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Who will the Lefty Wimmin & Islington poseurs want to win: The Daily Mail or Melania Trump?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 28 January 2017

You know when your kids ask you "Daddy would you rather jump into a room full of poisonous snakes or an aquarium full of great white sharks?" and you just say " It is not a choice I expect to make? This morning lefties across Britain and all those pampered posh liberal nitwits (and my daughter) from the Wimmin's March wake up facing just such a choice.

During the US election a deranged Hillary Clinton supporting blogger Griffin Webster Tarpley posted a (100% fake news) story suggesting that the wonderful and intelligent six language speaking Melania Trump had been a high class hooker. Britain's Daily Mail duly repeated this lie and smear without checking any facts. A US Court yesterday ruled that the fragrant Melania can go ahead and sue Tarpley for $150 million - we await a ruling on whether the Mail can also be sued.

I look forward to Melania destroying Tarpley in Court as one hopes that the rat squeals and reveals what links, if any, he had with the dirty tricks specialists in team Crooked Hillary, for whom he batted with such dedication all summer.

But a case against the Mail would be even more joyful for the quandary in which it would put Britain's lefties. Hating the Mail is in their DNA but so too is hating anything to do with Donald Trump incvluding his Mrs. Poor Melania has never done anything wrong but she is the one immigrant the lefties love to bash for everything from her margoinally less than perfect English to what she wears or the air she breathes.

So for Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee, the BBC's dim Laura Kuenssberg et al the question is "who would you rather go down in flames and who triumph and be utterly vindicated: The Daily Mail or Mrs Trump?" There will be much angst over the muesli as they consider that question across Islington today.

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