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Okay Mr Hancock, you lying worm, so this is all to save the NHS? The data shows that is a lie too

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 17 December 2020

Earlier, I pointed out that the number of deaths per 100,000 Brits so far this year is far from the highest of recent years. If you believe Matt Hancock or Mad Dog Mark Drakeford, there is an epidemic of deaths on a monumental scale and to stop that we must wreck the economy, destroy civil liberties etc. You should not believe either of these charlatans.  Their next excuse for lockdown is that we must save the NHS which, they claim, is swamped. That too is a just a monstrous porky.

Where are the Nightingale Hospitals that were built at great cost in March? The answer is that all have either been shut down or lie empty.  What about overall NHS bed utilisation rates?  They stand at 89%. That is too high – the NHS says it really wants to be at below 85%. But demand peaks at this time of year; in 2019 at this point, NHS utilisation rates were 95%. Yes, that is right: there were far fewer beds empty a year ago than there are today!

In London, which is now in Tier 3, the situation is even more remarkable. In 17 of its 18 hospitals, occupancy rates are lower than in both 2019 and 2018!  But we must sacrifice our jobs, our savings, our businesses, our cancer tests and so much more just to “protect the NHS”.

When the Covid farce is over, folks like Hancock, Johnson and Drakeford need to be held to account for telling the most monstrous of lies as they ruined countless lives. And the media classes, especially at the accursed BBC, need to explain exactly why they failed to expose these lies and instead opted to swim in the same GroupThink pool as the politicians.

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