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The BBC was Robbed! Where's its #FakeNewsaward Mr President?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 18 January 2018

Last night Donald Trump handed out nine awards for excellence in fake news. He knows what the BBC is, having owned its grossly overpaid North American Reporter, pompous prig Jon Sopel, in public as you can see here. But POTUS failed to recognise our State Funded broadcaster. That is outrageous. How dare he snub the British? Is it because he is racist?

I cannot deny that the award winners were worthy recipients. President Trump handed out gongs to various outlets. CNN was given four “awards”, with The New York Times taking two and one each going to ABC News and the magazines Time and Newsweek. But none for the BBC. Shocking.

Who can forget that classic BBC Newsnight "scoop" that Trump was doing so badly that he would lose Utah and Alaska to crooked Hillary and thus the GOP had to dump him before it was too late? Or numerous utterly bogus stories and 99% of Sopel's coverage. Only the other day Sopel posted a whole report on the new Trump book by Michael Wolff listing the damning quotes but neglecting to mention both Wolff's history of making up quotes in prior books or the fact that several of those quoted in this book - including Tony Blair - had denied quotes in this book. Surely with Sopel as its lead man the BBC merited an award for fake news such as this gem on the embassy move in Israel? It was robbed. Next year maybe POTUS could like the Oscars introduce a best foreign language category for the BBC to win by a country mile?

As for Channel 4 News, the home of British fake News: well I guess with its audience size Mr Trump had to draw the line somewhere in terms of obscure crackpot outlets fronted up by millionaire elititst liberal nutjobs like Cathy Newman.

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