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Remind me why I go to jail if I DO NOT fund an organisation that engages in blood libel against the Jews?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 16 April 2021

Yes, of course that organisation is the state funded broadcaster and purveyor of very unfunny woke comedy, the BBC. You know the sort of comedy where a black comedienne makes a joke about killing all white people and the audience laughs because genocide is such a laughing matter. This time the programme is Have I got More News for You where actor David Tennant told a witty scripted gag about how, in Israel, only Jews get the covid vaccine and Arabs don’t. Okay it is not funny at all and it is also 100% untrue. It is just another blood libel from the woke left about those pesky Jews.

All folks living within Israel’s borders get to vote, serve in the army, get equal access to covid jabs and can go on the annual Pride parade in Tel Aviv.  Perhaps Mr Tennant confuses Israel with Palestinian controlled Gaza and the West Bank where Israel is specifically prohibited from getting involved in healthcare but has none the less gone in to help folks get vaccinated because that is the decent thing to do. Note to Mr Tennant: Gaza and the West Bank are also the places where gays have to emigrate, to Israel, because being gay is still something that can lead to criminal charges or being murdered.

Anyone doing a simple check on google would have seen that what Tennant said was factually inaccurate but nobody bothered.  Boy how the scriptwriters must have jerked off as they notched up some more point scoring against those bastard Israelis. Hell, who cares, it is only the Jews after all and what is wrong with promoting another blood libel?

Of course, if I object to paying for this vile material via the £157.50 annual license, whether I watch any of the BBC’s output or not, I risk jail.  Welcome to Britain 2021 where you have to fund state sponsored Jew hate or risk jail. Of course the BBC could accept that this is a horrible mistake, sack the scriptwriters responsible and apologise. I am not holding my breath for that, are you? This sad episode is yet another reason to #DefundtheBBC

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