Tuesday June 19, 2018
Pathetic and wretched Theresa May and her Brexit dividend for the NHS lie
Sunday's 14 mile training walk for Woodlarks goes horribly wrong ( but extra long)
Daughter Olaf berates my T-shirt and wants Mayor Sadiq Khan to be PM – should I disown her?


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Photo: Stunning Portrait of my very handsome dead Great Uncle David Cochrane and a Donegal Mystery

279 days ago

…I have written many times about my Great Uncle David Cochrane who, in 1931, died falling down the mountain now …



The Motorway reaches Kalamata - good news and bad

429 days ago

…about Greece for 200 years. My great uncle David Cochrane died here. Greece is in my blood. Heck, I even …



Photo Article: The walk to Anelion Part 1: gosh my Dad was a hero 40 years ago

494 days ago

…rather slippery and I have no wish to do an Uncle David Cochrane and I retreated gingerly and started up the road. …



Dreaming of Anelion - I feel I must go visit Mike the Vlach, whether he is still alive or not

511 days ago

…named after a Greek island and whose brother, David Cochrane, died falling down the mountain opposite Delphi. …



Photo Article: Finding Uncle David's Gold Watch which survived his death in Greece

549 days ago

…for more than a year. The story of the death of David Cochrane on the mountain opposite Delphi, now known as …



This Blog is 4 years old - Happy Birthday: my top twenty stories & 20 Greek stories

737 days ago

…Retracing the last footsteps of my great Uncle David Cochrane, holidays with the Mrs, the Oxi vote and - of … & Photos: Finding the grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane in Delphi – Part 2 Essex: Washing Powder …



Tom Winnifrith snowcast from Greece

1216 days ago

…and a few stories of my father, my Great Uncle David Cochrane and my own travels - including today's trek …



The Death of David Cochrane – more details, the snails and a question for my father

1528 days ago

…two more details on the death of my great uncle David Cochrane in 1931, one of which begs a question for my …



A Sad End to the David Cochrane quest – chatting to the priest in Delphi

1528 days ago



Video & Photos: Finding the grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane in Delphi – Part 2

1529 days ago

…find out more about the death of my Great Uncle David Cochrane here in 1931. There will be no grave to be found, …



Finding the Grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane in Delphi: video 1: an amazing discovery

1530 days ago

…I have not discovered the grave of my Great Uncle David Cochrane who died here in Greece in April 1931 and whose …



Yippee – My Passport is Here: Greece beckons

1545 days ago

…and searching for the grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane. And if it is goat milking season I shall …



The Great Uncles in Greek Graves – far more questions than answers

1560 days ago

…the graves of my two great Uncles: Francis and David Cochrane. I think we have now firmly established that …



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