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Donald Trump Junior and the Russians - now the liberal media and out of touch Dems really are clutching at straws

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 11 July 2017

Having failed to lay a glove on Trump senior for getting help from the Russians during hos election triumph, the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media fake news departments tried to show he was blocking their futile investigations. That failed too. Now the Dems really are clutching at straws.

Given that Trump's popularity is improving as folks rather like his policies on immigration and the economy, liberal America is in trouble. It lost what they called " a Referendum on Trump" in the Georgia 6th as their policy ideas of the east and West coast metropolitan elites who dominate the Dems just do not resonate on main Street America. The Russian issue is a non issue but since Trump & the GOP are winning on policy and winning on personality what other card do the elitists who run the Dems have to play?

Okay no-body cares any more outside the Beltway, Broadway or Hollywood but that is not going to stop the Fake News outlets going for it anyway. Thus the latest "scandal" is that Donald Trump junior ( son of POTUS) met with a Russian connected lawyer during the campaign who promised to have some filth on how Crooked Hillary's campaign was being supported by the evil Russians. As it was the lawyer had no filth, tried to raise another issue, got nowhere and everyone moved on. This is a total non story.

Had, in June 2016, someone approached one of crooked Hillary's aides or one of the Dems from the Beltway who spend their entire life these days banging on about Donald and the Russians, to say that they had some filth on how the Russians were helping Donald what would they have done? Would they have said:

1. The Clintons always fight really clean campaigns, we are above such matters and we decline the meeting?


2. When can we meet? Dirt to sink the Donald, bring it on. We can get our pals at CNN/The Washington Post/ the NY Times to splash so our fingerprints are not on it and we get to win the election.

Of course it is 2. In any election folks are always keen to get dirt on their opponent. And when it comes to fighting firty the Clintons do not pull any punches. 

The BBC commented that this "scandal" has "not damaged President Trump directly" since he knew nothing about it. FF. It has not and will not damage President Trump at all since it is obviously not a scandal at all and everyone outside the beltway and liberal media bubble can see that.

The fake news media junkies are so obviously clutching at straws now. One almost feels sorry for these pathetic creatures.

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