Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - 2 Christmas puddings with an improvised recipe

36 days ago


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - reliving life in Byfield as we harvest marrows

37 days ago

…childhood memories of life at Butterwell Farm in Byfield of heading out into very cold and dark Autumn …


Back to the 1970s and Butterwell Farm as the media predicts thousands of deaths from cold this winter

463 days ago

…with a thatched roof, Butterwell Farm in Byfield Northamptonshire, about which I have written many …


It took less than two weeks - my first disagreement with Joshua’s school: pathetic Floppy the dog

810 days ago

…in the modern world. At my State primary back in Byfield my mother ended up taking me out of some classes …


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - starting storing up for the winter with the spinach

839 days ago


Losing my shirt and my temper as England lose deservedly & those I come to despise

880 days ago

…who fought bravely and of all those men from Byfield, where I grew up, who had been abroad only once …


Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel, prepping for Christmas because I am such an eco-friendly green warrior

1482 days ago

…just so goddamn green. When I was a child in Byfield my mum, being an arden self-suffiency nut, …


Photo Article: Guy Fawkes Night in Wrexham, a nation forgets its history & the Mrs thinks I am becoming Peter Hitchens

1497 days ago

…off at Banbury and taking the Daventry Road to Byfield, the small Northamptonshire village where my …


Uncle Chris, my Godfather, friend and hero: Christopher Booker 1937 to 2019

1620 days ago

…man who popped in now and again to see us at Byfield a man who we otherwise saw when he was doing a TV … my lifetime of cat ownership. He was there in Byfield that day in 1976 when Northants won their first …


RIP Oakley 2001 to 2018

1922 days ago

…by sleeping in the straw of our crib back at Byfield. He lived to a ripe old age, fathering many …

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