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Lesbians For Donald Trump - Beltway liberal Kylie Morris of C4 News is very confused indeed

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 16 March 2016

Out on the stump in a working class town in Ohio, one could sense the discomfort of Channel 4 News reporter Kylie Morris as she encountered rust belt workers from the real world. Gosh they paint their dogs in funny colours for St Patrick's Day she noted. I am sure she thought it all rather naff, rather white van man, but didn't quite say that on camera. But then salvation for Ms Morris as she stumbled across two big fat lesbians. However, much to the consertanation of the beltway liberal the bull dykes were voting for Trump.

But, an uncompreheding Kylie stammered: what about what he says about the blacks and the hispanics? For her narrative is that of the middle class liberal. That is to say all minorities are oppressed and all need to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Big State looking after them.

For folks like Kylie, as I have noted before in her lamentable coverage of the US election, there are of course problems. What about the large number of hispanics and blacks who have lived the American Dream, worked hard, joined the middle classes and vote not only for the GOP but in some cases for Trump? What about those nice brown men who rather blow the liberal narrative apart as they demand the excecution of homos in the name of Islam? What about the clear tensions in the ghetto between poor blacks and poor hispanics, the turf wars?

We can gloss over all of that if, like Kylie, we live in the beltway where are the minorirties are rich, liberal and middle class and the only intolerance shown is to that real minority in such areas, Republicans.

As Kylie asked the two lesbians about the blacks and hispanics I prayed that one of the two would say "FFS we are lesbians at a St Patrick's Day Parade, cant you see we are not black or hispanic, stop patronising us by assuming all minorities are the same you silly cow."

Sadly the lesbians were not quite that eloquent but merely suggested that Trump spoke up for them and would get their vote. That is to say Trump appeared to care about white working and lower middle class people in the flyover states, in the rust belt, folks who have got poorer since 2008 whilst the East & West Coast dined out on funny money, QE and asset bubbles.

Trump has a message, perhaps the wrong message but a message none the less, for such folks and unlike all the Beltway political class folks with whom Kylie mixes that makes him stand out. Trump does not make a big issue of whom someone chooses to have sex with, he leaves it to the liberals like Kylie to regard such folks as different.

But they are not are they? Without obsessing about betwee the sheets action as do the Democrats, Trump is simply reaching out to a whole section of society hitherto ignored by Replulicans and taken for granted by Democrats. And guess what Kylie, some working class folks are gay and lesbian as well as working in a factory. Not all homos work in the meduia, liberal arts or in restaurants.

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