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105 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - a twice a day ritual

Last night it was rhubarb as you can see below. This morning it was a sheet of the last green tomatoes, sliced. Tonight more of the tomatoes. And so it goes on day after day, until there will be nothing left to flash freeze.


163 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh hovel - jam tomorrow

We have one damson tree here at the Welsh hovel up in the vegetable patch. It overhangs the road down to the hovel and you know when the fruit are ripe as they spatter onto the road and your car crunches over them as you drive in or out. There was a second tree alongside it but the gales took it and I have planted a cherry tree in its stead. For there is already a second source of damsons. My neighbours have a tree which leans over into our garden so we are allowed to pick its fruit too. Our neighbours are in their nineties and their needs are not that great.


356 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - starting work on creating a blackberry and blackthorn hedge

No doubt yesterday’s small fire will get blasted on the village facebook site since it was in direct view of teenage mutant curtain twitcher Abi Lancelotte. For I am hard at work removing a thick wall of bramble that runs either side of a drainage ditch seperatng oiur top field with the main field. Cutting this tangled mess back with a strimmer is is bloody hard work and I fear that it will take me two or three weeks to get it all sorted. 


475 days ago

Photo article - a view from the graveyard with the last blackberries of 2021 as I ponder a year since my father's death: Ha-ha!

Actually, I had not given it much thought which I feel rather ashamed about. I was aware that today was the day but the last 48 hours of childcare have been rather manic and I just want to get to the end of this day without another crisis. My baby daughter Jaya is still not well enough to go to nursery but I was meant to be relieved at one O’Clock today. However..


1257 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - starting on a late blackberry crop with Joshua

Young Joshua loves blackberries. But it seems that the summer rains mean that this year’s crop is late. So we have scoured the numerous bushes around the Welsh Hovel and in its fields and most are still green or red. But God works in mysterious ways…


1637 days ago

Photo Article: More Blackberries Daddy! Daddy Blackberries yes!

The photos below may suggest that Social Services should be called regarding young Joshua. The truth is blackberries. Whenever we walk and he spots one we are off. On the way home from nursery there is an enormous bush on the side path we take. This snap is after a six mile walk on Sunday along the river Avon. hand over five or six blackberries and he does not devour one at a time but just pushes the whole lot towards his mouth and stuffs them in. Then almost at one there is a cry of "More blackberries Daddy! Daddy Blackberries Yes" which is repeated until a fresh source above the dog wee line is located.