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I can no longer support Jeremy Corbyn - are we yet organised for Tories4Eagle?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 30 June 2016

It does not matter who gets to lead the Tory party. Hitman Boris Johnson may be out of the race but his pal Michael Gove is in and it looks as if it is neck and neck between the Gover or Euro traitor and Sharia law in Britain supporter Theresa May. Theresa, don't have my arm chopped off for saying this but here's hoping it is Gove. But it does not matter. Seriously the Tories could pick Roy Hodgson as their leader or even bring back Dodgy Dave and they would still win the next election

We loyalists who joined the People's Party last summer to help get Comrade Corbyn elected have done a sterlintg job as it appears that within a year of us manning the barricades in fraternal solidarity with our comrade workers, the Labour party may either split in two or plausibly oust comrade Corbyn and engage in fratricide. It is all a very entertaining summer panto.

Earlier today I noted how Comrade Corbyn's Jew baiting meant he had to go but who to replace him as the leader of the National Socialist & Workers Party.

Over the weekend I pointed out that Angela Eagle's performance in the referendm was so dire that she made Corbyn look like Churchill. True to form, for a party with a death wish, Ms Eagle is now being touted as the candidate to bring the party together. Game on.

If there is one person more certain to ensure Labour's electoral oblivion than the beareded old commie, it is the sour faced, humourless, half witted Ms Eagle who on every issue under the sun is even more out of touch with the Labour core vote than Comrade Jezza.

And thus, I am sorry to say dear Leader Comrade Jeremy, that I must withdraw my support for you. It is not the Jew baiting that was the final straw although that was awful, it is just the realisation that in Comrade Eagle we have someone even better than you to lead the People's Party over an electoral cliff.

Comrade Eagle I am now your loyal supporter and await orders.

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