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Tom Winnifrith Coronavirus podcast 6 - BAME folk are suffering far more than whites, the conspiracy theories and the data

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 16 April 2020

Not only in the wider population, but also among NHS staff, it is clear that BAME folks are dying in far greater numbers, relative to the population as a whole, than they should. Yesterday I debunked the nation that NHS staff were dropping like flies (they are not) in a way that is beyond doubt connected to their employment. Today I tackle this issue which is likely to be even more controversial. Some on the extreme right say the BAME stats are down to cultural practices in certain communities. I sense that if this is the case it is very, very much at the margin. But there are other very real reasons for the odd looking data: where BAME population density is at its highest, the average household size and critically the prevelance of multi generational households. Many on the left see what is happening as some sort of scandal and demand costly action and enquiries and, as ever, it is hard to resist the mob and GroupThink.But if folks acted objectively and just looked at demographics and hard data they might understand what is really happening. There are victims yes, but not victims of any plot or conspiracy, just folks getting ill for all too obvious reasons.

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