125 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: the flood waters rise to within 34 cm of the all time recorded high

Yesterday afternoon the Dee hit 8.98 metres, 34 centimetres off its stated all time high in 2001. At that point the local measuring station stopped taking measurements leaving us having to guess which way the waters were heading. Actually I think the river was higher last February but the NRW website is just wrong.  But as you can see below the waters were high. The waters were in the farmyard, in our back garden about a yard from the steps, and if you left the farmyard and went into the fields the waters were everywhere.


731 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel, water, water everywhere

The flood waters are now more or less static at c9 metres down at the bridge so that is high but not at record levels. Here at the Welsh Hovel the first three photos are from the garden. Inlast year’s record high floods the waters reached right up to the back doorstep. This time they are merely in the bottom reaches of the lawn but they stretch for miles.


919 days ago

Another victory over the curtain twitchers here in Holt Wales: my land works get a blessing

Twice someone in the village of Holt has snitched on me to the authorities about the dramatic land reclamation underway here at the Welsh Hovel. Removing all that asbestos, old tyres, scrap iron, bitumen and ripping up concrete paving so as to improve flood drainage, and demolishing rusted old lean too barns. Some folks think that spending a five figure sum on this is the act of a total and utter bastard. Well: I do have an English accent. Bring back the good old days when you could bury whatever you wanted on the land while singing Yma O Hyd!


1129 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: building up sandbag defences as floods rise and as Police call 7 times

The first call was mid-morning. On that occasion it was two young WPCs. If one was a filthy old man with a thing about uniforms it would have been a bit of a treat but my initial concern was that someone had read my writings about my crime family flouting daft lockdown laws on my birthday and snitched. Oh no. It was about the floods – the two young ladies just asked if there was anything they could do for me. Well since you mention it officers…


1604 days ago

The flood waters have now receded at the Welsh Hovel - this was the high point

The excitement is now over, for now. Two floodings in five months makes me think that winter could be interesting. What you see below is the high point from Wednesday. As you can see, the orchard was flooded and in photo two the field over the river in England was a lake. The wooden fence at the end of the formal lawn was not breached, in June as the Dee got to a nine metre depth, the waters encroached about two or three yards up the lawn.