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To our shame, being racist in 2017 Britain is acceptable as long as its the Jews you hate: Ebrahim Bham speaks tomorrow

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 8 July 2017

Following on from the "Jews caused Grenfell Tower" Al Quds day march you would have thought that the British Authorities might try to put a temporary ban on public demonstrations of overt Jew hating. Oh no. This form of racism appears to be perfectly acceptable in Britain today. Is it any wonder that across Western Europe Jews are packing up and heading to the one place they feel safe, the only democracy in the Middle East: Israel?

This weekend's star Jew baiter is Ebrahim Bham who is a former adviser to the Taliban and is speaking at "The Palestine Expo" at the Government owned QE2 Centre in Westminster. The whole show has has been organised by the Friends of Al-Aqsa, whose chairman, Ismail Patel, once publicly denied that Hamas was a terrorist organisation. This organisation supports a complete boycott of all Israeli products.

Bham can be found on video stating:

Goebbel (sic) was a very famous minister of the Nazis, and he tried to justify the killing of the Jews. Now as far as we are concerned, we do not need to feel apologetic because it was not done by Muslims.

The Muslims did not do it, but they had to suffer the consequences of the Holocaust. Because Europe, because of its guilt, had to shed its Jews. And they couldn’t put them in Europe, they put them in Palestine at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian Muslim people.”

One day he said that ‘People tell me that Jews are human beings. Yes, I know they are human beings. Just as fleas are also animals. Just as fleas are also animals, they are also part of human beings like that.’

Natch, the Friends of Al-Aqsa has denounced the revelations as a Jewish plot to stop its show, saying that its star speaker had been misquoted by the Jewish Chronicle;. Thus fucking Jews they really are bastards who will stoop to anything are they not?

The Jew haters go on to admit, in their laughable denial, that in fact Bham did give the quote but just to show how awful the Nazis were to the Jews. So now he is a campaigner for Jewish welfare as well? Praise be to Allah.

The whole thing stinks. If anyone were daft enough to compare Muslims or any ethnic minority to any lowly regarded form of animal life they would be the subject of virulent online campaign which would inevitably see them losing their job and being investigated by the Met for hate crimes. But when it comes to Jew hating in 2017 London it seems that all is fair and acceptable.

It is not acceptable. It is not fair. If we are going to have laws against hate crimes then use them universally. And more to the point why on earth are we allowing Government owned buildings to be used for hosting such an obvious hatefest? The Government could stop this. After all it banned a conference by Church groups at the QE2 in 2011 because the agenda was about campaigning against gay marriage. But those were just Christians so who cares about denying them free speech? Some are more equal than others.

PS. As we "all celebrate" Pride today here is another gem from the loathsome Mr Bham

"homosexuality is wrong, no matter how many people carry it out. Good and evil will never be equal, no matter how many people follow falsehood."

Oh the joys of diversity here in Airstrip One.

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