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Abortion up to birth is state sponsored murder: another reason no-one should vote Labour

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 22 November 2019

Yesterday I flagged up one moral reason not to vote Labour (anti semitism) HERE and one economic one, the almost certain probability that its plans would bankrupt the UK, HERE. Maybe the prospect of having to eat your cat does not phase you so how about the idea of state sponsored murder?

I dislike abortion. But I’d be a hypocrite for banning for it because I supported the call of an ex wife to terminate a foetus at 26 weeks as it had zero chance of survival. I do see some circumstances where abortion is a moral choice. Since I am not a lawmaker I do not have to decide where to draw lines in areas where it is hard to make a precise call.

But the idea of terminating a foetus which is independently viable is something I just cannot support. It is one reason why the Alton Bill, which reduced the time limit on abortion to reflect advances in medical science, made perfect sense to me. Whatever the circumstances It is surely murder to end the life of a human who is though in the womb, viable outside of it.

Yet on page 48 of the Labour manifesto we are told that the party is seeking to ‘decriminalise abortions’.

Full decriminalisation of abortion involves repealing sections 58 and 59 Offences Against the Person Act along with the Infant Life Preservation Act. The Abortion Act 1967, sets out exceptions to this underlying legislation which last year allowed for over 200,000 abortions to take place in England and Wales. Without this underlying legislation, the Abortion Act would become redundant.

This change in law would scrap the current 24-week time limit for abortion – and abortion would be available on-demand, for any reason, up to birth. The upper time limit would be completely abolished. This would be the most extreme abortion law in the world.

Last year saw a record 200,608 abortions for English and Welsh residents which is a horrific number. It means that one in four babies are now aborted. Abortion has already become, for many folks, just another form of birth control.  Yet the Labour Party seem to want there to be even more abortions including of babies who could live. 

Though polls suggest that 70% of women in the UK want the current time limit on abortion reduced Labour has listened to a vocal minority who chant a women’s right to choose” as a mantra to justify anything however unjustifiable and appear to want a regime of state sponsored murder of the innocents. 

This ssems a compelling reason why anyone with a shred of humanity cannot consider voting Labour on December 12.

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