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General Lee down, now Columbus, Lord Nelson the next statue to topple?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 24 August 2017

General Robert Lee was a good man, devout, honourable and widely admired. But he fought for "the wrong side" in the US Civil war so while most Americans disagree, his statue must come down. Overnight in Baltimore a 225 year old statue of Christopher Columbus was destroyed. On this one probably about 98% of Americans would support keeping the ancient monument standing, although in the liberal media bubble the numbers will be the other way round..

The protesters reckon that Columbus was a racist, imperialist, blah, blah,. blah. He probably did not allow any transexuals on the Santa Maria either but his list of crimes is long enough already so he must go. Another part of America's heritage is destroyed as it looks to a bright new future.

So who is next? This madness is not confined to the other side of the Atlantic. You will remember how in Oxford, a student there on a Rhodes Scholarship led a campaign to remove a statue of ....Cecil Rhodes. The man who ensured that a vile imperialist nation that engaged in wholesale war crimes ( the Zulus) was replaced by a far more civilised bunch of Imperialists (the evil Britishers) was, in the simple analysis of 2017, a racist imperialist just like Columbus. Although Rhodes was gay that was not enough to save him from the ire of the mob, the angry minority.

Next in line is Lord Nelson. We honour this man because he gave his ;life for his country and led our naval forces to stop France from invading us and conquering all of Europe. So Nelson was clearly a good egg. Oh no. We now discover in the loathsome Guardian newspaper that in the House of Lords he spoke out against the efforts of my forebear William Wilberforce and others to end slavery. Nelson was - like most of the US founding fathers - a supporter of slavery. And thus the campaign is underway to remove him from his column and erase him from history. It matters not a jot that we honour him for saving our nation or for making the ultimate sacrifice, he is found wanting on another matter and that is that. 

As Donald Trump has found out, anyone who fails to support the minority who want to make folks like Lee, Rhodes and Columbus non-people, will be tarred as a racist and apologist for all sorts of ghastly things. And the liberal media will report the views of the mob as if they are mainstream just as it legtitimises their "anger" if it involves attacking cops or private property. The media will say there is "outrage" at Trumps stance when in fact most folks agree with him. When almost no-one wants to topple statues of Columbus or Nelson, that majority view will be either ignored or treated as equivalent to that of the law breaking minority mobsters.

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