North Wales

81 days ago

Really torn on how to vote today here in Wrexham

The only poll is for the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. I have no idea who the (Labour) incumbent is but I know that the Police are beyond useless. When a man hired by an investor in a fraud I was exposing threatened to get me, said he was an ex Israeli army soldier and was just a couple of miles away, the Police refused to act to protect me and my family. When Julie Meyer, wanted by the High Court with an arrest warrant, said my articles exposing her crimes were harassment, the Filth came to interview me. But if I do 23 MPH I know I will be clocked and punished. So, to say that I hold North Wales Police in utter contempt would be an understatement.


478 days ago

Back to Lake Vyrnwy, the parched Welsh lakes & The Guardian warning of dried out rivers – anyone guess the latest data?

Back in August of last year the sight of a parched Lake Vyrnwy in the hills about an hour from where I live was a posterboy for those predicting more and more droughts thanks to man made global warming.  As someone who remembers my local reservoir drying up in 1976 but refilling very quickly the next year I thought that this was media bull at the time and with data from United Utilities and a site visit I have demonstrated a number of times that I was right and the MSM was talking GroupThink cock. But the mainstream media has not apologised, indeed over at the Guardian they have doubled down.


565 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - the flood waters rise but my earthworks from 2022 hold firm

Listeners to my bearcasts on Shareprophets know that I am set to plague the press office of United Utilities with obscure enquiries about reservoir levels here in North Wales. Here in the Dee valley the waters are rising as they always do at this time of year and always have done with or without the global warming spoof.  The apple orchard in photo one is now underwater but I plugged holes in the small levee last year and so the waters are yet to get to the base of the new elevated lawn and Ha Ha I built. And that structure is holding back the waters in the fields, now all underwater, so protecting the barns. So far so good and according to plan.


707 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is still moving house

I am delighted to say that Malcolm has now moved the contents of his 26 room South Wales seaside mansion to his new home in North Wales in a carbon net zero worker friendly manner. Unfortunately…


775 days ago

New star speaker announced for ShareStock on September 10 – watch out Argo Blockchain!

I am pleased to announce the 5th of our six main stage speakers. Do join us for Sharestock, the share show with an all-day bar, held in North Wales (by 30 yards). Joining me, Gabriel Grego, Chris Bailey, Lucian Miers and 4 CEOs is…


811 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - for the second time in 3 months, North Wales Police call regarding my "sins"

Last time, the complainant was anonymous; this time, it was Julie Meyer. I describe my chat. Suffice to say that Ms “sex toy on expenses” Meyer will again be frustrated. I contrast these Police visits with the way they failed me when I exposed the Chill Brands (CHLL) fraud, and was then harassed and smeared – I wonder how the guilty men, notably those at Buchanan Communications, feel this afternoon. Today, I deserve a shed load of ouzo after numerous triumphs and, in turn, I look at Chill, Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Bidstack (BIDS) and Vast Resources (VAST). Actually, I am joking about the ouzo: the kids and I are off to buy a hosepipe extension, some lavender plants, and an ice cream for Joshua. That is our reward.


1203 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Interrupted by the North Wales Police

As you may imagine, I have spent a bit of time today chatting with the Police.  In a bearcast with a brief interruption for this reason, I discuss Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Tern (TERN), Block Commodities (BLCC) which exposes the moral bankruptcy of those who would shut us down – Versarien (VRS) and Eurasia Mining (EUA).


1287 days ago

Feck off Boris Johnson, Feck off Mark Drakeford: Birthday photo article of the Winnifrith multi-crime family

It is my birthday so the entire family became a criminal family to celebrate. I reckon it was five crimes under the new lockdown laws and with the Orwellian North Wales Police and the Orwellian West Mercia rozzers to cope with it, it is lucky we were not all arrested and deported to Australia. In order we:


1389 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Now less than 2 hours to make it across the border

Lockdown in our part of Wales starts in just under two hours. The Mrs has already escaped to England with Joshua. I am staying here but need some supplies so must rush to get them from a store where they don’t make you wear a face nappy before the North Wales fuzz sets up roadblocks on the bridges over the River Dee. Before my Dukes of Hazard style contraband run, I discuss various conspiracy theories over Rolls Royce (RR.) and IAG (IAG). I look at the massive issues now hanging over Verditek (VDTK) as I expose its latest desperate ramping and another past lie. Finally, Dev Clever (DEV), what is going on with Asimilar (ASLR) and Mark Horrocks as its share price slides again.


1522 days ago

I really will struggle to do 33.3 miles but Woodlarks must get £48,000 -please donate today

Because of the wholly unnecessary Coronavirus lockdown there is no mass Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk as planned on June 13. Instead I shall walk alone for 33.3 miles around the three biggest fields here at the Welsh Hovel.  And having done little training I am not in great shape – I am going to struggle. But I MUST finish as Woodlarks needs £48,000 just to survive so please do sponsor me HERE.As a reminder…


1571 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - Coronavirus blocks walk

So far the Betsi Cadwalldr health district seems to have been relatively unaffected by the Coronavirus. But there have been deaths around here in North Wales and there are many more folks who have caught Covid 19 and survived. In order to boost my immune system to improve my odds if I do catch it, I take Joshua for a walk each day first over our fields and then further on along the River Dee on the Welsh side and heading downstream.