Thursday February 22, 2018
Photo Article - the Dry River at the Greek Hovel is gushing and indeed another has appeared
Photo article: A Spectacular view from the big ugly church in Kambos
Doing a bit of a Paddy Leigh Fermor at the Greek Hovel and boosting the local economy


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So my neighbours still want money for the now non existent olives - I meet with them

81 days ago

…lives two miles away but is my closest neighbour) Charon has not asked for any compensation. He is a good …


Photo Article: Maybe not see you in a Greek Court Bitchez - as Paddy says, 1% of Greeks are bastards

252 days ago

…and generous folks you can meet. My neighbour Charon wants no compensation and neither does the sister …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - I scar the landscape and feel shame

254 days ago

…again myself or my neighbour ( two miles away) Charon might drive or wander along it. At olive picking …


Photo Article: General Election Result from Toumbia is in: Tory win!

259 days ago

…of my nearest neighbour, two miles by track away, Charon. He is, of course, mad as a box of frogs so Id …


Olive inspecting with Nicho the Communist postponed (again) - St George's day drinking in Kambos

305 days ago

…knew, owned by my eccentric neighbour Charon. We sat there in the sun a bit longer and …


Report from the Greek Hovel - after three years we have a permit, well sort of

308 days ago

…of her olive trees and my eccentric neighbour Charon - who harvests a neighbouring grove - to allow us …


Back at the kourounis taverna in Kambos - it's like I have never left

311 days ago

…Greek hovel and the house of my nearest neighbour Charon, a mile and a half away from me, are actually …


Photo Article: day one of the olive harvest 2016 at the Greek Hovel

446 days ago

…patch of land a team lead by my neighbour Charon and including the goat-herd and several others …


Charon visits the Greek Hovel - gosh this is awkward

639 days ago

…I heard the unmistakable voice of my neighbour Charon outside. Then he banged on the door saying "Tom, … the mountain. By road it is a two mile trek and Charon had walked over and was there on my doorstep …


That is not a snake that is the best shower in the whole wide world

648 days ago

…every three days and sooner or later my neighbour Charon will pop over from his house a mile and a half …


Two more snakes spotted at the Greek Hovel...both on snake hill

649 days ago

…it was my only neighbour, the man I know as Charon although like half of the village he is actually …


First day of sabbatical - Zero Hedge flattery & asked to speak at top fraud conference

997 days ago

…neighbour - he lives a mile and a half away - Charon knocked on my door at 6 am GMT. I answered in my … fashion but that did not phase him. As ever Charon speaks a mixture of a little English and a lot of … fathom and so I said "sto Kambos" and bundled Charon into my tiny motor to head off to the Kourounis …


Charon – my nearest neighbour at the Greek Hovel

1118 days ago

…I have no pictures of Charon. That is because he always pops up by surprise. … clearly inhabited set of buildings, the house of Charon. He is one hill higher up than me. The next range … behind him leads straight into the mountains. Charon is not his real name. It is Nikko but since half … can communicate but in fact cannot. And thus when Charon and I chat it is a truly painful experience. He … water straight from the fridge. When Charon is around I grab my Greek English dictionary to …


I need not have feared, lovely Eleni was right – I have power but the Vreki!

1175 days ago

…as you get into the mountains is my neighbour Charon. And there are a few other houses on the next … Looking up towards the mountains I can see that Charon now has his lights on but so heavy is the rain …


Back in Lovely Eleni’s Taverna in Kambos

1188 days ago

…Kourounis taverna in Kambos.  My neighbour Charon popped up at the Greek Hovel earlier and so with … we drove slowly into the village on my new bike. Charon is not his real name but we will come to that …


A final farewell to Kambos and the Greek Hovel (for this summer)

1243 days ago

…up this week. My time with John the bike man, Charon (my neighbour (not his real name), the three …


Who pays the Ferryman? ‘Elf n’ Safey in Albania

2026 days ago

…will instantly recognise this as a reference to Charon, the character who transports the dead across the … Acheron and into Hades, the underworld. Because Charon did not work for free, when a Greek died it was … natch), Virgil describes the ferryman thus: There Charon stands, who rules the dreary coast A sordid god: … foul with grease, binds his obscene attire. Charon was a rather frightening character. Since I was … thinking of Aeneas as I visited Butrint, Charon also sprang to mind as I took the ferry across …


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