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Waiting for crooked Hillary Clinton on the BBC Women's Hour - are its listener's mad?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 17 October 2017

Before the Mrs heads off to work, filling the heads of impressionable young folks with left wing nonsense, she switches on BBC Radio 4's Today progamme to ensure that she gains confirmatory bias of her world view. It also ensures that I stay well out her way in the morning. But in an attempt to change the way I think she leaves Pravda blaring at full volume as she leaves. And thus I heard that crooked Hillary was set to be interviewed by Jenny Murray on women's hour as she plugs her ghastly new book yet again.

A few readers had emailed in questions. There was one about glass ceilings and women candidates. Oddly it did not mention Madame Le Pen but just poor Hillary who was such an excellent candidate in every way but just beaten because of sexism. The best question asked if in light of the Brexit vote and Clinton's defeat if Democracy was not always the best system. Quite right. Let's go with democracy on every issue unless the peasantry vote in away that might disagree with prissy middle class liberals in which case the results should be over-ruled.

Laughing hard at this nonsense I resolved to hang in their for Hillary, waiting for Jenny to ask her to show a shred of evidence that Russia assisted Trump, why Monica Lewinsky was not a victim of sexual harassment by her boss but was a "narcissistic loony toon" about Whitewater, about why she bleached her server to hide emails, about Benghazi, about why the Clinton Foundation was not returning Harvey Weinstein's cash, about Paula Jones and so much more. Actually I knew full well that there would be no such questions as the liberal media do not ask Hillary anything she does not want to answer.

But Hillary was delayed and then no-showed. Maybe she has had another medical collapse which she could then lie about and not be asked about by her pals in the media? I hope not. Every time the crooked one appears on screen with her lies, pathetic excuses and utter inability to appreciate why she is so disliked by so many Americans, it is another few votes in the bag for Trump2020. Keep at it Hill - you are doing great work.

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