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I see that #LGBTbabes is trending on twitter - I can't think why given that fewer than 1% of us are Lesbians

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 4 August 2017

My twitter feed is set to a New York location as I am far more interested in what happens in the USA than in Old Blighty. And for almost 24 hours top of the trending pops has been #LGBTbabes. It does not matter about a Grand jury being called by hysterical liberals to smear President Trump. Frankly world war three could have broken out. Twitter just wants more #LGBTbabes.

Since a babe is generally female one assumes this is tweet line relating to younger lesbians and female bisexuals.

Given that less than 1% of the population in the UK are women who are attracted to women, or lesbians as they used to be called, this is odd. Even in Hillary Clinton's New York I can't believe that the numbers of lesbians are that much greater.

Surely it could not be that vast numbers of straight, probably middle aged, men are getting excited about a twitter feed about young lesbians?

Now be honest - if you are a sad middle aged straight guy - can you honestly say that you are not now tempted to look?

PS, For the avoidance of doubt I am not suggesting for a minute that crooked Hillary is a babe

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