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Not ALL who support Brexit are racist, but all racists support Brexit says Lefty group Avraaz in last awful smear

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 22 June 2016

Left wing pressure group Avraaz claims to have two million Britons on its mailing list and has tonight emailed them with one last desperate smear on behalf of the "Remain" camp. Having already used the murder of Jo Cox MP to smear Brexit within hours of the killing this marks a new shocking low.

In its emailing Avraaz states:

But many leave campaigners are more honest and open that this vote is significant because it's the "last chance that Britons will have to decide the future of Britain". By Britons, they mean people that are ethnically, well, mostly English. Immigration has and will change the face of the UK. Many, especially older white men, are uncomfortable with that. If anything, that is the honest, straight up choice in this vote. Is England for the English? An ethnic state? Or is England part of the UK, a modern civic nation that embraces Europeans, and people of any background that choose to live by our laws?

This is partly why, while not all Brexiters are racists, all racists are Brexiters.

Are you horrified? I am. There is absolutely no evidence for any of the claims. The last line is laughable. If the polls are correct then the result will be 47-53% either way. Is Avraaz saying that not one racist is voting Remain? Yes that is what it is saying. And is it saying that most of those who are voting Leave ( "not all" implies most" are racist? That is to say at least 26% of the population? That is indeed what it is saying.

The message here is clear. If you vote Brexit tomorrow you must be a racist. This is just loathsome smearing from among the first groups to use the dead body of Jo Cox to smear Brexit. I support may of the liberal aims of Avraaz - which is why I am on its mailing list - but its recent mailings show that the folks that run this grouping are just loathsome and vile.

With the polls shifting in the last day or so towards Leave this obscene slur on more than a quarter of the British population is also a sign of real panic in Project Smear.

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