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Lifelong Democrat Kirk Douglas compares Donald Trump to Hitler - the Hollywood liberals are rattled

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 24 September 2016

Twitter is ablaze with excitement that Kirk Douglas, who I must admit that I had assumed was brown bread, has come out in support of Hillary Clinton. Better still the veteran actor has made comparisons between Donald Trump and Hitler. Jeepers, the millennials and metropolitan liberals are excited.

Of course Douglas has been a lifelong Democrat. For eighty years the old boy has pulled the Dem lever at election time however utterly useless the Democrat candidate was. George McGovern, yup Douglas backed him in 1972. Mondale in 1984 had Kirk onside and that Dukakis chap, who got wiped by Daddy Bush in 1988 was backed by Mr Douglas and Bruce Springsteen,but by more or less nobody else across the  entire United States.

Heck the Dems could run a war mongering candidate who lies repeatedly about almost everything, is involved in a raft of financial scandals and FBI probes and is not medically fit to run a dog pound and Kirk Douglas would still back that candidate. Oh hang on...that is exactly what he has just done. Yet the millennials still reckon this celebrity endorsement will swing votes.

As for the Hitler comparison that rather smacks of desperation does it not? When the Dems start slating the Republican candidate on a daily basis as a racist you know that is just par for the course. White liberals like Matt Frei tell black people that they are racist if they vote Republican because rich white liberals just know so much more about the world than the black people themselves. Go on Matt you go tell the niggers what is best for them and what they SHOULD be thinking and then thank the Lord (not that you believe in him) that you were born a superior white liberal.

But the Hitler comparisons are just so OTT that you know the Hollywood and Democrat elites are now running very scared indeed...they are now accepting that the great unwashed are threatening to vote the "wrong way".

When they start accusing Trump of eating babies that will be a final admission of defeat but for now they are still fighting so will just stick to the Hitler jibes.

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