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Syria – whose side are we on today? Our leaders are clueless and do not speak for me

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 24 September 2014

Last summer I argued that the West’s policy towards Syria was madness. I feel more than vindicated but madness has led to greater madness. Back in 2013 President Assad was the bad guy. The Western press, egged on by the vile Clinton woman, President Obama, Call Me Dave, the War Criminal Blair and others argued that he was so wicked we had a duty to arm the rebels, which we duly did. I pointed out here that many of these rebels were Islamofascist nutters who hated us and that this was an error. 

I also noted how both sides in Syria committed atrocities and that I could not play God in saying whose side we should be on. But our leaders knew better and armed the rebels including folks who are now fighting with ISIS. Yes, we assisted ISIS. We gave these nutters our weapons.

Watching TV now it seems that we are bombing the shit out of ISIS, the main force fighting evil President Assad. But we are also still arming and training anti Assad forces who are deemed “moderate”. Whatever.

ISIS will not be destroyed by death raining down from the skies. Its fighters will already have dispersed. Sure we will kill some of these loathsome murderers but we will also kill a good few innocent Muslims as well. Syria is now the 7th Muslim Country President Obama has bombed since winning the Nobel Peace Prize. That is not a point lost on the Islamofascists as they recruit disaffected Muslim youth across the world. In that battle for hearts and minds the West’s increasingly clueless intervention is not helping our cause at all.

When Britain starts bombing, as I am sure it will do so soon, it will not make its citizens any safer. The reverse is true. To make us safer we should withdraw from this mess and if Muslim wishes to kill Muslim so be it. They can do it without our intervention. And to show that we do condemn those who have the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Muslims on their hands, to reach out to the Muslim community, we should be putting those responsible for our illegal war in Iraq on trial for war crimes. Yes Mr Blair, I refer to you.

Britain will bomb whoever our enemy in Syria is this week, within days. I am as ashamed of that intervention as I was of our decision to arm one side in that conflict last year. Call Me Dave does not speak for me as he causes needless bloodshed for which no-one will thank us.

The Syria mess is straight from 1984. Knocking out ISIS is fantastic news for Assad. Our leaders know that. But we are not at war with Eurasia, we were never at war with Eurasia.

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