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How do you get the BBC to report on the Telford sex scandal? Tell them President Putin is involved?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 13 March 2018

Over the weekend news broke of the UK's biggest ever sexual abuse scandal. This makes events in Rochdale seem like small bear, horrific though they were. Thanks to the Mirror and the Mail we now know that over 40 years more than 1000, nearly all white, working class girls and young women were raped and abused and in a handful of cases murdered by Asian gangs in Telford.

I use the phrase Asian and wince.It is the phrase we are told we must use. My wife is Asian and so my son is half Asian. But the Telford rapists were like those in Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere not of South Indian Christian descent like my wife. Nor were they Sikhs or Hindus yet we must offend those communities by talking of the rapists as Asian gangs. The gangs are, of course, overwhelmingly Muslim. But we are not allowed to say that are we?

And so in a town with a population of 150,000 ( so 75,000 women) , over 40 years more than 1000 women - some as young as 11 - were abused or raped and some were killed. Think about the scale of that crime-wave. Relate it to your street. I guess there is an average of 2 women per house in my street so In Telford terms by the time I have walked past 38 doors I have walked past a victim. There are two victims in my street in Telford terms. This is utterly horrific.

On the day the story broke the BBC gave it zero TV news coverage and on its news website merely linked to the stories in newspapers. The website had a small story up but not for 24 hours. BBC TV did report on it a daay later but in a morning chat show not in its main news bulletins.

Thanks to widespread press coverage, we the great unwashed know about Telford despite the BBC's attempts to pretend it had not happened as it did not fit its liberal agenda. If only someone could have linked the Russians to Telford maybe the BBC would have reported it, but without that hook it ignored it.

The BBC can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. I cannot see one sensible argument as to why I should pay a license fee to fund the telephone number salaries of news staff who have no idea of fair and transparent reporting of real news and instead push a news agenda designed to appeal to an out of touch elite but which ignores what is really happening to the population at large..

In Telford 1000 working class women were sexually abused and raped by Muslim men. No BBC Coverage. At the Presidents Club the padded arses of a few dozen PHD students earning pin money to support their middle class ambitions, got pinched by largely white old Tories and evil capitalists. Wall to wall coverage on the BBC. Is that because, round at the BBC, the white working classes are deemed trash who do not matter or count as victims or because bottom pinching old white Tory businessmen are inherently deemed more evil than Muslim rapists?

Or is is that round at the BBC they regard the real battle for women's rights as being not about the industrial scale rape of 11 year old working class trash in post industrial trash towns? But instead about whether Emily, Laura et al should get £200,000 a year or £250,000 in the fight for equality?

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