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What caused “Islamophobia” to be trending on the increasingly woke echo chamber of twitter in the USA this morning?

625 days ago

…For juvenile poseurs such as Owen Jones or Ash Sarkar that seems like a victory but it then just makes …


Dumb and dumber Britain: Sophie Corcoran vs Ash Sarkar and 20th century history, Armistice day special

690 days ago


What is a radicalised driver and why should we demonise them - commie journalist Ash Sarkar explains

705 days ago

…ill or part of a Neo Nazi conspiracy. When Ash Sarkar refers to a “radicalised driver” she means …


The left still doesn't understand free speech - tries to shut down GB News before its first broadcast

968 days ago

…luminaries of the woke left as Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar, has previously tried to get advertisers to …


Commie journalist Ash Sarkar, the darling of the BBC - a fail for logic on Tom Moore

972 days ago


Do you fire someone for tweeting a call to murder?

999 days ago

…had it happened, you just know that Owen Jones, Ash Sarkar et al would have stirred up a Twitter mob and the …


Twitter thinks it is okay to call a one-month-old baby a bastard if her Dad is a journalist who you fantasise about killing

1013 days ago

…of times about how I am supportive of folks like Ash Sarkar, not because of the appalling things they say and …


Ash Sarkar, did you really go into journalism to do this?

1021 days ago

…agree with the politics of communist journalist Ash Sarkar and she says some remarkably silly and … as its author’s tweets? My question is for Ash Sarkar. Why go after Liddle for a bad and unfunny joke …


Ash Sarkar has a very funny view of the country she lives in

1083 days ago

…columnist and perennial guest of the BBC, Ash Sarkar, again seeks out controversy with the tweet below …


Making up blood libels about Israel is not a legitimate criticism of the Jewish State

1194 days ago

…columnist Owen Jones and the Corbynite journalist Ash Sarkar whose tweet is below. The article RLB endorsed …

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