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148 days ago

As they say #BoycottPizzaHut, the Jew haters will soon realise they really don't have much choice when it comes to pizza

As you can see below #BoycottPizzaHut is trending on twitter as the company seems to be happy to do business with Israel. The Jew haters will instead be flocking to Domino’s Pizza. Wait till they find out which company has 33 stores in Israel and is also happy to feed the evil Jews. I guess if you are antisemite pizza will soon be off the menu altogether… 


163 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My most read article for two years

Yes I refer to this one. Outside the paywall it will not earn me a cent but if it effects change, that is to say forcing Lush not to side with the Jew haters at a time like this, then that is what I became a journalist to do. It is pleasing to see my story now appearing today in the MSM, my job on this one is done. On the podcast I look at Avacta (AVCT) – statement needed – Regtech Open (RTOP) – ditto – Upland Resources (UPL) – ditto -  Eneraqua (ETP) and in detail at Amaroq (AMRQ) where i averaged up a few weeks ago and see the shares doubling from here. 


169 days ago

My heroes of 2023, around 250 of them, the hostages kidnapped by Hamas

We do not know how any of these 250 folk are still alive. Some have been murdered, some have been raped, some are known to being used as a human shield around the rat-hole where Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is hiding out. My 250 heroes of the year are the around 250 folks men, women, kids, a baby, kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.  They have been held in unspeakable conditions and suffer every day. Some have been released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners convicted of terror offences.


433 days ago

I really hate dates but I am going to Tesco to buy some from Israel

Listen to what these “activists” say in the video below as they desecrate and hide Israeli dates in Tesco. Words like genocide are the sort of words which mark the “activists” out as full blown jew haters. I really don’t like dates much but I shall be heading to Tesco to buy some fine Israeli dates as soon as I can and I suggest that you do to. 


1131 days ago

Reasons to #DefundTheBBC No 890 – Radio 4’s Today Programme Israel baiting

In a grotesque error of judgement, I found myself listening to Radio 4’s Today programme at 8.30 this morning for its BBC news bulletin. I expected #fakenews but was shocked by what I heard as the state broadcaster turned to events in Israel.


1965 days ago

How the Jew haters of the Belfast Palestine Solidarity Campaign celebrated Holocaust Memorial Day - odious bastards

In certain circles Jew hatred is acceptable, as I noted yesterday. Thus on Sunday, while most of us remembered six million Jews laughted by the Nazis some folks made joks equating Israel,  the Jewish state to the Nazis. Words almost fail me when I see the cartoon below.


2154 days ago

The must wear badge for Jew haters at Labour movement rally

The quite revolting badge below was on sale at the Tolpuddle rally at the weekend, addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and attended by the great and good of the Labour movement. If this is not offensive and anti semitic what is? But did Corbyn et al object or do anything about it? Natch they did not. And they wonder why Jewish folk have a problem with Labour?


2273 days ago

She escaped the Nazis as a child but the Jew Haters got Mirielle Knoll today

Aged nine, Mirielle Knoll somehow managed to evade the SS and their, depressingly enthusiastic, French collaborators as they rounded up 13,000 Parisian Jews and took them to the Vel' d'Hiv cycling track from where they were sent on a one way trip to Auschwitz. Mirielle survived the war. 


2366 days ago

Nikki Haley and Donald Trump on fire - why indeed give taxpayers cash to America bashers and Jew Haters?

The US Congress has been demanding that America move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem for two decades. The American People overwhelmingly support it. And in Donald Trump the US finally has a President who on this matter delivered as he promised. Bush, Obama and Clinton just promised (to win votes) and reneged. Where America sites its embassy in the only democracy in the Middle East its business.


2491 days ago

What do I have in common with Melanie Phillips? we are Jew haters - the moment the bonkers left admits defeat

For those who do not know of Super Mel she is one of Britain's best known Jewish columnists and has written wonderful stuff for decades on anti-semitism and on the State of Israel. For the avoidance of doubt she opposes the former but supports the latter - which is also my view. She is a true heroine of mine. I have also written extensively on these topics over many years. I know that on the day of judgement St Peter will find many faults with me but on this count I reckon I do fairly well unless, rather surprisingly, St Peter stands with Ken Livingstone on these issues. But oh no, both Mel and I are Jew haters.


2502 days ago

As the Left Embraces Jew hating, idiotic Anne Frank Center does its best to piss off its remaining friends

Mark Steyn wrote a funny piece a few years ago about why it would soon be hard to perform a play about Anne Frank in her native Holland. Steyn reasoned that as the German troops marched on stage looking for the little Jewish girl who was hiding in the attic, the audience would start shouting out "she's hiding in the attic, she's up there."


2962 days ago

Labour and the Jew haters... Hamas speaks up for Corbyn and against the zionists

Comparing Israeli and former West Ham soccer star Yossi Benayoun to Hitler's Nazis, suggesting the evil Jews need to go to America, the tweets and quotes from Labour activists that demonstrate clear hatred of the Jews go on and on. As things stand five of the comrades face an enquiry but that list will grow. With each new revelation the idea of voting Labour becomes ever more unthinkable. But at least Jeremy Corbyn still has some friends...

I refer, of course, to Hamas,


2992 days ago

The Dutch stick two fingers up to the EU, the bullshit excuses flow thick & fast: Newspeak 1984 from Brussels

And so the Dutch referendum on the EU's Trade treaty with the Jew hating Government of the Ukraine has seen a resounding 64% no vote - the opinion polls again under-estimated scepticism as some "shy voters" did not dare admit to politically incorrect views in liberal Holland. Naturally the EU and the Dutch "inners" were across the media last night explaining why this vote does not appear what it seems. It was a classic of Orwellian newspeak. Thus we were told:

The turnout was low (32%) and a spokesman for the inners told Newsnight that most of those who did not vote were on his side. So really it was a win for the EU.



2993 days ago

Will the Dutch People stick two fingers up to the EU today? My fingers are crossed

The Dutch are holding the sort of referendum the EU loves today. That is to say the result is non-binding so if the little people vote the "wrong way" their leaders in Holland and their masters at the EU can go ahead and do what they want and ignore them anyway. Welcome to democracy EU style. But the vote could be a snub to Brussels and for that reason lets pray for a No result.


3003 days ago

Twitter idiot rather than racist Matthew Doyle and Britain's 1984 Police State of Political Correctness

It will not take you long to find images on the internet of folks holding up placards in London demanding the beheading of those who offend Islam or with a Swastika daubed over the Star of David. Arguably such actions could be described as an incitement to racial hatred but if you search for details of those charged you will find no such records exist. On the other hand last week Matthew Doyle, a 46 year old idiot from Croydon tweeted


3290 days ago

Weekly postcard #116 - mingling with the fake charities and Jew haters at the Bristol Refugee fair

The Mrs took me along to the Bristol Refugee fair today. The stalls were almost all manned by "fake charities". Before you explode listen to the podcast to see how a fake charity is defined. I choose my words carefully. There were also two stalls urging me to boycott Israel. Those manning them may not be actual Jew haters but the way that they totally ignore a series of hard facts to make ludicrous claims makes them sound like Jew haters. The whole affair disgusted me. I am sympathetic to genuine refugees and would like to see reforms to make it easier for them to seek refuge in the UK. But the actions and lies of those present today make it impossible for me to make common cause with them. To those who make common cause with the Jew haters never study history?


3620 days ago

So who thinks that the Jews are cockroaches? Who are you backing? Israel or Hamas?

I noted the other day that there is no moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel. Hamas fires rockets to kill Jews. It does not target it just wishes to kill Jews. Israel sends in planes to target rockets. The fact that Hamas puts its rickets in schools, hospitals and residential areas means that Israel kills civilians. Hamas uses its own people as a human shield. Hamas seeks civilian death, Israel seeks merely to prevent civilian death.

Yet still folks here in Britain line up to defend Hamas and attack Israel. Have they watched the latest Hamas video posted on YouTube (now removed) in Hebrew? It is a war song including the line:


3843 days ago

I appear to have been evicted from the Linkedin UKIP Group

My crimes? Questioning the party’s immigration policies and also its Jew hating “friends of Palestine Group”.  UKIP claims to be a libertarian party. Hmmmmm. I was never a party member but now I cannot even see the rants of the faithful on its LinkedIn page.

Libertarians tend to believe in free speech. Libertarians do not want the Jews driven into the sea. Libertarians do not want to restrict free movement of people in search of work. Libertarians would reform the welfare state in order to stop folk moving just to live on welfare but also to deal with indigenous welfare junkies. UKIP is about as Libertarian as Genghis Khan.

So I have now been booted out of LinkedIn UKIP ( having refused suggestions that I stop writing any criticism of the party at all) as well as UKIP Friends of Greece. My crime there was to suggest that Greece was corrupt and an economic basket case and that Albania (low tax, relatively honest) was a role model for poor Hellas.

I also got stick in the West Ham LinkedIn Group for wanting to fire Fat Sam Allardyce last season. I sense now that my views on that matter are now rather mainstream. But at least the West Ham LinkedIn group allows free speech. You can question and criticize. I guess the Cockney Boys are the only true libertarians left on LinkedIn.


3892 days ago

Israelis hate black people – crude video propaganda and lies for the Jew Haters

I am barraged on twitter by folks challenging me to watch a video that shows that Israel is a nation of black hating racists and then to defend the Jewish State. I do so willingly because this is a crude and manipulative piece of propaganda which will be used by those who loathe Israel if not just all the Jews. It needs to be exposed.

The video appears on a website (The Electronic Intifada) which purports to give you “all the news from Palestine every day”. Hmmmm. So I see plenty of stories about what the wicked frigging Jews are up to. What about the 171 million tonnes of aid sent by Israel into Gaza last month? What about the rockets fired onto Israeli schools? What about the gays buried alive in concrete by Hamas in Gaza? I guess it was a busy news day/week/year so not time to give us that news. 

So we start with the FACT that the website relaying this video is not exactly 100% balanced in its coverage. You can link to the website and that video HERE

The website then bleats about how the New York Times refused to run the video. It “did not dare”. Hmmm. Is that all part of a global Jewish conspiracy or perhaps just because it is grotesquely misleading? Those bloody Jews they control everything don’t they? Come on, I am sure you know that the frigging Jews run all the media. And the banks. 

Well done the NY Timesfor not running a video which is, at best , crap journalism and, at worst, vile propoganda. 

The video tells the story of the 60,000 Africans who since 2006 have fled all the undoubted miseries that lie in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, etc. and “with the European Union having closed its doors to illegal immigrants have gone to the next best place, Israel.” Jump forward and the next scenes show Israeli politicians saying they will deal with the “infiltrators” and some Israelis making openly racist remarks about the Africans. We see Africans in camps. Natural conclusion: Israel hates the blacks. Those frigging Jews they have learned nothing from the Holocaust and just hate darkies don’t they?

Except that this is not actually the whole picture. Rewind to the 1980s