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Michelle Hussein on Radio 4's flagship Today programme betrays the inner bias of her and her employer

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 26 September 2017

On the Today programme this morning, overpaid presenter Michelle Hussein was at the Labour Party leaders rally, sorry I think it is called a party conference, in Brighton interviewing shadow minister John Ashcroft. It is not his platitudes that are of interest but one question she asked, from which I quote exactly:

"you're willing to borrow to get public sector services to where they should be"

That is meant to be part of a question from an impartial state funded broadcaster yet it appears to ignore reality:

a) Is Ms Hussein unaware that the UK already has a £50 billion deficit and the largest Government debt in the EU? Saying Labour is willing to borrow does not question its ability to suck at the nipple of the money tree without restriction. Or does Michelle just assume that the Money Tree has no limits on its bounty?

b) Ms Hussein seems to think that the only way to get services to where they "should be" is by tapping the money tree. Where exactly should they be and can she demonstrate how, with unlimited demand for anything that is free, spending more money guarantees a better outcome? For instance, real terms spending on the NHS increased year n year since the evil Tories returned to power in 2010 yet the BBC and Labour insist that the NHS is going to the dogs.

The underlying assumptions in Ms Hussein's questions tell you all you need to know about her mindset and the collective belief set of employees of the state funded broadcaster

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