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Debate Two - A massive win for Donald Trump, he can still win the Presidency

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 10 October 2016

After the past 48 hours Donald Trump needed to crush Hillary Clinton in the second debate. And the Donald did just that. He played a blinder. Crooked Hillary had a very bad day at the office.

Before the debate Matt Frei, the uber liberal C4 host who patronises black folks who don't know that it is racist to vote Trump, insisted that Republicans were deserting Trump in droves. The BBC reporter on the ground in St Louis interviewed some real folks and came to the same conclusion. She was having a fake liberal orgasm as she reported this "news" in gushing and breathless excitement.

The ABC poll showing that 96% of GOP supporters were sticking with Trump post the tapes was just an inconvenient fact that the liberal media ignored. Remember how the same folks dined out for a whole week about poor Melania Trump's convention speech which was a catastrophic disaster. It was not. It was just another beltway fantasy.

Tonight, pre debate, Frei was visibly creaming himself with thoughts of the Dem victory party and did not care about facts. He laughed a laugh which said "you are a dumb conservative" at the Republican lady in his studio for disagreeing with him and the bearded Democrat creep who both thought Trump was toast. He pushed her about how the GOP would try to get Trump replaced even though it was clearly not going to happen. But that was the high point for Frei and his liberal elitist chums round at Channel 4 and over at the BBC.

Trump played a blinder with a pre debate press conference with three women Bill Clinton raped or abused and who Hillary smeared and attacked when they dared to kick up a fuss. There was also a poor woman who was raped by a man Hillary defended. She's on tape laughing at how light a sentence her client got. The girl was 12 at that point. Nice. Actions speak louder than words and for Hillary to say she is the feminist candidate is just not born out by her career as an enabler. The BBC and C4 tried to avoid giving the coverage much air time even though it was explosive.

Then to the debate. Trump soon had Clinton waffling. He had all the great lines. Hillary had to explain why she told Goldman Sachs that she had one policy position for private parties with banksters and one for what she told the electorate. She tried to blame Trump & Putin for the leaks but then compared herself to Abe Lincoln ( a great Republican) as he dissembled to abolish slavery. Jesus wept. Crooked Hillary thinks she is like Honest Abe.

Do you remember the VP debate from 1988 when ageing Democrat Lloyd Bentsen faced up to hopeless Republican Dan Quayle and utterly floored him with the riposte "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy." Quayle comparing himself to JFK is very much like Crooked Hillary comparing herself to Honest Abe. And while Abe was working Congress to abolish slavery, Hillary was working private parties with bankers to raise campaign funds. Trump had her on that point.

He then repeatedly bashed her over the 33,000 emails she has hidden, he'd get a special prosecutor, she'd go to jail. Patronising Frei thought the jail comment that was below the belt, a low point. Here in Bristol I was punching the air, shouting Yes! And outside the effete coastal liberals, most Americans will be with Trump on that one. They know Hillary is a liar, the polls are clear on that point. She is the least trusted Presidential candidate in history.

On the Sex issue Trump could have been more contrite but he turned the questions to Paula Jones who Bill had to pay $850,000 to as compensation. And Hillary smeared Jones repeatedly. That was not the action of a feminist. Paula and other victims were in the studio and the camera panned to them. It also panned to Bill's face and he looked sick.

On issues such as the Supreme Court, Clinton was polished and what she said will have gone down well with her base. But bashing Trump for threatening to repeal Roe vs Wade will get those evangelical Republicans who might have deserted him on Friday flocking back in droves. Trump is probably pro-choice but said nothing. He did not need to.A question from a Muslim was designed to stump the racist Trump. But he turned it to security and also to Hillary's repeated policy blunders in Syria, Iraq, Libya. Hillary will have impressed uber liberals with her answer but their votes are in the bag already . With swing voters it was a Trump win.

At times Hillary really panicked. Confronted about those 33,000 emails she just said that is not true go to for an imprtaial fact check. The trouble is that everyone in America knows that she did order the deletion of 33,000 emails. So she was just caught lying about her lying. Crooked Hillary only incriminated herself even more. That was a Richard Nixon sweaty face in 1960 moment, it was truly awful.

Cleverly, as Hillary repeatedly waffled past her allotted two minutes on each question, Trump complained and accused the moderators - who are both drawn from the liberal media establishment so many Americans loathe - of bias. The narrative of the established media showing liberal bias resonates. Think Brexit and the BBC's coverage. Repeatedly Trump quoted mad Bernie Sanders saying Hillary showed poor judgement. The mud stuck.

The polls out post debate back my call it was a storming win for Trump. Back in the Channel four studio the bearded Democrat creep who before kick off was essentially calling the election as all but in the bag was asked who was going to win on November 8. He started waffling on about how Hillary had the better organisation on the ground. That would be the Dems hard at work registering dead folks in Virginia and illegals in Pennsylvania. In the space of 90 minutes he had gone from "we are going to walk it" to "we will on differential turnout because we are better organised on the ground". That tells you that the bearded creep Dem knows Hillary was thrashed.

As it happens I am sure the Hillary organisation at precinct level is better than that of Trump. I am in no doubt that it has actively registered dead folks across the USA to vote for the crooked one. But Trump supporters were more fired up - as offers change and folks want change. After debate two Trump voters will be even more fired up. Hillary backers are simply not that enthused. We shall see how differential turnout pans out in the end.

In the C4 studio the pleasant and charming Republican Lady could not contain her excitement. It was not just that Trump had utterly walloped Clinton, that he had stopped and reversed the limited bleed since the sex tapes but it must have been the pleasure of sitting next to loathsome patronising uber liberal Matt Frei who must have hated the whole ninety minutes.

What next? The polls will tighten although I remain convinced that they underestimate Trump because of "shy Republicans". There will be more Trump tapes but they will have less and less effect. There will be more Hillary wikileaks revelations and they will hurt. Paula Jones et al will not go away. The eight reasons I gave weeks ago for believing Trump would win are all still valid.

It is game on and all to play for.

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