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Democracy hating Labour MEP Clare Moody lies about Brexit to party members in email tonight

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 3 August 2016

The way that the middle class elite in the Labour Party views the way ordinary Britons, including millions of Labour voters, feel is demonstrated explicitly in an email just sent by senior MEP Clare Moody to party members tonight. Quite simply Ms Moody hates democracy when ordinary folks vote the wrong way.

Ms Moody writes:

It has now been a while since the referendum and I have been slowly working through the hundreds of letters from constituents in response to the result and asking what impact Brexit will have on their lives.

This is certainly not the result that we as the Labour Party wanted or campaigned for. I want to thank all of you that put in countless hours out on the doorstep, leafleting and on street stalls; campaigning to remain in the EU.

The Leave campaign was fought on the basis of a series of untruths and, consequently, the mandate from the result was unclear.

er... so because Clare says Leave told untruths and that Remain told truths (like an increased danger of WW3 or that interest rates would rocket at once?) the mandate is "unclear". Bollocks. The mandate was explicit. By 52% to 48% in the biggest poll in the history of the UK we voted to leave the EU.

For Clare to argue otherwise because she(a Remainer) reckons her side told the truth and the others did not sends the message again that the elite do not think that we plebs are bright enough to know what is best for us. It is this sort of patronising tosh that encouraged many folk to vote for Brexit and that is seeing surging support for non- establishment candidates across the world from the loathsome Le Pen in France to The Donald in the USA.

I suppose in that vein we should not discourage Clare from keeping up her good work.

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