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#PeoplesVoteMarch – rampant marcher inflation and rank hypocrisy all round

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 21 October 2018

Like 17.4 million other folk I put my feet up yesterday content to know that we won the #PeoplesVote on June 23 2016. But large numbers of snowflakes, Guardian readers, state sector employees, gobshite celebrities and other folks who looked like they were out on day release marched through London to tell us that we plebs had voted the wrong way on Brexit and must vote again. So how many marched?

The organisers said they were hoping for 100,000 which in a game of expectations management means they knew at least 150,000 would attend. Peter Tatchell, a frothing remoaniac but a decent and honest man tweeted that 150,000 were marching. The fuzz said it was 150,000 – 250,000 and they, being the experts on crowd control, should know.  Then we started to see rampant marcher inflation.

Thirsty, EU loving, Tory MP Anna Soubry tweeted that there were 500,000 on the march. But that was after lunch so she was, possibly, seeing double. Then the spin doctor for war criminal Tony Blair, Bad Al Campbell, pitched in with a claim of 750,000. The BBC dutifully reported that fake news as fact. Do I believe a proven liar like Campbell or the fuzz? That was a rhetorical question.

So lets call it 250,000. That is big but, as I noted yesterday, given that the march was in the heart of remoaniac country it is not that big and is certainly much smaller than the march to save fox hunting and a fraction of the march against the Iraq war.

The stench of hypocrisy was everywhere yesterday. On social media left wing gobshites demanded that after such a big March the Government must yield to the demands met. How many of them were demanding a repeal of the fox hunting ban after a bigger march? I suggest almost none. Hypocrisy strike 1.

The march was well organised and among those printing placards and providing financial support were two groups which between them had received £650,000 in the past year from the EU to help spread a pro EU message. Surely this is foreign interference in British democracy? Where is Carole Cadwalladr railing against this in the Guardian? Why aren’t Lord Adonis or David Lammy MP telling their comrades at the BBC how outrageous this is? Hypocrisy strike 2.

But taking the biscuit was Al Campbell who insisted that the march was so large the Government must change policy and have a second vote.  This is the man who compiled the utterly bogus “dodgy dossier” used by his boss Blair to launch the illegal war in Iraq. Al is complicit in what was a war crime. The march against that War was far larger than yesterday’s and did the Government change course. No. Hypocrisy strike 3 for Bad Al.

Outside the metropolitan liberal elites we plebs are tired of being lectured by celebs and “experts” about how we don’t really understand what we vote for and so should vote again. It was revulsion at such folks that helped the leave campaign garner 17.4 million votes last time. And we plebs can see through the march inflation and the hypocrisy now. Whatever Cadwalladr, Adonis, Campbell and Bob Geldof think, we little people are really not that stupid.

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