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I really will struggle to do 33.3 miles but Woodlarks must get £48,000 -please donate today

Because of the wholly unnecessary Coronavirus lockdown there is no mass Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk as planned on June 13. Instead I shall walk alone for 33.3 miles around the three biggest fields here at the Welsh Hovel.  And having done little training I am not in great shape – I am going to struggle. But I MUST finish as Woodlarks needs £48,000 just to survive so please do sponsor me HERE.As a reminder…

Friday 22 May 2020
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Just to prove it was no fluke: Fire No 2 from the Greek Hovel

814 days ago

…rain sodden, site of my first triumph at the Greek Hovel. Flames leapt into the sky, high enough for my …


Photo Article 1924 - a date stone found at the Greek Hovel

987 days ago

…We were told, when we bought the Greek Hovel in 2014, that it was 100 years old and had been …


A full length video of the Greek Hovel inside and out

577 days ago

…was more than four years ago when the Mrs bought the Greek Hovel, an abandoned farmhouse with one (barely) …


Any volunteers for the olive harvest at the Greek Hovel?

219 days ago

…be, from memory, my fifth olive harvest up at the Greek Hovel. Of course it is no longer a hovel but a luxury …


Photo Article - marble from Kosovo now in place at the Greek Hovel

651 days ago

…(FOX) in Kosovo rather than local marble at the Greek Hovel. But I am a shareholder, get a discount, and want …


A New addition to the wildlife diversity at the Greek Hovel - land crab

1839 days ago

…There was I motor biking from the Greek Hovel into Kambos when suddenly I saw it. I had just … into the bushes. More wildlife diversity here at the Greek Hovel x x x …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - another lizard

1107 days ago

…I am really getting quite fond of the lizards at the Greek Hovel. that is good news as they are everywhere and I …


The Greek Hovel…a Monument to Right Thinking Folk

2141 days ago

…I am pondering what to name the Greek Hovel. It really does not matter as all post in Kambos …


Photo article from the Greek Hovel - Decorated at last

287 days ago

…multi coloured set of clothes pegs we now use at the Greek Hovel having invested in a clothes horse. He says he …


Photo article from the Greek Hovel - just to show my "neighbours"

536 days ago

…Of course I have no neighbours up at the Greek Hovel but across the hills you can see folks burning …