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Reporting FACTS not allowed if they disprove the Group Think covid narrative – LinkedIn rejects my appeal

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 9 February 2022

Earlier today I reported how, in an Orwellian fashion, LinkedIn had censored a link to THIS ARTICLE reporting hard data on covid spread rates in two states, Texas and California. The only logical explanation for the data is that mask usage makes no real difference to spread rates. 

LinkedIn said that reporting these facts was “misinformation” and warned me that if I continued to do say my access to LinkedIn would be restricted. I appealed the decision and have just had a response:

After taking a second look, we confirmed your content goes against our Professional Community Policies,

We understand that this might not be the response you wanted, but we work to apply our policies in a fair and consistent way for all of our members.

Thanks again for being part of the LinkedIn community.


So if I report hard data showing mask mandates do not work but state that we should all wear masks to make everyone safer anyway, that would be a falsehood, an illogical assertion based on the data but my article would not be censored.  How LinkedIn can regard such censorship of hard fact as  being “fair and consistent” defies belief. What it is saying is that facts do not matter, you cannot challenge the Group Think.

Its staff would gain rapid promotion in the Ministry of Truth.

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