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The Liberal media has an "end of Trump" spunkfest after Alabama race - fake news!

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 14 December 2017

Boy did the liberal media love the defeat of GOP Candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for the Senate. John Snow on Channel 4 Fake News described Alabama as the state that helped make Trump President. Le Monde described it as a referendum on Trump. The BBC was already planning the coronation of a Dem in the 2020 White House race. Fake news folks.

Naturally, beltway Kylie Morris on C4, again,  won the prize as the Queen of fake news as she described how Trump had backed the wrong candidate twice while she and Snow drooled over a victory caused by Afro Americans turning out in big numbers. Now for the real facts.

Roy Moore was not Trump's preferred candidate for the GOP. He had backed another in the primary as Moore was clearly a bit of a lunatic. But his brand of religion driven fundamentalism played well in that Primary so he won. And Trump backed him thereafter. That, I put it to you Kylie, is Trump backing the right candidate just one that lost the Primary.

Moore was up against a liberal democrat. Alabama is a deeply red - that is to say Republican - state and in normal circumstances Moore would have won. But two months before polling allegations emerged of sexual harassment many moons ago but at least one of the alleged victims was under age.

In the current climate some in the GOP like Mitt Romney did not wait for proof of guilt, largely because the country Club elitists of the GOP did not like Moore's politics. They openly backed the Dem or urged folks to stay at home. Trump is battling in the Senate to get through a radical agenda on homeland security, tax and healthcare reform. Most Americans back POTUS but sadly some Republican senators do not. Serial losers like John McCain have an almost unblemished record of voting with the Dems against Trump reforms. So while the Senate is nominally Republican ( 52-48 after Alabama) it is in fact very much on a knife edge on the big issues.

Trump took the view that Moore would back his reforms and the Dem would not and so as leader of the GOP backed the GOP man. The result was close. Moore got 48.38% and the Dem 49.92%. But this was not a happy tale of a rainbow alliance voting in droves as the liberal media tells you. This is not a seismic shift in racial politics in the South as the BBC insisted.

Quite simply turnout in rural areas which are heavily Republican was down, especially among women. That was Republicans staying at home. There were also some Republicans who simply voted for the Dem and the write in vote, those folks writing in a third name was bigger than the Dem majority. Those folks were Republicans who could not stomach voting for an alleged child molester.

In November next year this Senate seat comes up for grabs again and the newly elected Senator Jones will lose his seat. If the Republicans pick a candidate who is not alleged to have forced himself on a 14 year old girl and many other women the write in voters will return to the fold and the folks out in the boonies will once again vote in normal numbers and they will vote for the GOP. So Alabama will once again vote for a senator who will back Trump.

This was no referendum on the President, it was simply a good number of Republicans saying they could not bring themselves to vote for the most Godawful candidate imaginable. Had the sexual issues not come up Moore would have won, he was well ahead in the polls before they emerged. Hell's teeth I think I would have struggled to back Moore he was that bad!

The liberal media can have their day but if they tell you that this says anything about the 2020 Presidential race or indeed about the 2018 Senate race in Alabama that is just fake news.

As for Jon Snow, Alabama was not the state that helped make Trump the leader of the free world. The states that took him to the white house were those swing states in the rust belt. Alabama voted red in 2016 as it has for many elections and as it always will. If you think that is changing you really have lost the plot.

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