The Field Number 2 - My father & the one armed bell ringer

1334 days ago

…was certainly called Fred enters my memories of Byfield for two main reasons: he had only one arm and he … at the Church. Fred was one of those fellows in Byfield, of whom there were many, who had been abroad … 1944. Somewhere along the line he had returned to Byfield and had then never travelled further than Banbury … remained unanswered but he did boast that the Byfield Bell Ringers came fifth in the South …


Photo Article: a 50th birthday present from daughter Olaf - a bread making course

927 days ago

…in those hippy dippy days of self sufficiency in Byfield in the 1970s. As a diabetic it is not perhaps top …


Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel, prepping for Christmas because I am such an eco-friendly green warrior

318 days ago

…just so goddamn green. When I was a child in Byfield my mum, being an arden self-suffiency nut, …


The Field Number 5 - My Godfather Vicious, Anthony & Cleopatra

1312 days ago

…on to me. During our time at Butterwell farm Byfield when I was a young boy, Vicious was in a "between … based in Belfast, Vicious popped in to see us in Byfield only very rarely. I remember him bringing a small …


The Field Number 4 - I think I watched 3 TV programmes in my first seven years.

1331 days ago

…time. This meant that when the boys and girls and Byfield Primary rabbited on about the latest rubbish on … the sort of folks whose families had lived in Byfield for centuries. Is it a coincidence that the …


The Field No 1 - the goldfish on their doomed swim to freedom

1336 days ago

…the bottom of our big field at Butterwell farm in Byfield was a stream. For a small boy the bank on the … ladies were never really free. Our neighbour in Byfield had been free for just thirty years but the war …


Time to start the Field? A Childhood Memoir

1337 days ago

…from that time. We lived in a village called Byfield until a year after the death of my mother. And at …


Northants wins!

2601 days ago

…of Northants, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire called Byfield. Buy a mile one way and a mile and a half the …


The Field No 6 - Chocolate was very much a treat

1311 days ago

…in life but, in my early years at Butterwell farm Byfield, chocolate was a real rarity and sweets were just …


Sarfraz Nawaz – A great influence on me

3036 days ago

…At the time we lived in a small village (Byfield) two miles from Warwickshire and three from … was but a great cheer went up at Butterwell Farm Byfield and I was a Northants supporter for life. I saw …