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Clinton, Obama, Beltway Bernie and the GOP Country Clubbers play the racism card but it wont stop Trump

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 13 March 2016

Things are getting desperate for the political establishment. The polls suggest that after the Florida and Ohio primaries on Tuesday, The Donald will be a slam dunk cert to get the GOP nomination. Then - with the Democrat contest rigged by establishment super-delegates, proof once again that the left doesn't trust the little people to handle democracy by themselves - we are all set for Trump vs Clinton in the General Election.

Right now polls show Clinton winning but it is within the margin or error. And with all sorts of skeletons in Clinton's closet, some of which might just lead to an impeachment, it is still far from a slam dunk that the insurgents will be defeated by the establishment this time around. Sure, the Beltway classes, big businesses like Monsanto and the military-industrial complex, Wall Street and the Mainstream media are lining up for Hillary. But America has never been angrier with the establishment and Trump is a lightening rod for that anger.

The establishment is desperate to stop Trump and thus showing this is a last resort it has played the racism card this weekend. We were spectators at a show of unity involving career politicians from the left , led by Mrs Clinton, Obama and Beltway Bernie and from the right, lead by Cruz, Rubio and the twins of defeat McCain and Romney. Has Trump said anything more racist than before in recent days? No. Perhaps that is why in the GOP primaries he is winning not just among white voters but also among blacks and hispanics.

There have, of course, been protests at his rallies as liberals tried to shut him down. As I noted earlier this will only make him more popular. Most of the protestors are white middle class young folks. A liberal arts graduate student at a good college might feel good about screaming about how Trump supports "white privilege". But the thousands of white manual workers laid off across the rust belt or white farm workers now without jobs or hope across middle America are not really feeling that privilege. Those folks have been ignored by the politicial establishment for years and they are pissed off and will flock to Trump on Tuesday and at the General Election that follows, however much the establishment and their ivy league college educated kids scream "racism."

While the sons and daughters of the Establishment go to college to learn that Donald Trump is a racist and that all hispanics and blacks must loathe him, the white sons and daughters of rust belt America and the black and Hispanic kids from the poorer areas sign up to the military as a way out. It is they who are coming back from Iraq minus limbs or in body bags. Trump is the only candidate who opposes these pointless foreign wars. Perhaps that is another reason he is going to win big time on Tuesday.

The insurgency has momentum. The establishment is terrified.

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