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What do I have in common with Melanie Phillips? we are Jew haters - the moment the bonkers left admits defeat

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 21 August 2017

For those who do not know of Super Mel she is one of Britain's best known Jewish columnists and has written wonderful stuff for decades on anti-semitism and on the State of Israel. For the avoidance of doubt she opposes the former but supports the latter - which is also my view. She is a true heroine of mine. I have also written extensively on these topics over many years. I know that on the day of judgement St Peter will find many faults with me but on this count I reckon I do fairly well unless, rather surprisingly, St Peter stands with Ken Livingstone on these issues. But oh no, both Mel and I are Jew haters.

You what? Well here are a tweet sent to Mel and a comment sent to me

Alex1621: Dishonour the dead - like the poor girl who got mowed down by a racist in Charlottesville? Most marchers were quizzed? It was a march by nazi's and white supremacists holding swastikas and shouting anti-Jewish chants. Good people? I just stand with people who are decent ... whereas you seek to defend nasty and hate-filled racists and anti-semites.

You see, our crime is to agree with President Trump who looks at events in Charlottesville. He looks at the facts. Lots of the marchers were Nazis. But a lot were also folks who do not like Nazis but also do no6t want war memorials desecrated and were there to say as much.

The Trump line is that those who want to desecrrate war memorials and attack cops are bad people. But Neo Nazis are even worse. It is a line that 70% of Americans agree with as does Melanie and as do I. We are the mainstream.

It is impossible to construct a logical argument in favour of those who attack cops and want to desecrate war memorials and as such the left is forced to stating that anyone who does not agree with their viewpoint is by definition a jew hating racist Nazi scumbag.

So I defend anti semites and Melanie is a Nazi. That is the logic of the left and it is just so utterly bonkers that it can only be generated by the sort of crazy groupthink culture that now exists in places such as campuses across the West and the media establishment. The rest of us just wonder at the ability of folks within the group think to vuiew black as white and vice versa, to exist in a truly post-truth world.

The Democrat Party of America was long ago captured by folks who are part of this GroupThink, people such as Crooked Hillary. Mainstreamn America realised this in 2016 and thus Donald Trump was elected. The Dems have reacted by doubling down on this madness, something that makes a Republican victory in 2020 ever more certain.

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