London Bridge: They DON'T Hate our way of life, they DON'T hate democracy and we CAN'T carry on as normal

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 4 June 2017


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I do not know why the pathetic liberal media, led by the taxpayer funded BBC, are bothering to interview London's useless Mayor Sadiq Khan, his hapless Mancunian counterpart Andy Burnham, stockmarket spiv turned home secretary Amber Rudd or any of the other members of the political elite after the London Bridge attack. They are all saying the same as they did after Manchester. They were lying then. They lie today. There are three big lies.

The islamofascist murderers hate our way of life? No they don't they love it. They get to live in Britin, often on benefits or in the case of the Manchester killer a student loan. They get to go on holiday to Syria or Libya and watch a few beheadings and learn how to make a bomb and then come back unmolested. They get to go to radical Mosques where hate clerics spew poison. And then when the time is right they go and kill some of us. What's not to like about that?

The Islamofascist murderers hate democracy? Actually they don't really care who wins on Thursday. One suspects that Jeremy Corbyn who opposes shoot to kill and wants to talk to them would be their favoured PM but they are not motivated by trying to overthrow democracy, they just want to kill us. 

We will show how strong we are by carrying on as normal? Really. After 22 folks in Manchester stopped carrying on as normal, the political classes and media elite insisted that we Brits would all carry on as normal. Now six Londoners won't be carrying on as normal. And you know what, before too long there will be another outrage and more innocent fellow citizens won't be carrying on as normal either.

The media want us to believe that the nation is made up of people who are this morning lighting candles. They refer to social media where stacks of Godless liberals ,who regard those of us with a Christian faith as old world losers, are busily tweeting #PrayforLondon. They will tell us that as a nation we are not angry but defiant and that communities are being brought together. This is just not how most of us feel.

Carrying on as normal doesn't work. We have 3,000 ISIS fanatics in the UK who the authorities admit are committed to jihad and following the Islamic State. Fine. They should lose their rights to British citizenship. Round them up. Send them to Raqqa and pray that Russian missiles take them out. Moslem leaders who insist that these butchers are not real Moslems can surely have no objection to this. Do you?

But will any of this be said by the talking heads in the media? Of course not. The media and political elite in Britain live comfortable lives increasingly remote from the rest of us. On this issue as on so many others they are simply out of touch and quite simply lying to us all.

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