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glass ceiling

1555 days ago

Photo Article: The Cheerleader fired for breaking her employment contract - oh it must be sexism

Great I get to run a photo of an NFL cheerleader and of the same bird wearing lingerie in an article and it is all because I am so supportive of the feminist cause. Sometimes I really like my job. Meet Bailey Davies formerly, for three years, a cheerleader with the NFL team the New Orleans Saints.


1652 days ago

This is a first: I agree with Hillary Clinton - Nikki Haley for 2024!

Sadly, since the passing of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, the US Constitution limits a President to two terms. It would be wonderful to think of Donald Trump causing all those, who right thinking folk despise, in Hollywood, the NFL, the liberal media and the special interest groups howling with anger in perpetuity as he talks common sense and stands up for American values. But sadly the party will come to an end after his second term, in 2024. And that brings me to crooked Hillary. You know, as I approach my 50th birthday for the first time ever, I find myself agreeing with the enabler of a rapist.


1942 days ago

Daddy of Islington teenager gets all the answers wrong on International Women's Day

My nearly 16 daughter called in last night from Islington where I am sure that the Ministry of Truth has ensured that everyone knows that March the 8th is International Womens's Day. Out here in the unfashionable suburbs of a provincial City where I live the Ministry holds no sway and we plebs get on with real life. But my daughter is from more enlightened places and so asks "what are you doing to mark International Wimmins day?" My first wrong answer is "when is it?"


1983 days ago

Christmas Comes early for Marine Le Pen as rival Fillon exposed for handing $538,000 of taxpayers cash to his Mrs

No doubt those on the Wimmins March on Saturday who are always bleating on about how Hillary Clinton was held back by a "glass ceiling" will be delighted with the early Christmas present for sister Marine Le Pen as she seeks to become France's next President. Hang on: gender was an issue in the US but in the French contest it is politics so the wimmin want Le Pen to lose.(As it happens so do I)

Her present is a revelation that Francois Fillon (the only person who can beat Le Pen) appears to have paid his British Mrs Penny, more than a few pennies do be his assistant. In fact she earned around $538,000 according to newspaper Canard Enchaine which says that it can find no-one at all who saw her doing any work at all for her husband in his capacity as MP for the Sarthe region. 

Oh dear. 


2058 days ago

Glass Ceilings: Hillary Clinton and the fascist Marine Le Pen

"We have never had a female President we need one now" they said. "But she is an appalling and dreadful woman" we countered and then she lost. " A big reason was sexism, it was because she was a woman, the glass ceiling is still there " They said.