Friday April 26, 2019
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Diane Abbott brands my wife a racist for backing Brexit.. whatever

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- Tom Winnifrith

According to Labour Health Secretary and rentaquote lardbucket Diane Abbott the 17 million folks who voted for Brexit did so because "they wanted to see fewer foreign looking people on the streets". Brexit voter = racist. Interesting.

Just before the vote I was at a party for the 50th wedding anniversary of my wife's parents who, as it happens, were both born in India and are clearly people of colour. One thing that struck me as we chatted away was how many people in the wider family were planning to vote for Brexit. My wife voted for Brexit as did her sister. Even her husband who did not have the vote as he is Greek supported Brexit. Polls show that across the Labour heartlands large numbers of other folks of colour voted to leave.

In the simple analysis of Diane Abbott my wife, all those other folks of colour and millions of working class white Labour voters are now all racists. In fact, there are many reasons why folks voted for Brexit and there are many reasons why Labour is languishing in the polls.

I suspect that having a woman who sent her son to a selective school but wants to stop the rest of us having that opportunity via grammar schools, lecturing us all that if we don't think as she does on Europe we are all racists, is not going to reverse the erosion of Labour support. Nor will it make those 17 million people branded racists like The Mrs regret voting for Brexit.

It might however make the Mrs contemplate abandoning the party of which she is a member and which she has voted for. since she was 18 Clearly folk like her are not wanted by Labour any more.


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