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If you thought your MP was dim, try chatting to a member of the Senedd here in Wales – Meet Lesley Griffiths MS

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 31 October 2020

Layla Moran MP reckons we need lockdown until Covid is eliminated, i.e forever. But she is not, perhaps, the dimmest MP in Westminster. Labour’s Carolyn Harris reckons that banning Tesco-selling kettles in Wales is fine as that is only fair on little shops and anyhow we can all buy Kettles on Amazon anyway. Clever folks don’t become MPs. But when you encounter a member of the Welsh Assembly, the Senedd, you realise that folks like Carolyn Harris and Layla Moron are, in comparison, intellectual giants.

The Welsh house arrest rules are daft and as such I wrote to the MS here in Wrexham, Labour’s Lesley Griffiths, to make her aware that at least some of the folks she represents are angered at what is going on. I relay the correspondence, starting with mine.


I live in xxxxxx and you are making my life a misery with your insane ,lockdown. What, as a journalist, I have written about Mr Drakeford applied to you too.

At least I got to see my father before he died (by disobeying your daft rules).  I gather other folks here in wales are denied that. You should be ashamed.

Tom Winnifrith

She replied…

Dear Mr Winnifrith

Thank you for your email of 23 October 2020 with your comments on the firebreak lockdown in Wales.

As I am sure you will appreciate, over a million people across the world have died from Covid-19. I do understand that governments, including the Welsh Government, have asked a great deal of people but strongly disagree with you that this firebreak of 17 days is “insane” or that any rules brought in to try to protect our NHS, Welsh citizens and our communities are “daft”. I certainly do not feel ashamed that the Welsh Government has acted in the way it has done.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Lesley Griffiths MS

I replied…

Dear Lesley 

As I am sure you appreciate while more than 1 million have died with covid, though not necessarily of covid, I hope you realise that so far this year almost 50 million have died of all causes. So there are many diseases killing far more folks than Covid is.

And moreover, as I am sure you are aware, there is no correlation at all between lockdown policies and saving lives. You will note that in Sweden – no lockdown – the rolling average daily death toll is now 2. The UK with its severe lockdown, Italy, France are faring far worse. There is however a great correlation between the severity of lockdown and unnecessary deaths from untreated other diseases such as cancer, and with rising suicides and with the misery of job loss and poverty.

There is no scientific basis for your policies and you simply seem to fail to appreciate this as you destroy so much in Wales. I urge you to look at actual data from across the world and to repent of this madness


Tom Winnifrith


When this is all over, as Wrexham faces a massive increase in poverty and suicides and as we discover that overall death rates here are pretty much unchanged from five year averages, I will remind Lesley of her poor logic and refusal to look at hard data and thus of her direct culpability in this criminal episode. MS & MPs think they can get away with being useless intellectual lightweights because so few bother to challenge them. I do not expect Lesley to change her mind on this matter but as its madness becomes apparent to all, I shall be there to remind her and others of her failings.

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