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Trump now at 31% among black voters – this is an earthquake the liberal media establishment will just not report

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 15 August 2018

I noted the other day, how Donald Trump’s approval rating among black voters was at 29% which was just astoundingly high. The latest Rasmussen poll puts that figure at 31% which, if you check the data here , makes him the most popular Republican leader among blacks since the 1950s.

America was a very different place then. In the “Solid South” the white majority opposed civil rights and voted for the party that had opposed the abolition of slavery – the Democrats. Blacks in the South voted for the party that freed them, the Republicans.  Civil Rights changed the Dems and changed the south.  And no Republican has come close to reversing that shake-up until now.

Quite simply by overseeing massive job creation, aided by his tax cuts, Trump has helped the poorest in America and yes, that means a lot of blacks.  He has delivered life changing experiences. Years of listening to Democrats popping down to the ghetto at election time to sing Kumbya brought no jobs, no chance of a better life and black voters are starting to twig, in ever greater numbers, that they were just vote fodder for rich, largely white, liberals.

And how do Dem’s respond, with their white AntiFA activists chasing black conservatives out of restaurants? By trying to prove that Donald trump once used the N word?  It may not be singing Kumbya with the folks in the ghetto but it is the same hopeless gesture politics which will make no difference to the lives of ordinary Americans be they white or black.

If Rasmussen is anywhere close to correct then #Trump2020 is a racing cert. The only question is whether Trump’s surging popularity among black and Hispanic voters – as well as his ongoing popularity among whites – will be translated into GOP votes in the mid-terms. If it is, then with many country club Congressmen standing down to be replaced by Trump loyalists the next two years you see a raft of radical reforms as well as a good bit of swamp draining with the folks in Congress singing from the same hymn sheet as POTUS. Bring it on.

Meanwhile have you seen the BBC or Channel 4 Fake News reporting about this earthquake? Is the Guardian telling its dwindling readership that the man they have branded as a racist on an almost daily basis is so popular with black and Hispanic voters? Er…don’t hold your breath.  The liberal establishment is, for once, just speechless.

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