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What the BBC, CNN and the Guardian just will not say about Trump, the illegal migrants & the polls

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 4 July 2018

The BBC and its sister publication the Guardian had a weekend wankfest as large crowds gathered to protest against policies Donald Trump had already rescinded to deal with illegal migration across the Mexican border. But their coverage failed to show what is really happening. They are in denial as they serve up non-stop fake news.

The liberal media loves those protesters. But those large crowds are the same folks who protest against everything Trump does. If he says 2+2 equals 4 they scream “racist” and demand that Bob Mueller investigate POTUS for getting Russia to help him with his maths. As Trump brings peace to the Koreas they shout “fascist” and say that he has made the world more dangerous. As news comes through of surging jobs numbers especially among black workers they shout “well done Obama, for it is your policies that have delivered this despite Trump.”

And all the time this affluent middle class mob enjoy spending those tax cuts the President has implemented and which they said were just a sop to the rich.

So Trump is hated by well heeled liberals in the coastal states. Tell us something we did not know Jon Sopel et al.

What the liberal media is not discussing is how the polls show that most Americans actually approve of Trump’s tough line on immigration. And the sight of Beltway Dems and Hollywood celebs screaming about how they, effectively, want no controls at the Border only makes Trump more popular.  Among GOP voters his approval rating is now 90% - as we approach the mid terms that is Reagan plus territory.

But more alarming still for the fake news media is that his overall approval rating among all voters is now 47% and climbing and if one factors in “shy Trumpsters” he is doing extraordinarily well for this point of the cycle, far better than Obama was. All talk of the Dems seizing control of Congress in November is now off the table. Not only will the GOP do well but those congressmen elected will be Trump Republicans not the Country Club set like McCain and Romney who cannot be relied upon to support Trump’s policies.

I still worry that, before we start celebrating a win for #Trump2020, the global economy may slow and the asset bubbles created over many years in the USA (and the UK) may start to pop. That would not help the Donald to defeat whichever candidate the Dems select. But, on the other hand, as the liberal media continues to give wall to wall coverage of the Trump hating mob and as the Democratic party aligns itself ever more closely to that mob whose views may be mainstream in the hipster infested parts of Brooklyn but are anathema to most Americans, the popularity of Trump and of the GOP will continue to climb.

And given how Trump's approval ratings in the biggest, solidly blue, states New York and California, are so incredibly low, basic maths suggests that in the rest of America and, critically, in the swing states of the Mid West he is well ahead. In 2016 Trump won partly because some folks thought he was awful but his opponent, crooked Hillary, was far worse. What the Dems just cannot understand, which makes them scream in an even more demented fashion, is that two years later more and more folks actually like Trump and what he is doing. Most of the folks who ldent their votes to Trump as the anti Clinton candidate are now firm pro Trumpsters. They are "deplorables too" and are most welcome to join the party. 

One thing that you will not find reported on the BBC, CNN or  read about in the Guardian is one group where there has been a big swing to Trump in recent weeks, helping fuel his ratings climb. That group is the Hispanic block.  That should not be odd at all although one imagines that the liberal media elitists just will not understand.

More illegal migrants from the South will mean more folk ready to clean the lavatory of Nancy Pelosi et al or to serve them in swanky restaurants. But whose jobs will they be taking? Whose wages will they be threatening to undercut? In many cases it will be Hispanics living in the US legally and starting to pursue the America dream. They may wait in a restaurant but maybe their kids will go to college and get a better life. For such voters Donald Trump protects the American dream, the Dems threaten it.

If there was an election tomorrow the Dems would head to the ghettos and scream "Trump is a racist" not hoping but expecting to get what they regard as "their people" out in drov es. And the Dems would win the hispanic vote and the black vote. But with black employment zooming and black living standards rising in a way that just did not happen under Obama, there is little doubt that Trump would do better among black voters than any GOP candidate since Nixon and would almost certainly deliver the best ever GOP result among hispanics. But don't expect the mainstream media to tell you about that any day soon.




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