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Woodlarks walk – Training Update, a 19km stroll with my daughter, ice cream for Joshua

The sunshine was glorious and my teenage daughter was here at the Welsh Hovel to help drag her aged father around the track we have cut in the grass around three of our fields. Quickly I established some good news.

Wednesday 3 June 2020
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Photo Article: Greekenomics - the old road to Kardamili

1143 days ago

…bankrupt. So the photos below offer a lesson in Greekenomics. For most the the five or so miles I travelled my … no-one uses. Welcome once again to the world of Greekenomics. …


Greekenomics sees me flying Business Class to Athens - bonkers

1146 days ago

…and I am saving money. Thanks be to the Lord for Greekenomics. …


Photo article: A no go zone at the Greek Hovel - I blame the Gruffalo

1142 days ago

…seemed like a good idea in the general scheme of Greekenomics. Let's tarmac roads no-one uses and fix up …


Diary of a diabetic Day 15 - Disastrous fishing and 6.8 on the bloods - far too low far too high

1143 days ago

…old Kardamili road which is now a case study in Greekenomics, as I explain here, I arrived at a rocky cove and …


Arguing about money with lovely Eleni and her husband Nicho

633 days ago

…costs. Greek milk is expensive for reasons of Greekenomics that we can cover at another time but I guess the …


The Crazy Economics of a Greek bus ride

2856 days ago

…on the last part but as each day goes by I find Greekenomics ever more perplexing. …


Jesus Wept! The Greeks bring disaster upon themselves – snagaroo at the Hovel

671 days ago

…the private sector. Here end eth the lesson in Greekenomics


Photo report from the Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel Day 3: the Albanian cavalry arrive

550 days ago

…I discussed this with Eleni after supper. This is Greekenomics for you. There is mass youth unemployment in …


Photo Report from the Greek Hovel - the olive harvest is a disaster for the whole village

925 days ago

…that the Government is there to help. Welcome to Greekenomics. The Greek state is, as you know, bankrupt and …


A lesson in Greekeconomics - the second ticket collector on the buses

1208 days ago

…one that is completely pointless. And that is Greekenomics. Across the private sector but, on a far larger …