanks to Winnileaks, I bring you the letter below. Suffice to say, anyone holding the shares, at 1p, is certifiable.


11 days ago

BREAKING: SEC suspends Tingo, the billion dollar fraud created by Home Secretary James Cleverly’s cousin Chris

The first cousin of the Home secretary, the serial fraudster Chris, has a history of UK stockmarket fraud, exposed by this website, but his company Tingo (US:TIO) is a Nasdaq listed con which was once a multi billion dollar scam. Today the regulators at the SEC have moved into suspend trading in the shares and the associated document, below, is damning. It will be ouzo tonight for me as I first flagged up this scam in September 2022, for the Cleverly family its not such a good day.


17 days ago

Technology Minerals – now about that legal action over the unpaid £391,000

Oddly enough Technology Minerals (TM1) – the company that stinks with numerous links to the fraudster Chris Cleverly of Tingo (US:TIO) infamy – has not mentioned this huge legal threat. I do hope it has flagged this up with the FCA as it struggles to get an RTO prospectus approved. I bet it has not.


28 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The UK listed company linked to Lyin' Chris Cleverly the fraudster of Tingo infamy

In today’s podcast I discuss Upland Resources (UPL), Technology Minerals (TM1), Valereum Blockchain (VLRM), Versarien (VRS), Nightcap (NGHT) and why I am not super excited about the oil price.


48 days ago

BREAKING: Lyin' Chris Cleverly, Sir David Trippier, Dozy Mmbousi - which of the Tingo gang will do the time as it's in court again

Tingo (US:TIO) was ordered to pay out $16.5 million in shares to a group of US investors. It did not and now, as you can see below, its in court on contempt of court judges and the Judge is giving an explicit warning.


136 days ago

Trying to help the FCA on Ashington Innovations – but will it still waive this £170m scam through?

For me this really is an acid test of the FCA’s suitability to approve Standard List prospectuses. You may remember that it waived through that of Umuthi Healthcare (UHS) prepared by a convicted fraudster. It also waived through the bogus Supply@ME Capital prospectus which overstated net assets by 99%. And this week there was Regtech Open (RTOP) with a non IFRS compliant balance sheet so materially overstating net assets, the dirty dozen investors and more. But Ashington Innovations (ASHI) will take the biscuit if the FCA approves the RTO prospectus. Emails were exchanged yesterday.


238 days ago

BREAKING: Maybe Crime Doesn’t pay: Rob Terry’s Square Cow pub purchase off after local backlash

Oh dear. The plans of Quindell fraudster Rob Terry and his young wife Tracey to buy their local boozer, the Square Cow, and turn it into an upmarket seafood restaurant as part of their Quob Park empire have had to be scrapped after a furious backlash from locals.


255 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Dear Jonathan let me explain logic to you, I did not NOT say all Ukrainian women are hookers

Think of my suffering. On June 17 I shall walk 34 miles and be lagging at the back of the pack with my friend Jonathan Price who will have 16 hours to explain to me why Brexit was a disaster, how 17.4million of us are dim or Xenophobic or both and how the fraudster Carole Cadwalladr is the greatest living journalist. Think of my suffering and please donate HERE as we approach ( with gift aid) £10,000 raised for Woodlarks. In today’s podcast I discuss Pantheon (PANR) – target price 6p? – BSF Enterprises (BSFA), Versarien (VRS) – shares up 50% today – and Cineworld (CINE), still 100% overvalued. .I also look at Cellular Goods (CBX) and the state of seaweed to carbon zero technology referencing THIS ARTICLE.


256 days ago

Crime DOES Pay - Rob Terry expands his food and drink empire at Quob Park, buying the Square Cow

King of the fraudsters Rob Terry is expanding his Knob Park empire with the purchase of the Square Cow boozer close to the Quob vineyard, as you can see below. I am afraid  that in Airstrip One 2023, crime does pay.


283 days ago

Carole Cadwalladr has always been a fraud, tonight she may be bankrupted but should she now be charged with fraud?

I have covered the career of left wing journalist Carole Cadwalladr on this website for many years, starting with her bogus claims of achieving success despite educational disadvantage, moving on through all the hoax stories which earned her an Orwell prize and then onto her libel case with Brexit bad boy, Arron Banks. Today Cadwalladr faces bankruptcy as she has been ordered to pay 60% of Bankski’s costs plus 100% of her own costs plus some damages as well. If she cannot find more than £2million she should be made bankrupt. Hooray. For Cadwalladr is a dangerous and unpleasant fantasist.


300 days ago

BREAKING: Fraudster Leslie Grayling convicted yet again but he knows he can act with impunity

As you can see in the court docket below, Leslie Greyling was yesterday yet again found guilty of massive penny share fraud in the US. But Leslie lives in Britain and, thanks to a bonkers decision by the then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in 2000, is free to carry on fraud with impunity.


306 days ago

Genflow and the results release that was not

Genflow (GENF) the company created by pump and dump penny share fraudster Ron Bauer and his known associate Adrian Beeston announced at 7 AM that it had released its annual results. Natch, the RNS contained no results at all but referred you instead to the website. And at 8 AM when I rang the company’s brokers, Clear Capital, the results were not up on the website either. They are now. So what is Genflow trying to hide?


312 days ago

Microsaic & Deepverge: the curse of Gerry Brandon, it gets far worse for BOTH companies

Yesterday it became apparent that Gerry Brandon had committed fraud by reporting bogus numbers for Deepverge (DVRG) before its last bailout placing. Brandon still runs Microsaic (MSYS) and you would have thought that advisers Singers and Turner Pope would have said that he had to go. How can they act for a proven fraudster? Quelle surprise, a retainer is worth more to these scholars and gentlemen than doing the right thing. But today, comes a shocking statement from Microsaic.


364 days ago

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Julie Meyer screws 3 more ex employees at Drive

Oh dear , oh dear, the woman awarded an MBE for services to business by Mr Vince Cable, the man who attacked we bears for being nasty to the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry, has shown, once again, what a horrible piece of work she is. I bring you three more employment tribunals concerning Drive Software, the insolvent Tesla meets Fitbit outfit controlled by  Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer.


485 days ago

Genflow Biosciences – time to interrogate the share register, is the convicted pump & dump fraudster still there?

With normal companies and normal investors, one assumes that if a big stockholder has been selling you will see a TR1. But in some cases you would be wrong for making such assumptions. You will remember that Genflow Bioscences (GENF) was created for the Standard list by convicted penny share pump and dump fraudster Ron Bauer and his “known associate” Adrian Beeston. After the IPO at 8p in January of this year family Beeston and Bauer held c20% of the equity. Today the shares slumped to just 1.9p


520 days ago

Boom, boom: Why are Audioboom shares collapsing?

The shares are off another 15% today at 498p. That is less than a quarter of what they were, earlier this year when the fraudsters favourite journalist Ben Harrington was telling readers of the loathsome fake financial newspaper the Mail on Sunday that bidders were circling. So why are the shares trading lower. There are three reasons:


559 days ago

musicMagpie – money for nothing and chips for free

Of course, musicMagpie (MMAG), the cash guzzling POS floated with a fraudster steering the ship, is already in Dire Straits. But now let’s chuck in some executive greed.


571 days ago

musicMagpie – why must banksters find new ways to lose money?

The answer? Previous ways of doing so already work jolly well.  And that brings us to musicMagpie (MMAG), a company with a proven fraudster one missed heartbeat from the helm, that has deceived its investors, is burning cash and has no real USP. Great! Just the sort of company with which a bankster might do business, particularly as we enter a recession. Coke and hookers all round. Today, we learn that NatWest and HSBC have offered it a three-year RCF, an overdraft for corporates. Boy will music need that cash.


576 days ago

Audioboom share dealing scandal emerges, it's colourful Robert Bonnier again

Dramatis Personae: The Mail on Sunday, a low grade rag whose financial pages ramp any scam going in return for scoops ( see Neil Woodford), Ben Harrington, a “journalist” close to fraudsters like Rob Terry and other colourful characters who will publish stories that suit the fraudsters and colourful characters which may or may not be true, Audioboom (BOOM) a grossly overvalued and overhyped tech play – see HERE – and Robert Bonnier a speculator whose share dealings have been a source of controversy for 23 years (see HERE). Today Audioboom served up shocking news.


577 days ago

Genflow – directors buy small but who is selling?

Almost 20% of the equity in Standard listed outfit Genflow Biosciences (GENF) is meant to be owned by convicted pump and dump fraudster Ron Bauer, a man currently facing 10 fresh charges and 85 years in jail when found guilty, and his “known associate” Adrian Beeston.  I say “meant to be”.


614 days ago

MusicMagpie shows why bullshit earnings are bullshit earnings in piss-poor H1 trading update

The company whose COO – who still oversees finance – is a historic fraudster, has served up yet another piss-poor trading update; it misses critical detail on the (lack of) cash front.


622 days ago

Letter to AIM Regulation: re Nostra Terra and Beaumont Cornish - are you happy to see investors deceived?

Yet again, I write to AIM Regulation with regard to the devout Christian, Matt Lofgran. Praise be the Lord. This time, it is not about his consorting with convicted pump-and-dump fraudster, Ron Bauer. It concerns his misleading investors in Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), in collusion with London’s worst Nomad, Roland  “Fatty” Cornish.


660 days ago

Quindell fraudster Rob Terry confirms he is not trans as says that his new business is booming

No doubt the ESG loon fund manager mates of Chris Bailey will be gagging to invest in Quob Park,the new venture of Quindell fraudster Rob Terry, becuaseshowing his commitment to diversity, Rob now confirms his correct pronouns to folks who follow him on Linkedin.  Rob is “he, him” for the avoidance of doubt, as you can see below. And showing that crime does pay, Knob Park is booming and hiring. I can’t wait for the AIM IPO.


668 days ago

Perhaps Vela’s new PR man, “Greenie” might want to explain his boss’s CV omission

Sub scale technology investment waste of space company Vela (VELA) has today announced that it has hired a new PR and IR firm Novum to ramp its shares. Novum, aka my old pal Alan Green, I have a question for you about the gap in the website CV of your boss Brent Fitzpatrick, the one linking him to a convicted fraudster and jailbird.


670 days ago

BREAKING: Lombard Capital and the disposal to a convicted fraudster, jail bird & “mate” of Adam Reynolds

Since my last expose of the demining state of affairs at Lombard Capital (LCAP) things for this almost certainly insolvent POS have gone from bad to worse. But now enter stage left a man who was once the 57th richest person in Britain(or not) but then turned out to be a fraudster and was sent to the slammer. It gets better….


698 days ago

A challenge for David Stredder and Mello Events - musicMagpie

So, David: do you want the audience to learn anything, or are you a mere PR man for low-grade corporates?  Tonight, musicMagpie (MMAG) is presenting at Mello Events, and you can bet that it will not discuss how, shockingly, it deceived investors about real competition in its IPO prospectus; or how its CFO-turned-COO was a serious fraudster.


827 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The fraudster Lyin' Chris Cleverly now President of $3.7bn company thanks to the FCA's abject failure

I start with Lyin’ Chris, a fraudster whose work at African Potash I exposed on these pages. Now thanks to the FCA being useless he is President of a $3.7 billion US listed company which will, I’m sure,end in tears. Well done the FCA. Then onto why failings in corporate governance lead to shareholders getting stiffed with reference to Edge VCT but more to today’s shocking new exposes on Sarah Willingham and Nightcap (NGHT)


857 days ago

Calling any FD’s with a career death wish, a Standard Listed fraud with a CEO on Police Bail wants YOU!

Readers of this website already knew that Umuthi (UHS) a company admitted to the Standard List after full FCA due diligence, was a fraud after our series of exposes HERE. You also knew that its CEO Gert Viljoen and the fraudster Queen Connie Van Nieuwkerk had been arrested as we revealed HERE. Today, it got worse. Much worse.


864 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: maybe the FCA might deal with Rob Terry

I ponder yesterday’s news which is terrible for Britain and which I find terribly disappointing at a personal level regarding the fraudster Rob Terry. I have a suggestion for the woke dullards at the FCA. I comment on the arrests of Umuthi fraudsters in Zim South and who in the UK now has massive questions to answer. I consider the Domino’s (DOM) trading statement and the issue Rishi Sunak faces on VAT.  This was a short working day for Jaya reasons, I’ll be back with a longer podcast on what should be a full day on Friday.


865 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - a bleak day for the good guys in what is the golden age of fraud & white collar crime

I discuss the SFO, FCA, FRC, the big four accountants, the media and political classes and the big lawyers and the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry. I fear nothing will change. I go into detail how it could and should, why Rob Terry was guilty as sin giving you chapter and verse. But I fear nothing will change and explain why.


866 days ago

BREAKING: King of the fraudsters Rob Terry in the clear, USELESS Serious Fraud Office closes Quindell enquiry

After six years the Serious Fraud Office appears to have dropped the enquiry into the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry. This is a damning indictment of the SFO though Terry will maintain it proves his innocence. I despair. Quindell was a fraud. It lied to investors. Its accounts were bent. It engaged in crazy related party transactions which allowed a series of hoods to make tens of millions of pounds but the SFO cannot get a case together. Watchstone (WTG), which is the new name of Quindell, has just announced:


889 days ago

Another Winnileaks bombshell – Gert Viljoen sends a lie packed email to Umuthi shareholders

Thanks to the Winnileaks service I have been sent an email from Gert Viljoen, the CEO of the Umuthi (UHS) fraud, sent on 18 September 2019, almost 18 months before the FCA allowed this con to list. Read and weep at the lies Gert told to folks sold shares in Umuthi by either him or the Queen of the fraudsters Connie Van Nieuwkerk with most of the cash trousered by Gert or Connie and a bit going to Umuthi.


889 days ago

Union Jack Oil - £5m placing underway with Shard running book?

This is the market rumour. Shard rather than the listed broker the fraudster’s pals SP Angel is apparently running the book. I have given the company the opportunity to deny it but it seems to have declined that opportunity. Apparently much of the cash is for an acquisition the rest for general corporate purposes yak yak yak. Given the broker apparently in charge…


894 days ago

BOMBSHELL EXPOSE: Umuthi - The Standard List fraud that exposes the slime at the heart of the City of London, part 9: the disgraceful failures of the FCA, not fit for purpose

So far you have met the fraudster Queen, the other South Africans on the board who are mired in this fraud and an enabler, broker Pello and its boss Andy Frangos who are also deeply implicated in  the Umuthi (UHS) bezzle and the patsy UK NED Colin Bloom - now since resigned. Then we established that nobody actually knows how many shares there are in issue. and finally we established that there is almost certainly no real business at Umuthi whatever it accounts state!  And then we exposed the red flags over auditors and the enablers at Jeffreys Henry Earlier today I turned to the resignation of Memery Crystal. Next up is the UK’s regulator and why this episode, again, shows it to be not fit for purpose. 


894 days ago

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Umuthi - The Standard List fraud that exposes the slime at the heart of the City of London, part 8: the resignation of Memery Crystal

So far you have met the fraudster Queen, the other South Africans on the board who are mired in this fraud and an enabler, broker Pello and its boss Andy Frangos who are also deeply implicated in  the Umuthi (UHS) bezzle and the patsy UK NED Colin Bloom - now since resigned. Then we established that nobody actually knows how many shares there are in issue. and finally we established that there is almost certainly no real business at Umuthi whatever it accounts state!  And then we exposed the red flags over auditors and the enablers at Jeffreys Henry. Now we turn to the resignation of lawyers Memery Crystal a firm I have thrice beaten off after it sent fascist bully boy letters threatening me on behalf of crooks like Chris Cleverly. Memery was lawyer to Umuthi. 


916 days ago

Once again I am the dastardly villain, the Emmanuel Goldstein of the village facebook group in Holt, Wales

I am back in the last village in Wales, Holt, and it seems as if the village Facebook page has again identified me as Emmanuel Goldstein and a two minute hate, which will last a lot longer than two minutes, is now underway.  This time my “crime” is not to make a “modest proposal” to the local face nappy jihadists, it is far worse. I appear to have made a young woman cry.


935 days ago

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Supply@ME Capital - is CEO Alessandro Zamboni dumping his entire holding via an undeclared Equities First type deal

You may remember the Equities First Holdings (EFH) scandal which we did so much to expose? Fine chaps like the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) would take out a loan at a big discount to the value of shares pledged. They did not care as they knew the shares were way overvalued. The “lender,” EFH, would dump the stock at once so locking in a profit and when the shares fell a bit more the borrower would default. Easy! How to dump your entire holding in a worthless company while saying you were not. A document filed at Companies House, below, but natch not admitted to via RNS suggests the CEO of the fraud Supply@ME Capital Alessandro Zamboni has (again) been reading the Rob Terry playbook.


979 days ago

Lekoil Request for AIM Regulation and fraudsters fave Nomad SP Angel to investigate – good luck chums

The comedy continues at AIM uber-dog Lekoil (LEK) of fake sheikh scam infamy. Three directors of Lekoil have today resigned and have written to AIM Regulation asking those crack regulators to investigate the company. Cripes do they not know about the Oxymorons? You may remember that on June 10 Lekoil fired its CEO, Mr. Olalekan Akinyanmi, on the grounds that he was also CEO of Lekoil Nigeria in which the AIM dog has a 40% stake.


992 days ago

The fraud Zoetic - Day 11 of deafening silence, I ask one question for the 9th time and another for the 5th time

These are not hard questions for the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and its journalist-smearing, morally bankrupt PR team from Buchanan led by the fraudster’s fave spinner Henry Harrison-Topham to answer. But it will not. After eleven days and nine emails, the evil spinners are yet to respond to:


992 days ago

The fraud Zoetic – after 12 days it finally answers one question out of two but is still hiding a nasty secret

What took it so long? Eventually, after a long weekend thrashing the peasantry on his country estates, the fraudsters’ favourite PR man, Mr Henry Harrison-Topham, has answered one of two questions posed to him by myself about his client – the fraud Zoetic (ZOE).


993 days ago

The fraud Zoetic - Day 10 of deafening silence, I ask one question for the 8th time and another for the 4th time

These are not hard questions for the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and its journalist-smearing, morally bankrupt PR team from Buchanan led by the fraudster’s fave spinner Henry Harrison-Topham to answer. But it will not. After ten days and eight emails, the evil spinners are yet to respond to:


997 days ago

Zoetic – day 6 of deafening silence, I ask a simple question a fourth time

This is not a hard question for the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and its journalist-smearing, morally bankrupt PR team from Buchanan led by the fraudster’s fave spinner Henry Harrison-Topham to answer. But it will not. Six days of silence prompts me to ask for the fourth time:


1010 days ago

Loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien has a new hero

Neill’s hero who he used to retweet was Elon Musk. Boy how Neill worshipped the old fraudster. But perhaps Elon is too respectable for Neill these days. After all he has not yet been convicted of fraud. So Neill has a new hero, a convicted felon, who he can retweet as you can see below.


1013 days ago

The charlatan Elon Musk and the bitcoin bubble chapter 2

After part one of the Musk pump and dump and then volte-face on bitcoin, the great fraudster faced the problem that Tesla (TSLA) was still sitting on around half of the $1.5 billion of bitcoin it had bought to great fanfare in February. But this bitcoin is dirty and environmentally tainted said the great green auto-maker – what to do with it?


1026 days ago

Has Bidstack issued a horrible warning but only for clients of Stifel – does AIM Regulation give a feck as insolvency looms?

If there is a material change in your trading outlook, as an AIM Company you have a duty to inform the market at once, as per AIM Rules 10 and 11. But if you are Lyin’ James Draper of Bidstack (BIDS) you do not give a flying fuck about the rules. So has he issued a horrible lack of sales/increased losses warning by simply speaking to the analyst at house broker Stifel who slashes forecasts? Is it the case that as of Friday clients of Stifel heard the bad news, other morons who owned the stock did not. And the news, is rumoured to be dire. Cretinous low grade PR firm Buchanan, employers of the journalist smearing fraudsters PR of choice Henry Harrison-Topham, are failing to answer emails or calls on this matter but should get off its fat collective arse and issue an RNS or at least say this is not true if it is not true.


1092 days ago

Zoetic – it is what it does not say that should alarm you not the ramptastic claims

On 19 November 2020, the fraudsters at Zoetic International (ZOE) announced a big claim. Today we have another. Natch the shares are up but what those morons buying need to focus on is what is not said rather than what is said.


1093 days ago

Video: Swearing Iconic Shareholder turns his attention to UK Oil & Gas & Lyin' Steve Sanderson

It seems someone pulled the video of an angry Iconic (ICON) shareholder challenging toxic Dave Sefton to a charity boxing match. I can’t think which low grade scumbag would want his reputation protecting with that attack on free speech. Maybe toxic Dave has hired the fraudster’s PR of choice, Henry Harrison-Topham of Buchanan, to do his PR. Anyhow, our pal is back and his new target is Lyin’ Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). Enjoy before this video is also taken down.


1112 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the million morons suffer a damp squib with Metro Bank

I start with the Mrs being phoned by a fraudster. Then it is a natural move to Elon Musk and bitcoin before going onto the Million Morons on Reddit and a damp squib with Metro Bank (MTRO). I comment on looking daft for eons before vindication so look at Nightcap (NGHT) and then at Bahamas Petroleum (BPC). Then it is on to Abingdon Health (ABDX) and Yourgene (YGEN).


1166 days ago

Breaking: stale Telit bull committing market abuse?

Dbay’s withdrawal from the battle to buy the overvalued junk floated by mortgage fraudster Uzi Katz, that is to say Telit Communications (TCM) has left stale bulls lookimng increasingly daft.  And at least one appears to be getting desperate as the shares slide – and will continue to slide as I explained HERE.


1169 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the 3 things that make the London small cap world a fantastic place to do fraud right now

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and a promise to bring you photos of my wood shed. Are you still awake? then onto Boris and the Brexit sell out. But the meat of this podcast is to explain why the London small cap world is such a great place for fraudsters right now. 


1189 days ago

TOTAL SHOCKER: Sulnox – convicted fraudster seeks GM control and no regulator steps in to stop it

It is less than a year since fuel emulsifier Sulnox floated on the  NEX market, now branded Aquis, and already a couple of directors and the auditors have walked. But now comes a GM Request to oust boss Nick Nelson ( a good guy) and his fellow directors and replace them with four new suits. But in a world where Aquis Regulation and the FCA were not complete chocolate teapots the convicted fraudster behind the coup would surely have been stopped. Yes that is right, this coup is masterminded by a convicted felon.


1210 days ago

Telit – two possible bidders emerge for the historic fraud...but

Shares in Telit (TCM) the company founded by fugitive from US justice, the fraudster Oozi Katz, a man who is still the second largest shareholder and who the FCA seems intent on not prosecuting despite his bent share dumping ahead of a profits warning, says it has received two bid approaches. But before mug shareholders celebrate too much….


1272 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Supply@ME Capital boss Zamboni plays hostile press the way the king of the fraudsters Sam Antar suggests

I start with musings on croquet hoops, something I am geekish enough to comment on, and how it is symbolic of our age. I wander on to consider the craziest job creation scheme in history but one which the mainstream media takes seriously… back to crazy croquet hoops. Then it is news that Capita is closing offices where 15,000 work and the Government’s barking mad plans and pleas to reverse this tide. Finally, the response of Alessandro Zamboni of Supply@ME Capital (SYME) to me terming his company a con and saying he should be in jail. Other than his stupidity in telling an obvious lie, Sam Antar, the king of the fraudsters, would be proud of him. 


1483 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Sam Antar will be so proud of Future PLC

I am not saying Future (FUTR) is a fraud just that the way it has responded to Matt Earl’s devestating dossier will make my pal, the King of the Fraudsters, so incredibly proud. At last someone is following his advice on how to deal with critics. I also look at Burford (BUR), Big Dish (DISH), NAHL (NAH),Nostra Terra (NTOG),  St James Place (SJP) who I suggest hires Elizabeth Holmes and Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer at once, Versarien (VRS) and Arden Partners (ARD), home of the China fraud specialist Mr Paul Shackleton of Naibu (NBU) infamy.


1553 days ago

Top 50 most-read articles and podcasts on the Quindell fraud - this is going to get very topical again soon

A couple of conversations last week make me convinced that the day when the SFO brings the Quindell (QPP) fraudsters to book for what was a £3 billion con is not that long away. We know that the fraudster in chief, Rob Terry, emerged terrified from his second interview with the SFO in July, as I revealed HERE, and that the SFO has been on the case for almost six years. I believe the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn and in that vein bring you a reminder of our 50 most read articles and listened to podcasts on AIM’s biggest ever fraud. I should also say that new documents have fallen into my possession that the authorities do not yet have. They will get them this week AFTER I publish them here as they are explosive. Meanwhile back to the top 50. Enjoy!


1561 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition EIGHTEEN with Tom Winnifrith: stick another bird on the board to cover up that fraud

There are no guests in this week’s show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH). It is just me and I start with the tale of Lyin’ Chris Cleverley, the lying fraudster cousin of Tory Party chairman James. Lyin’ Chris runs listed companies and there is no doubt he is a liar and a fraudster so why has the FCA not acted? Then it is onto PureCircle (PURE) a billion dollar fraud, where after six years, myself and Lucian Miers are utterly vindicated. I invite you to read its 2018 annual report and despair at the woke world of best practice in corporate governance. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


1660 days ago

NEW FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition FOUR with Tom Winnifrith (and the king of the fraudsters)

In this fourth edition of the ShareProphets Radio podcast sponsored by Riverfort Global Capital, this week, in order I discuss bad convertible loan/death spiral funding looking at the recent RNS from Kefi (KEFI), I interview David Bramhill of Union Jack Oil (UJO) and then bring you part one of two part interview with the greatest living and funniest fraudster Sam Antar of Crazy Eddie’s infamy. Enjoy. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


1662 days ago

EXPLOSIVE: Quindell fraudsters the net tightens – liquidator moving in on Rob Terry henchman Mark Ford

Last week I broke the news  of the disappearance from public life of Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry following a conversation he endured with the Serious Fraud Office. But Terry is not the only Quindell fraudster in the soup, far from it. You may remember Mark Ford…


1667 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On the nature of fraud, the demise of spiv broker SVS, Versarien and other sordid matters

I reflect on two sorts of fraudsters in the news, King conman Rob Terry HERE and chaps at Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) HERE. I offer a cameo of life here in Greece explaining why the economy is such a joke, discuss Versarien (VRS) its latest news, the kiss of death from Zak Mir HERE, and its valuation and also comment on Optibiotix (OPTI) and the demise of the spivs at SVS Securities


1667 days ago

Goals Soccer Centres – the scale of the fraud starts to emerge, staff must surely face jail time

If the Quindell fraudster Rob Terry is, this morning, wondering who his roomie will be when he goes down, perhaps he may be able to discuss accounting fun and games with a member of staff from Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) which has today fessed up to the scale of its problems as it admits its days on AIM are almost over.


1695 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why banning shorting benefits fraudsters and hurts everyone else

David Lenigas and others seem to think banning shorting is a good idea. Au contraire it would hurt absolutely everyone except fraudsters and shameless promoters. I explain this in full in today’s podcast.


1699 days ago

Telit – has its broker quit and the company neglected to mention it?

On May 22nd  2019 Telit Communications (TCM) issued an RNS with co broker Berenberg as one of the contacts. From the RNS of June 6 onwards Berenberg’s name has been missing from all releases. So is there, yet again, something that this company, founded by mortgage fraudster and fugitive from justice Uzi Katz, is not telling us?


1710 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Jeremy Hunt's kind words for a fraudster who stole from you and me

I start with a few words on comments from Jeremy Hunt showing why the entire political class deserves an encounter with an asteroid, his contempt for the victims of crime (you and I the taxpayer) and his support for a fraudster. I look at IQE (IQE), Nanoco (NANO), Agronomics (ANIC), Andalas (ADL), Thin Film (another Neil Woodford disaster) and RM2 (RM2). And now I must rush, more tomorrow.


1713 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Neil Woodford, Luke Johnson and scumbag pond life journalists like Ben Harrington & Ali Hussein

In today’s bearcast I look at “lucky” Luke red flags and Patisserie Valerie, Neil Woodford, Babcock (BAB) and sumbag, lying or disingeneous, pond life journalist scum such as Ali Hussein, Sabah Meddings, Jamie Nimmo and the fraudster’s fave journo Ben Harrington.


1718 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - IP Group is surely a stonking Woodford short as its next placing looms

In today’s bearcast I comment on Quindell fraudster  Rob Terry in light of my earlier artice, I look at the FRC, PWC and Redcentric (RCN), ValiRx (VAL), Plutus Powergen (PPG) and at Neil Woodford and IP Group (IPO) which might be next to unravel as the contagion spreads.


1718 days ago

He’s ‘avin’ a giraffe – king fraudster Rob Terry wants to sue Watchstone (Quindell as was) for £14.7m

You could not make this stuff up.  Watchstone (WTG), Quenron as was is trying to sue its founder, the king of the fraudsters, Rob Terry and others for breach of the share purchase agreement entered into by the Company with Mr Terry and others on 28 April 2011 in respect of the sale and purchase of shares in Watchstone Limited. But now Terry is seeking to counterclaim for £14.7 million. His claim is utterly ridiculous but will waste more of Watchstone’s dwindling cash pile.


1721 days ago

The Corruption of the Deadwood Press: The Mail on Sunday, Jim Mellon and Agronomics

Agronomics (ANIC) is an AIM listed firm which knew full well on Friday that it was set to raise £4.5 million at 5p – as against a 5.5p mid. So here is what to do. Leak the story to the fraudsters fave journalist, Ben Harrington, who will give it an utterly misleading write-up in the Mail on Sunday in return for the “scoop.” MoS readers fill their boots on Monday and the shares move higher – they are now 6.5p. So Harrington and the Fail on Sunday get another “scoop”, the Spiv clients of broker Peterhouse get to flip the stock and thank Peterhouse which earns 5% to pay for the coke and hookers and the company is cashed up.  The only folk who get screwed are readers of the Fail on Sunday who are buying shares on the basis of completely fake news.


1724 days ago

Watchstone (Quindell as was), a Canadian legal body blow and the £18 million claim it is hiding

In the dismal annual results for calendar 2018 published on May 9 Watchstone (WTG), Quindell (QPP) as was, claimed to go into great detail on the various legal cases it faces thanks to the activities of its former boss, the King of the Fraudsters, Rob Terry. Except it didn’t. On April 11 it suffered a massive blow in a C$30 million (£18 million claim if faces in Canada from Aviva. This it omits to mention in its finals but luckily I can bring you full court documents and a release from Aviva’s lawyers below….


1750 days ago

Winnileaks Special: explosive Singapore Court Docs - MySquar boss Eric Schaer a liar and guilty of theft and fraud

I demonstrated clearly that AIM listed MySquar (MYSQ) was a fraud, founded and run by a lying fraudster Eric Schaer way before it finally folded. The great and the good at AIM Regulation and Nomad SP Angel did nothing about it despite explicit warnings Self important PR fucktard Piers Pottinger stayed on as chairman, standing by his man and ignoring me. PR spawn of Satan Damian McCrystal banked his cheques and carried on spinning. The fraudsters fave journalist  (and ADVFN blogger of the year) Ben Harrington ran bogus stories in the Sunday Papers to get bailout placings away. No-one cared about the lies Schaer told. You guys are the establishment and it is far simpler to bank fat salaries and dismiss me as failed fund manager, pizza restaurant employee, yak, yak yak. Well gents you, 1% er bastards who are complicit in a transfer of welath from the many (shareholders) to the few (yourselves), please now read the Singapore Court Documents below branding Schaer a liar, a thief and a fraud. Read, weep and apologise to the Sheriff of AIM and to investors who have lost everything. You were all warned. You are complicit.


1750 days ago

Watchstone ( Quindell as was) writes off all goodwill in the part of the fraud promoted by Gary Lineker

Today sees the publication of quite abysmal results from Watchstone (WTG), the company formerly known as Quindell (QPP). It confirms that the Serious Fraud Office investigation into the former management team led by King fraudster Rob Terry is ongoing but there is also bad news for the jug eared virtue signaller Gary Lineker who trousered £5 million from selling free shares in Quenron as the company he promoted, Ingenie, is going down the pan.


1750 days ago

Quindell Fraudster Rob Terry offers you his 2020 sparkling Rose at just £100 a bottle (a 50% "saving")

As the King of the fraudsters, Rob Terry, awaits the next news from the Serious Fraud Office on the Quindell (WPP) fraud he is keeping his hand in with his new venture and its sparkling wine offering, which you can  see below. Okay, Quob Park Premiere Cuvee Rose Millesime 2018 will not be ready for shiping until next year but if you order now this untested plonk will only set you back £100 a bottle rather than £200 the “target price”. Just send your cheques to Mr Terry and what could possibly go wrong? Bargain!


1785 days ago

Julie "Under FCA Criminal investigation" Meyer completely loses plot – claims “known fraudster” Tom Winnifrith going to prison

Oh dear, oh dear, Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer really has lost the plot now sending out a letter to business contacts in which she declares she is innocent of everything and then tears into her critics including me. Thanks to Winnileaks I have that letter.


1791 days ago

Chris Ronnie, is my MRS troll THE convicted fraudster or worse...

As you can see below, I am being attacked on twitter by someone purporting to be a shareholder in tecnically insolvent, red flag strewn, Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Is my troll really a convicted AIM fraudster?


1939 days ago

King fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell infamy announces plans for £1 billion stockmarket listing

I have got more chance of shagging Cheryl Cole than Rob Terry has of achieving a £1 billion flotation of his latest fraud but let us humour the old criminal and examine his plans for OS3 Digital Limited, formerly Knob Park Estate.


1948 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: on Oxi day why conman, cheat and lying fraudster Darren Winters loves the EU

It is Oxi day here in Greece and I explain the historic context of that which brings me to why the EU has enabled conman Darren Winters to keep cheating the vulnerable and parting them from their money. I then look at Crawshaw (CRAW), Blue Jay Mining (JAY), Great Western Mining (GWMO) which is the ultimate penny dreadful, SalvaRx (SALV) and VR Education (VRE). And I should warn my old pal, the offshore based asset stripper, Jim Mellon that I have more bad news for him over the weekend.


2067 days ago

BREAKING: Julie Meyer faces a whole new set of criminal charges in Malta: this time it is tax evasion. Oops.

Facing a raft of criminal charges for not paying her employees, Julie  “lingerie on expenses” Meyer  MBE has now refused to attend five court hearings and indeed has fled the island for good to avoid the Police who are  now charged by the Courts with locating her. I can reveal that it is about to get a lot worse for Vince Cable’s favourite lying fraudster as new criminal charges are brought.


2072 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE spams her non GDPR compliant list with more blatant lies -when will this fraudster be stopped?

Wanted by the police in Malta on criminal charges, under investigation by the HMRC, FCA, MSFA, SFO, IRS and the UK Police you would have thought Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer MBE would stop telling blatant lies in order to somehow part folks from their wealth. But now, another piece of GDPR non compliant spam arrives twice in my inbox this weekend and, as you can see below it is utterly lie packed.


2075 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the fraudster's best friend in journalism, Ben Harrington, does his master's bidding again

In today's podcast I cover in detail Telit (TCM) and also look at MySquar (MYSQ) partially in light of today's stunning news HERE. I look at Audioboom (BOOM), Frontera (FRR), Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), Prime People (PRP) and 88 Energy (88E). Tomorrow I will be bored to death by Lucian Miers, he will drone on about West Ham for 6 hours as we complete a 19 mile training walk from Bristol along the Avon to a few miles past Bath. I am building up to my 32 mile walk for Woodlarks with Brokerman Dan on 28 July. Think of my suffering tomorrow and please donate a small sum HERE.


2081 days ago

The unpaid wages of sin…Is Peter Bradley the 18th lawyer Julie Meyer has failed to pay? Here are 17 more

In his time as General Counsel to the Ariadne Group run by Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer , Mr Peter Bradley had occasion to send me three lawyers letters on behalf of his boss who is now being investigated by the FCA, the MFSA, the SFO, Action Fraud, the IRS, HMRC and is wanted on criminal charges by the Maltese Police.  I had thought that Bradley had parted company with the charlatan, liar and fraudster Meyer in April but the Ariadne website, as you can see below, suggests otherwise. 


2101 days ago

EQTEC - the death spiral provided by a fraudster it gets worse - surely this is criminal negligence by Nomad Northland

On March 8 2018 I revealed how low life Nomad Northland had banked a fat fee for recommending that its client Eqtec ( EQT) take out death spiral financing from a proven fraudster. Worse still, the deal Northland thought fair was bound to destroy the share price as I  explained at the time. Last week it got worse and the negligence of Northland is now almost criminal.


2126 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The Fat Lady arrives at Nighthawk and Dave Whitby's payoff question

In the main bearcast of the day I start by asking what payoff disgraced Dave Whitby got at worthless insolvent POS Andalas (ADL)? And were mugs who backed the latest placing told where much of their cash was going ( i.e. to Whitby). Feel free to contact me if you are an Andalas owning mug. The fat Lady arrives at Nighthawk (HAWK) and looks to be in the wings at Nature Group (NGR) while new problems emerge at Imaginatik (IMTK) - a former Rob Terry fave but I speculate on bigger worries that the Quindell fraudster faces - and at Management Consulting (MMC). I think the fat Lady may well also have an appointment with Widecells Group ( WDC) shortly. I comment on 4 reasons why Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) shares may be falling and on looming results at Optibiotix (OPTI), where we own shares.


2130 days ago

Explosive UK Investor Show Video: Tom Winnifrith chapter & verse on why AIM bad boy MySquar is a 100% FRAUD

I start at the beginning which is the early career of Eric Schaer, the fraudster in chief, and end at the end which will be insolvency and, I hope, jail time for Eric and the gang. This is chapter and verse on why MySquar (MYSQ) is a 100% fraud and why the employees of Nomad SP Angel are gutless, morally bankrupt, crony capitalists for continuing to act for it. This is no holds barred material. Enjoy.


2151 days ago

Photo Article - Bears Party on in New York

A good day for the bears here in New York. First up I walked up from Battery Park to see where I used to work in the black and white era on Wall & Water. It is now being turned into luxury apartments. Anhow, I wandered on past the New York Stock Exchange and, as you can see, the tickers were all red. Then later on it was to meet the King of the fraudsters my pal Sam Antar who, as you can see below, is in relaxed mood. More on that in today's bearcast. 


2151 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Possibly the best podcast ever - Sam Antar is the King

Not this one but one I recorded yesterday with my pal the king fraudster Sam Antar who created the original Panama Pump. Sam was on fine form and I shall unleash that podcast in a couple of weeks time but it was awesome.  I pick up on a few themes from it and discuss Ascent Resources (AST), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) - read Nigel's brilliant piece, about a company where I own 1 share so I can attend GMs,  HERE - and Strat Aero (AERO). If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH.


2168 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: surely Gert Rieder of Falcon is a fraudster who should be sent to jail

In today's podcast I start with a digression about driving to Greece given the day's good news about the hovel HERE. But I have a serious point about residual values of cars, ref BCA Marketplace (BCA), Northgate (NTG) and others. I then look at Falcon Media (FAL) and its boss who I accuse of fraud and think should go to jail. Then it is on to Milestone (MSG) - told y'all!!!! - Ferrum Crescent (FCR), De La Rue (DLR), and Amur Minerals (AMC). I have a pop at an Ulster born bimbo on BBC Business over Brexit and then discuss Neil Woodford where Roger Lawson defends the indefensible after today's shocking revelations. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH 


2176 days ago

Telit is this its fourth, fifth or sixth 2017 profits warning?

You rather lose count after a while. The first 2017 profits warning was on August 7, when mortgage fraudster and fugitive from US justice Uzi Katz served up the interims. Thereafter with insider dealer Yosi Fait taking over Telit Communications (TCM) has served up so many profits warnings that I have almost lost count. And today there is another...


2181 days ago

Eqtec halves its share price thanks to the worst death spiral deal going - arranged with a proven fraudster

I realise that the crony capitalists round at Nomad Northland have a few things on their mind, such as who will pay the wages this month, but how on earth can they have signed off on the worst death spiral deal I have ever seen where the counter-party is a man who the SEC nailed for "defrauding investors." I despair.


2182 days ago

Holocaust denying fraudsters MySquar in death spiral shocker - despite saying would never need to raise funds again - Part 1

When MySquar (MYSQ) misled investors to get away a £1.2 million fund raise in on July 31 2017 it said it would never have to raise cash again. Well it did not take long for a change of mind from the holocaust denying fraudsters did it? And this fund raise  announced today is dodgy as hell, yet another mega red flag. So lets go through the lies and spoofs in order up to the latest spoof.


2219 days ago

Telit - the fraudsters favourite "journalist" has "news"

Ben Harrington is the go to journalist if you are a fraudster who wants to leak news and get a positive spin on it, just ask Rob Terry or the apologists for genocide and securities fraudsters at MySquar. So natch Telit (TCM) has asked him to leak news of the possible sale of its crown jewels , itts aiuto division. Hmmmm.


2239 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - when you are a proven fraudster anything you say must be suspect

In today's podcast I reflect oin how good it is to be back at home with my son and heir Joshua causing me sleep deprivation and Oakley the cat pissing on the doorstep. I end with my battles with Bath Spa which continue but I have an invitation which would allow me to go National on it if BS does not do the right thing.  I explain this. The meat of the podcast covers MySquar (MYSQ) - the fraudtsers - and Julie Meyer MBE, Mothercare (MTC), Conroy Gold (CGNR) and Prospex Oil & Gas (PXOG). Finally I have a question or two for Fishing Republic (FISH)  about its acting CEO


2250 days ago

Telit says bank grants covenant waiver - 2 Massive Questions unanswered

Telit (TCM), the drowning in debt IOT company set up by fraudster and fugitive from Justice Uzi Kats, has announced that its bank has granted an advance waiver for the potential breach of covenants as at 31 December 2017. Telit says that it and its banksters "remain in discussions with regard to amending its covenant package for future periods." This begs two massive questions.


2255 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Merry Christmas to you all unless...

I start with the issue that has been bugging me all week, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I review a number of villains like Rob Terry, MySquar's holocaust denying fraudster scumbag of a CEO Schaer & also the China team at Pinsent Masons and look at what 2018 has in store for them. I ask very serious questions indeed of the compliance department at Woodford Capital as Cynical Bear continues to take Neil Woodford apart. My experience as a failed fund manager gives me some insight into the mess I think Nomates is now in. I look at the shocking behaviour of London Capital (LCG) and Real Good Food (RGD) on Friday. Tosserrs. And, like Malcolm, I have a Christmas message for you all and send you all my best wishes. That is unless you are Woodford, Terry etc


2276 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 10 questions for Telit,a zero or near zero in waiting

After three profits warnings since August 7 and the forced departure of its founder and CEO, the Boston fraudster, Uzi Katz, Telit (TCM) is still not coming clean with us. Part of the blame for that must lie with its morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap. And so I have 10 questions for it and offer up my probable answers since Telit does not do transparency.


2316 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: When will fraudster Erik Schaer and his fraud MySquar threaten to sue me

Erik, your company MySquar (MYSQ) has committed securities fraud so I guess that makes you a fraudster. Do you think that is libellous or will you accept that I have a solid defence, viz I write what I have already proved to be 100% true: Go on you criminal low life scum please threaten to sue me? In this podcast I ask more questions about MySquar and suggest that Beaufort Securities might just put Erik out of his misery. The shares are now 1.8p to sell and 0p is inevitable.I also look at another zero in waiting BNN (BNN) where today's whitewash stinks., Finally we have a profits warning at Carpetright (CPR) which tells you all you need to know about the British consumer and his nightmare on debt street. I once again discuss BCA Marketplace (BCA) in this context. The big short. 


2368 days ago

Slater & Gordon: Dire results, board sacked, UK exited, Debt for Equity near wipeout - the curse of Quindell

Oh dear me, how long is the shadow caused by the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry and his Quenron (QPP) monster? Slater & Gordon (SGH) the Aussie law firm that bought 94% of Terry's assets in 2015 has now officially been brought to its knees with the board all fired, and shareholders almost wiped out, as part of the end game announced yesterday in Oz.


2385 days ago

Telit: US Court Papers published on NED Ram Zeevi - a man who reckons Telit is clean.

We have already seen that a former Telit (TCM) chairman got sent to the slammer in Israel for fraud. Yesterday it was admitted that - as we revealed a week earlier - the founder, CEO and largest shareholder Oozi cats was also a fraudster and when IPO'ing Telit a fugutive from US justice. But despite compelling evidence from us HERE the rest of the board say Telit is not a fraud. And the folks at the bicycle repair store HERE which it claims to be its Vietnamese distribotor agree. So the rest of the board, all appointed by Oozi are squeaky clean right? Er...


2385 days ago

Meet the Fund Manager buying into Telit - also Rob Terry's biggest fan at Quindell

Relief for Telit (TCM) bulls came at 4.05 PM Monday with news that Davide Serra had bought 1.6 million shares in Telit last week taking his holding from sub 3 to 4%. He only submitted his TR1 after the weekend but paying 160p-180p AFTER we exposed the, then, CEO Oozi cats as the Boston fraudster he clearly knew better than we did. But where did that name Davide Sella ring a bell?


2389 days ago

Note 5.2 in the Telit statement? Is this the smoking gun? When did it know it would breach covenants

There comes a moment in every Agatha Christie novel when Poirot scolds himself for being so blind to the obvious. I just wonder if for myself and Telit (TCM) that moment was late last night. That the CEO was a fraudster fugitive from justice when he floated Telit is one matter, the crminal investigations in Italy are another but the heart of the issue is the dire financials & possible behaviour of the Norfolk variety. In case you missed it, I refer you to note 5.2 of the most recent interims published August 7.


2394 days ago

The fraudster's friend Vince Cable talks unmitigated drivel on Brexit

The last time I felt under attack from Sir Vince Cable was when he called on the FCA to deal with myself and fellow critics of that Great British company Quindell (QPP). As, even Sir Vince now knows, Quindell was the UK's biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years, the regulators have thanked me for my work exposing it but Sir Vince worked hard with Lord Peter Hain of sleaze and others to get me sent to jail for market abuse.To the man who has predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions I say thank you once again for your efforts. Now he calls folks like me, hardline brexiteers, "jihadis" in an article in the Mail on Sunday which, even by the standards of that paper, is lie filled fiction.


2402 days ago

King of the fraudsters Rob Terry promises $1 billion Knob Park IPO - now about those dodgy accounts.

In five year time, the king of the fraudsters, Rob Terry of The Innovation Group and Quindell (QPP) infamy says he will be floating his latest ponzi, Quob Park Estate for $1 billion. Bollocks. There is more chance of me getting lucky with the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders squad within the next 48 hours.  As the SFO investigation into the £3 billion Quenron fraud ratchets up a gear, the only thing Rob Terry will be doing in five years time is praying that his next Roomie at Ford Open doesn't have a taste for ugly older men.


2412 days ago

See you in Court Bitchez Odd one out Contest - the result

We asked you a simple question HERE. Look at the mugshots of the dirty half dozen below and tell us the odd one out. For those who could not recognise the ugly sisters they were (top row first, left to right): Dodgy bubble Costis from Greek fraud Globo, Roger Lawson ( who is clearly not a fraudster), the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry of Quindell, lyin' Chris Cleverley of African Potash, Peter Shea of Daniel Stewart and Jimmyliar Ellerton of Sefton infamy. So who is the odd one out? No-one got this one correct.


2415 days ago

See you in Court Bitchez Odd one out Contest

Okay this is easy as pie. I bring you a dodgy bubble, a disgraced share ramper, the King of the fraudsters, lyin' Chris, the head of a formerly AIM listed POS where 1/6 of the staff were family members and Jimmyliar himself. Which is the odd one out and why? Post your answers in the comments section below with a deadline of 7 AM Monday Morning.


2444 days ago

Why am I paying for the BBC to run fake news just because it is institutionally anti-Israel?

I could just about accept the poll tax that is the BBC license fee if I was served a diet of high quality non news, as Lord Reith desired, and full impartial news. But in fact my license fee goes on paying idiots such as the tax dodging, virtue signalling, fraudsters pal Gary Lineker seven figure salaries to front up crap. And as for the news?


2455 days ago

I called it for Trump & Macron - here is my GE2017 party by party forecast - big Tory win

Everyone, including me, called the French election right, but I was one of very few who predicted a Trump win in the US. For my hat-trick I am now having a stab at forecasts for the UK General Election on a party by party basis. But first just a few general observations before I go onto what will be a night of triumph for the Tories.


2478 days ago

Quindell fraudster Rob Terry - is he personally on the hook for £50 million as Slater & Gordon sues? If there's a God...

More details of how Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) is suing Watchstone (WTG), Quenron (QPP) as was, for £600 million have emerged in the Aussie press. And for Britain's biggest fraudster of the past 30 years, already under SFO investigation, it is not good news. And top of the morning it is to you Robert Simon Terry.


2497 days ago

So what if Ivanka Trump not elected? The liberal mainstream press is doing fake news again

On the day that Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, increased her net worth by $187 million to c $700 million by selling the company, there was a conference in Berlin yesterday to discuss gender inequality, glass ceilings at al. Most of the big names were career politicians with zippo private sector experience. Convicted fraudster Christine Lagarde - who somehow remains head of the IMF despite her criminal conviction - was there and so to, representing the US was Donald Trump's charming daughter Ivanka. Cue: a fake news outburst from the liberal media.


2640 days ago

Who will be the "hero" of Tom Winnifrith's Christmas Carol 2016? What do you think?

Last year my three part Christmas Carol series starred white collar criminal Chris Oil. The year before it was fraudster Rob Terry. But who to go for this year? There are so many choices. I have a few ideas on my short list below but what do you think?


2674 days ago

Now it is the Daily Telegraph lifting our (old) stories without attribution: fraudster Rob Terry's vineyard

A couple of days ago I noted how the lamentable London Evening Standard had lifted a cynical bear story from five days previously without attribution and claimed it as its own breaking news. But the Standard is not the only lazy worthless paper on Fleet Street. We now have an even more blatant pinch and this time it is the Daily Telegraph in the dock. No wonder sales of MSM publications are plunging if they run stories that were reported elsewhere on September 27 as their own breaking news on 29 October? This is the tale of Quindell fraudster Rob Terry and his new vineyard funded by the Quob park ponzi.


2682 days ago

Disgraced Equities First is back: covert £3m share dumping by Edi Truell at Tungsten

Equities First Holdings is back. You remember those chaps who "borrowed" shares from folks like Andrew Austin at IGAS, fraudster Rob Terry at Quindell (QPP) and Ronald Duncan at Cloudbuy (CBUY). Shares in all three companies crashed and all defaulted on the loans so completing what was in effect a hidden share sale. After almost two years the disgraced shysters of EFH are back and this time it is Edi Truell of Tungsten (TUNG) infamy who is dumping shares but wants to hide the fact.


2737 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Riling fraudsters and their advisors, yes you Stewart Dickson of African Potash infamy

A rushed day, back to hospital in five minutes. Ahead I discuss why mug punters and Justin the Clown love blue sky rubbish like Cloudtag (CTAG) but not value plays. I discuss three value plays I know well two of which we own: San Leon (SLE), Obtala (OBT) and Guscio (GUSC). Boring is sexy. Then I look at a non value stock mugs like, North River Resources (NRRP). Then I discuss how one plays the game: fraud hunter vs fraudsters and yes that might involve producing mugs!


2763 days ago

Tom Dobell at M&G (of Quindell infamy) Officially the UK's worst fund manager again

The most excellent BestInvest has today published its annual "Spot the Dog" Review of British based fund managers and - by value - around half of the cash invested in funds it terms dogs sits at M&G. And the worst fund manager among those managing UK equities only is Tom Dobell at M&G, the man who likes chucking other people's money at fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell over and over again. Among the heroes is, naturally Terry Smith of Fundsmith, the best performer in the "global" category. The full listings of dogs in each sector is fascinating. Well done Dobell, you are, if nothing else, consistent. That is to say consistently useless.


2833 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a Globo loser wants me to work for him for free!

Jeepers what a fantasist. He is probably related to yesterday's Scouse fantasist. Get in the real world chaps. Moving on, in today's podcast I cover: IGAS (Igas), Highland Natural Resources (HNR), Guscio (GUSC), Armadale Capital (ACP), Chamberlin (CMH), Cyan (CYAN), Management Resources (MRS), Imaginatik (IMTK) and Mr Robert Simon Terry, the serial fraudster.


2903 days ago

The wit & wisdom of fraudster Sam Antar as he has a go at timeshare companies

Sam Antar's interview was the highlight of Gold & Bears. The guy is a comedy genius as well as a fraudster genius as you can see here. Today he is having a go at listed timeshare companies which are being touted by banksters at a JP Morgan conference as a new hot thing. Sam vs the banksters: I know who I'd back. As ever the man is a bit of a wit. Sam starts with this tweet:


2973 days ago

Get your free copy of 49 Red Flags by Tom Winnifrith today

The Naibu (NBU) Neds have now admitted my fraudbusting was spot on (HERE), The FRC has thanked me for alerting it to Quindell (QPP) frauds (HERE) and so 2015 was a great year of Red Flag spotting for me. Earlier in the year year I published an ebook, dedicated to fraudster Robert Simon Terry, flagging up some of what I look for in Companies that commit FRAUD


2973 days ago

Slater & Gordon trying to bury the Quindell fraud at ACH - admits to reputational risk in internal email

You thought that Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) - target price ZERO - were trying to be clean and transparent when it comes to the crap they bought from Quindell (QPP). Think again. We have obtained internal emails which show that the reverse is true.

The emails come from Adam Baker, head of HR in the UK who is charged with closing down the ACH Unit and firing 75 staff. You will remeber that Quindell bought the ACH unit from convicted Nigerian fraudster Andrew O'Dua in a deal which saw ex CEO Rob Fielding take an undeclared £2 million bung (details HERE).


2986 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 23 December: The Conservative Club and its all about earnings visibility

Everything today is delayed by last minute Christmas shopping including the duck fior Christmas day and the stocking presents for the cats and by a visit to the Conservative Club as I explain. In the podcast I again warn David Lenigas and Afriag (AFRI) shareholders that I have a special Christmas Day treat just for them, just as I had for fraudster Rob Fielding of Quindell (QPP) and the convicted Nigerian fraudster Andrew O'Dua on December 25 2014 - HERE.  Elsewhere I look at Sovereign Mines of Africa (SMA), Fitbug (FITB), Game Digital (GMD), Panmure Gordon (PMR), the pensioner muggers WH Ireland (WHI), Levrett (LVRT) and the shoddy scumbags at the Mail on Sunday, Pittards (PTD) and Audioboom (BOOM).


2991 days ago

Fraudster Rob Terry floating a new company on the stockmarket? He is avin a bubble

Yesterday Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry announced that his Knob Park vehicle had spun out a new subsidiary ( which is this still controlled by Mr 2+2 can = 5) , Quob Park Technologies and that "Quob Park Estate (the parent), along with its partners, will be providing advice around the company’s future development strategy, fundraising and corporate financing activities, including any potential IPO". Rob you are avin a bubble.


3007 days ago

Video: The Sam Antar (king fraudster) v Tom Winnifrith interview from Gold & Bears

I flew to New York nine days ago to record this interview with Sam Antar for Gold & Bears - Sam does not travel. Sam was a top fraudster at Crazy Eddies and is now a fraudbuster. For me this was the highlight of the show, the man is quite simply a genius.


3021 days ago

Rob Terry Best Buddy Hassan Sadiq leaves Quindell as the Himex fraud cover-up continues – URGENT questions for new board and FCA

The fraud at Himex was one of the biggest at Quindell (QPP) and the new board seems intent on burying the bad news. It has made bullish statements about the state of play at Himex knowing full well that it could not justify those statements. Now the unit’s founder Hassan Sadiq, a long term henchman and near neighbour of fraudster Rob Terry, has left the company. This whole thing stinks and the NEW board as well as the old now faces massive questions.


3044 days ago

C. Papadimitrakopoulos, CEO Globo PLC, receives the World Finance award for Best Telecoms Innovation

You think awards all a load of old cock? You think that being lauded by the London Stock Exchange is a bad sign? Yup lets watch a video of fraudster Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos, until today CEO of the fraud Globo (GBO) in action. Well done you old crook. But at least as you rot in jail know that the LSE once loved you.


3045 days ago

Quindell fraudster Rob Terry: Go on tell us about your boardroom discussions with Daniel Stewart

Once upon a Quindell (QPP) time the fraudster Rob Terry seemed to be suffering from twitter diarrhoea. But for the past six weeks his new mouthpiece, the Quob Park Ponzi scheme has been almost silent. One might almost suspect that on legal advice the fraudster was being advised to say schtum as he awaits arrest by the Serious Fraud Office. He should not have to wait long. But, meanwhile, what about his discussions with Daniel Stewart (DAN)?


3071 days ago

CELEBRATE: Daniel Stewart Profits Warning – please post abuse about Rob Terry

Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry told deluded followers of his new Ponzi Knob Park Estates that shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN) are worth 4.2p possibly 10p. Oh dear. They closed today at 1.4p (off 6.7%% for some reason) and well after hours we got a dire profits (or rather lack of profits) warning.


3154 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special: fraudster Rob Terry and the Quob park NAV con

Nigel Somerville penned an excellent piece yesterday on Quindell founder Rob Terry's new fraud Quob Park and its confetti issues as it claims to grow its NAV. In this podcast I explore that further and have a number of questions for the fraudster Terry about how he is managing this vehicle. Needless to say its shares should not be touched with a bargepole.


3170 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith wipes the floor with Sith Lord Zak Mir at ZaksTradersCafe

Is charting cobblers? Of course it is. Zak Mir tried to pretend otherwise at Zakstraderscafe last night but ended up defending fraudsters and liars including Rob Terry and arguing that fraudbusters were the real criminals. The debate was one sided. It made the Brazilian mens national team against the West Ham ladies look like a level contest. To see the Sith Lord crushed watch below.


3177 days ago

Daniel Stewart says no reason for share price rise - it lies, the reason is fraudster & insider dealer Rob Terry is ramping the shares ...and also Quindell

Daniel Stewart (DAN) has today been forced to say that it knows of no reason for the increase in its share price and to warn that it's bailout £1 million funding will be at a discount to the current share price. Daniel Stewart lies. The reason the shares are heading to more luducrous levels is that Rob Terry, the fraudster and insider dealer of Quindell (QPP) and The Innovation Group (TIG) infamy is ramping the shares and here is the email that proves it.


3224 days ago

Daniel Stewart – shares suspended at 4.30 PM today?

The countdown to the possible suspension of trading in shares in disgraced AIM casino broker and (ex) disgraced AIM casino Nomad, and China fraud specialist Daniel Stewart is well and truly on. Thanks to disgraced insider dealer and fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell infamy, the shares could be suspended tonight. Jolly good.

Former Nomad Westhouse quit on April 1


3253 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Extra - Is Quindell's Rob Terry buying into Daniel Stewart

It has just been announced that Mr Rob Terry now owns 7.4% of Daniel Stewart. Is it THE Rob Terry, fraudster, insider dealer and crook? I explain why that Rob Terry owes Daniel Stewart a favour plus there is a follow up on Gulf Keystone.

The shares are now 1.8p valuing this POS ( Daniel Stewart) at c£13 million. It has unrestriced ( ie non reg cap net cash) of c£600,000 and is, at best, making a tiny profit. This is a stonking short.


3255 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Quindell - Vindication, defiance, apology, analysis

At one level a triumph. Quindell threatened me with libel action becuase I accused it over overstating its profits ahead of and after its rescue bailout in November 2013. I accused it of fraud. It has today said those profits will be restated. It thus raised money on a fraudulent prospectus and folks should go to jail. Those who bought at 660p+ on the basis of those bogus, fraudulent profits and other lies should be demanding that Rob Terry be prosecuted becuase they will never get that money back.

On the other hand the shares will not go to 0p so an apology. Quindell admits - as I asserted - that without the Slater & Gordon deal it is bust. But S&G is committing corporate hari kiri. I look at where its shares are going (down) and where Quenron will head from here.

My critics seem to think it would be a good thing if I retired. I have a clear message for them. In exposing fraud and lies at Quindell I am now vindicated. I have numerous other AIM Casino scalps over the past two years and I want more. And so I shall continue to go after your pals the fraudsters including the uber serial criminal Mr Robert Simon Terry.


3329 days ago

Quindell – just what is it so desperate to hide at Ingenie?

It is probably the least of the problems of the insider dealing fraudster Laurence Moorse at Quindell (QPP) but he really does seem to be in a spot of bother with Companies House over non-disclosure at Ingenie. What is Larry so desperate to hide? 

You may remember that on October 10 2014 I wrote to Companies House pointing out that Ingenie should – as part of a PLC – supplied full not abbreviated accounts. On December 12 2014 (HERE) CH confirmed it had written to Larry on this matter.


3333 days ago

Sam Antar on tweet warpath again – this time it is research analysts

My good pal Sam Antar, convicted fraudster turned fraud buster is on the twitter warpath again. The FD of the 1980s Wall Street mega fraud Crazy Eddie’s is this weekend warming up his campaign against useless Wall Street analysts. The man is a genius and the tweets follow. 


3364 days ago

Rob Terry of Quenron dumps 24 million shares – what more do you morons need to know?

Rob Terry told the Quindell morons that he would buy shares at 180p. Today it was announced that he had sold c24 million of his 37 million shares at c40p. What more do you morons need to know?

So you know that this lying, insider dealing, fraudster


3364 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Rampage as Rob Terry dumps his Quenron shares

No apologies but this Bearcast contains strong langauge. Fraudster Rob Terry has dumped nearly all his Quindell (QPP) shares. It is time for the morons to apologise to me as I am now 110% vindicated. I discuss lessons learned (other than do not mess with the Sheriff) and also what folks should do next. Start by apologising to me and my staff then have a measured go at Terry, AIM Regulation, Cenkos, Daniel Stewart, Canaccord and KPMG.


3372 days ago

So where is that injunction Quindell bitchez? Its bully boy lawyers letter to me in full

On August 19 2014 Quindell (QPP) threatened me with a bully boy lawyer’s letter demanding inter alia that I sign a grovelling apology drafted by it, pay its lawyers bills and damages and that it would get an injunction against me to stop me accusing it and Rob Terry of being a fraud. As with all fraudsters you will note that Terry was using the company’s lawyers (i.e. not his cash but shareholder’s cash) for his case. I now publish that letter in full. And I ask the liars, crooks and frauds at Quindell where is that injunction?


3379 days ago

Quindell - can it be saved like The Innovation Group? A Bearcast Special with Tom Winnifrith

The default position of Quindell (QPP) bulls is that in a worst case scenario it can be saved as was the Innovation Group (TIG) when the fraudster Rob Terry exits stage left. They might not get all their cash back but they would not lose everything. In this podcast, I examine this proposition and conclude that it is rather different this tme and hence why 0p is the only end game for Quenron. 


3380 days ago

Rob Terry you criminal low-life you have a margin call – Quindell must make a statement NOW

Fair dues to Ron Duncan at Cloudbuy (CBUY) – he has done a similar deal to the Quindell fraudsters with Equities First Holdings LLC claiming to buy shares when he has in fact sold. But in his statement this morning he has at least fessed up to what price his margin call will be at. Rob Terry and his fellow fraudsters at Quenron have not done this but I can tell you it is c69p. And so with the shares having touched 67p earlier Rob just got a phone call… welcome to Rob Terry...who wants to be a millionaire.

Hello is that Mr Terry, Rob Terry?
Yes it is I, Mr 2+2 can = 5 speaking
It is Equities First Holdings LLC here and I am sorry to say but you now have a margin call do you want to


3380 days ago

Quindell: Oi Cenkos! Another thing: when does Rob Terry have to put up margin?

Sorry to bother you again Cenkos, you bunch of incompetent and sleazy money grabbing crony capitalists, but perhaps you can help us all by stating at what price the fraudster Rob Terry has to put up margin on his “loan” ( aka share sale) agreement with Equities First Holdings LLC.


3381 days ago

Quindell shares crash as the truth starts to emerge - BearCast Special with Tom Winnifrith

As you might imagine I am on a bit of a high. The writers on this website have done a sterling job in starting to drag the truth out of Quenron (QPP) and the liar and fraudster Rob Terry and his half witted Nomads at Cenkos. Today's statement is a disaster for Quindell and its shares have tanked. But as I explain in this podcast we still only have half the truth about Terry and his share dumping. Worse is to come. 


3381 days ago

Financial Video #58 - Rob Terry is a liar, a conman and a fraud please please sue me for libel edition

Quite simply Robert Terry and Quindell (QPP) have lied to investors engaged in securities and accounting fraud and so Mr Terry is a con man. He has let it be known to the morons that he is going to sue Tom Winnifrith for libel. Tom says "Go ahead, make my day bitchez." He explains why thje fraudster Rob Terry  is acting in this way and the various other empty threats he will employ as he tries to flog as many shares as he can before Quenron goes tits up. The Sheriff of AIM is not flinching.


3390 days ago

So where is that injunction Quindell bitchez? Here is its bully boy lawyers letter to me in full

On August 19 2014 Quindell (QPP) threatened me with a bully boy lawyer’s letter demanding inter alia that I sign a grovelling apology drafted by it, pay its lawyers bills and damages and that it would get an injunction against me to stop me accusing it and Rob Terry of being a fraud. As with all fraudsters you will note that Terry was using the company’s lawyers (i.e. not his cash but shareholder’s cash) for his case. I now publish that letter in full. And I ask the liars, crooks and frauds at Quindell where is that injunction?


3398 days ago

Rob Terry invests not a cent to buy a million Quindell shares – what bollocks

Quindell (QPP) bulls have today celebrated the news that chief fraudster Robert Terry and sidekicks Laurence Moorse and Steve Scott have bought 1.575 million Quenron shares at c123p. However they rather miss the point that the trio have not actually risked a cent of their own cash. This is the latest smokescreen and is such a curious transaction it only makes the sell case even stronger. Within the stock puffed up to 133p on the back of this nonsense it is another chance for the bears. 

The deal Terry (who is buying 1 million shares) has arranged is that the cash for the trade is provided by Equities First Holdings LLC,


3401 days ago

Follow Quindell Director Robert Bright – you are ‘avin a bubble – with Paul Scott comment

To great excitement another Quenron (QPP) director stepped up to the plate and bought shares on Friday – Robert Bright snapped up 100,000 shares. Well done Bob, in the context of your wealth…this means jackshit.

Bob’s trading record in Quenron is not that hot. This purchase was at 131.5p. The last one was at 300p and the one before that was at c250p. So anyone following the purchases is not exactly quids in. Bright has made a fortune in a 35 year City career at HSBC and elsewhere and so his £40,000 NED salary at Quenron is chickenfeed as is his total holding of 225,040 shares.

If the Quenron board really believed that on a forecast 2015 PE of 1.3 this stock was cheap, that it was worth £3.5 billion as fraudster Rob Terry claims it would collectively be buying of millions of shares. And it would not do so at one director a day just to generate PR it would all have ploughed in after the most recent (laughable) trading statement. This is all PR hogwash. At this point I hand over to a post I noticed by the UK’s top share blogger Paul Scott:


3478 days ago

The Quindell Rob Terry Fraud of the day: Sun UK Limited

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Already I have unearthed FIVE transactions by Quindell PLC (QPP) where it has bought worthless companies off mates of fraudster Rob Terry with Quindell shareholders cash or shares. I am in a good mood as I trawl through another 51 subsidiaries so here is a sixth fraudulent deal for you, meet UK Sun Limited.


3478 days ago

Fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell, the BestPriceHotDeals scandal – new revelation it gets worse

Yesterday I revealed HERE how Fraudster Rob Terry had sent £139,000 of Quindell cash helping out a mate by buying 50% of  - an almost worthless e-tailer of garden equipment – from a pal of his Mr Farrelly. I am afraid this gets worse with a new revelation.

Mr Farrelly runs an IT business Sandbourne. I now bring you its annual return HERE which lists the shareholders. Top of the list is Gillian Baker, long term Rob Terry Crony at his Lava and The Innovation Group and then head of IR at Quindell until last year. And scroll down and whoa……Mr 2+2 can = 5, Rob Terry himself is on the list.

So to get this straight:


3838 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

City law firm Pinsent Masons played its part in the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against Dan Levi and me with its infamous letter to the FSA trying to stop me writing about shares. To protect its bent client it tried (and failed) to deprive me of a living. And it then (at great expense to Sefton shareholders) tried to bully me in the libel courts. As such you might understand why I am not its greatest fan.

Pinsents tried to destroy me on its chosen playing field (the law). It failed. Now the rematch is set to take place on my chosen playing field – the internet and new media.

Pinsents disgraceful behaviour is now all over the internet. Those responsible for its new media promotion cannot be enjoying what they read. Its role in the Sefton scandal is now laid bare and my triumphant visit to its luxurious office with a glass of champagne is now a well watched video. The Times newspaper mentioned it in full and Pinsents must be squirming.

In case you missed it or ( better still) wish to pass on the link to everyone you know it is here

But still the fuckers will not withdraw their law suit (which they admit is in tatters). Still there is no apology. I am not asking senior partner Chris Mullen (hey Chris you now feature in google searches alongside a pic of a scantily clad Cheryl Cole which is not pornography and the word fraudster thanks to liar and fraudster Jim Ellerton) to come and grovel personally. But Chris, you could send along a few of the other partners to buy me a slap up dinner at RMPC or just write a public letter of apology.

Oh shite, Chris now appears on google searches next to the word pornography. Welcome Pinsent Masons to my chosen battleground of new media.

Meanwhile I know Pinsent Masons has spent a great deal of effort building up its twitter presence so if you are bored just head off to @pinsentmasons find any one of its worthy tweets and draft a suitable reply.  As an example earlier today I found a tweet from PM

Financial firms to set targets for female board members - Linda Jones of @PinsentMasons talks to @BBCNews  #ukemplaw

So naturally I replied (including both @pinsentmasons and @bbcnews)

@PinsentMasons @BBCNews how about as a priority ensuring boards do not have contain crooks like Pinsents star client Sefton @TomWinnifrith

If you having nothing else better to do this weekend, feel free to go and tweet a reply to one of the numerous dreary tweets sent out by Pinsents and bring some life to its twitter feed. I am sure that they will appreciate the gesture.