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Anne Boleyn was straight and white whatever the TV says

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 3 June 2021

When it comes to historical dramas, the liberal luvvies are determined to out as LGBT as many folks as possible even if those folks are manifestly straight. Ask any school kid today what they know about Queen Anne and the few who have the foggiest will tell you, following the movie, The Favourite, that she was a rampant lesbian. Maybe the odd kid will say that Queen Anne was a racist because she was involved in slavery.

That slavery thing would in fact be a lucky guess which is correct as I noted HERE. But then school kids today are taught that everyone in the old days was involved in slavery and was an out and out racist so maybe it is not such a lucky guess after all. As I noted a while back, Queen Anne became pregnant 17 times by her husband in between all that completely non-existent rampant lesbianism.

And that brings us to Anne Boleyn who cannot be guilty of racism or indeed homophobia because she was a black bisexual. Well I never. The things that I was never taught at school.

We discover this in a new drama series on Channel 5 which covers the last months of Anne’s life in 1536 and features her snogging the next Queen after her, Jane Seymour. Anne is played by an actress of colour. The Independent says that it is “debatable whether the series as a whole truly adds anything new to its heroine’s legacy.”

That is somewhat of an understatement. It is a drama but it is fiction, not history. The trouble is that kids today do not study real history. At GCSE, it is the history of medicine, the Wild West and, of course, the Nazis. At A Level, it is more Nazis and something else. And thus, for many kids, the closest they will come to studying the period which made England protestant and so shaped our entire history is watching a TV series which shows that Anne Boleyn was a black lesbian.

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