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121 days ago

More greedy public sector workers telling lies - this time its the bone idle teachers, step forward Cllr Louise Atkinson

Its not just the greedy nurses who are lying about how they all need food banks to survive and who are thus demanding a big hike to a package which is already massively greater than the UK median wage. Across the public sector they are all at it. I have highlighted before the greed and mendacity of the teachers, but in 2022 the lazy scumbags are telling porkies as never before. Meet Louise Atkinson who when not working hard and getting a good screw from being a Labour councillor in Carlisle is a teacher. Heaven help her students.


407 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ok I sacked him! And my pension reviewed with a new purchase

I asked you whether I should fire someone last week. This morning I was pushed too far and did it. And then … well all is revealed in the podcast. I then discuss my pension. The most valuable holding is currently in at nil! But I then go through everything else I hold and what I have bought today to help me onto an early retirement and why.


499 days ago

Proud to say that the Mrs is going to be what the comrades term a “scab” as greedy & overpaid lecturers are going on strike

The Mrs will be crossing the picket lines at her University and breaking the planned strike by the University Lecturers Union for this strike is utterly unjustifiable. Somehow, I think that the country will not grind to a halt as the massed ranks of liberal arts lecturers withdraw their valuable labour. But I am proud that my wife will not be joining her grostequely well paid colleagues on the picket line, but will be breaking the line and going into work to continue to fill impressionable young folk’s head with valuable insights into a Marxist analysis of the exploitation of labour. 


585 days ago

The average GP now earns more than £100,000 + massive pension perks and the greedy and idle bastards still want more

Thank heavens we gave salaried GPs – those not really coining it in from running their own practices – a pay rise of 3% this year. Okay, these days only 56% of appointments are face to face. The rest are over the phone or online and the number of missed diagnoses for cancer and other life threatening ailments is, as a result, soaring.  The average GP works well under the maximum 48 hours per week and yet, after four years of inflation busting pay rises the data is shocking but the greedy bastards want more.


610 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast - the shares I bought today

It is one company on AIM, it is for my pension and my reasoning is explained in full in this bonus podcast.


1043 days ago

Last pension investment for a while – Malcolm Stacey please look away

Malcolm will not approve of this as he regards it as unethical. But I am getting older and, to date, Centamin (CEY) and San Leon (SLE) are the only dividend paying stocks in my pension. And that has to change


1044 days ago

Three more shares bought for my pension, two from the show

I have revealed previously the three stocks I added to my pension portfolio on the back of presentations given at the ShareProphets shares show nine days ago. Now I add three more.


1049 days ago

Two more stocks from the Shareprophets Shares Show bought for my pension this morning

At the weekend in my main stage rogues presentation at the investor show I revealed which stock now accounted for c8% of my pension following a trade last week. This morning it accounts for a bit more for obvious reasons! I thought about it on Sunday and I have bought shares in two more companies at the show, in both cases they are c4.5% of the fund.  One will shock you the other may not.


2656 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18 December: Pensioner mugger WH Ireland time to face Karma

I am still on the prescription pain killers as you may be able to guess. And I am still pondering what to get the Mrs for Christmas - any ideas please post away in the comments section. I end with a question for Jabba The Hutt and Afriag (AFRI): tell me David Lenigas what is happening on January 20 2016? In the podcast I cover Infrastrata (INFA), disappointing news from Armadale Capital (ACP), Inspirit (INSP), Octagonal (OCT) - two John Gunn /Lenigas creations - Asian Citrus (ACHL), eServGlobal (ESG), Impact Holdings (IHUK) and ask the question could WH Ireland (WHI) - full dossier on its sins HERE -  run out of free cash soon? The answer after today is that the pensioner muggers could well do so. Karma.


2911 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 6 April - pension special

Tomorrow I get back to the business at hand of bashing crooks on the AIM Casino. Today I reflect on my own pension. Do I need one? In  a sense not really. But at 47 1/2 perhaps it is time to start again and so I explain what I plan to do.