Parsons Green - thank heavens for the Barcelona March, the Manchester concert and the candles lit across Europe.

Tom Winnifrith Friday 15 September 2017


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Of course we must not jump to conclusions. That is the preserve of fake news liberal media outlets like the BBC, Channel 4, CNN and The Guardian as they report about racist Donald Trump supporters berating a poor Muslim woman in New York - or not as it turned out. So let us make no assumptions of guilt although if we had to place bet, there would be one grouping that was an odds on favourite.

No doubt London's hapless Mayor Khan has taken time off from tweeting about the real enemy of world peace (Donald Trump) to say that we are all united and that this latest attack will not change us as that would be to admit defeat. After all, that was the message on the futile Barcelona march after the attack there - we are not scared, no to Islamophobia, we will carry on as before. And the same in Manchester at the pop concert. And across Europe in City after City as they lit candles.

For the dozens injured today they have changed. Lots of us are bloody terrified. And I feel no sense of unity with those who just want to light more fucking candles, who cannot accept that Islamophobia, though wrong, has not blown up civilians across Europe this year and is not the real threat to our lives and who do not want anything to change.

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